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May 15, 2010

By Whistleblower

You need to read about/study texts about psychopaths to understand RS & a lot of his sick inner circle people. When I say RS is a psychopath, I am not saying this as an insult, I am using the word literally.
Until you understand how psychopaths think & act, you haven’t fully understood RS/AOL. Until then you try to understand & explain everything on the premise of an enlightened master or a fraud master, scratching your head & not getting very far. Conman, fraud etc will fall short in describing this RS/AOL phenomenon.
But when you read & understand re psychopaths, then everything falls in to the place. Psychopaths don’t have normal emotions of human beings, but they are intelligent enough to learn & mimic these emotions. And indeed not having these human emotions gives them huge advantage over normal people who do genuinely have those emotions. Nothing deters a psychopath from any evil course of action. No human emotion, no care or concern for others. Worse still their victims assume psychopaths also do have these human emotions & ethics & try to deal with them in that plane of understanding. Can you understand how unlevel this playing field is?
Once you understand the psyche of people like RS, then you truly understand the whole thing & then you feel completely liberated. Understanding is the key to the full healing.

Until people don’t realize RS is a psychopath, they try to justify all the terrible stuff by him and around him & through his hatchet men & don’t get very far. It is a futile attempt. Some of his devotees even try to blame it on some individuals here & there (as they are trying to do in artoflivingvalues blog)!

The innocent devotee doesn’t understand the reason for some blatantly wrong & inhuman behaviour by RS & his top lackeys (A psychopath attracts others like himself, they do understand each other perfectly well!) The honest devotees with integrity sooner or later comes under attack by RS & his crooked lackeys. The more integrity they exhibit & the more they speak up or question wrong-doings the more vicious the attacks get.
I have seen it so many times in AOL that I have lost the count; it is their standard unwritten policy. When that happens the innocent individuals doesn’t understand why. Their innocence, devotion, commitment, desire to service, attachment to guru, is used against them to their disadvantage. They are strait-jacketed by their faith & RS’s demand of 100% loyalty to him.
The victim usually tries harder to understand or please the guru more, to do more work. Victim tries to justify guru’s behaviour, thinking it is all to make him/her grow, to get rid of small-mindedness, to make him/her strong, to teach him/her to love his/her enemy, blah, blah,….Indeed he/she heard the guru saying so himself!!
Because of the frame of mind of the devotee, he/she is totally a trapped victim. His/her own devotion is throwing the key to understanding & to his/her freedom out. He/She usually ends up justifying the blatant wrong-doings of the Master & his hatchet men.
Even if he/she goes to master for help, the fake guru even encourages him/her further down the same track & may even say few comforting words to please him/her. But the moment the victim is out of the door, the “loving/peaceful” (!) Master will use even what the innocent devotee told him, to backstab him/her further. The innocent victim, goes out, thinking oh, my Guru knows what I am going through & He is with me! He/She will even go back to working even harder to please the master & even takes the personal attacks on him/her as a sign of Master’s love for him/her!!!!Such is the power of the blind faith/devotion! Otherwise any healthy individual would have gone for the exit door on the first tell-tale sign of the wide-spread culture of abuse in AOL, all coming through & originating from RS himself. All his mean & nasty lackeys are simply doing what they have been trained to do under the Master himself. Some of them, have even experienced & have been recipient of the same sadistic behaviour by RS & his top lackeys & now they are doing the same to others, like robotic zombies.

Those who took a long time to get out of AOL , even after observing the unexplainable wrong-doings in AOL & RS ‘ tacit (& often not-so-tacit) blessing/approval/encouragement/incitements , even after the obvious threats & attacks by RS & lackeys, they should not be so hard on themselves.
It shows the depth of their devotion to the image of the guru they had in their mind (the incarnate God he said he was!) & the depth of their desire to do good.
It is exactly because we gave our 100% to this guru & this organisation that our words touch people & they know that we are not lying or making it up.
And it is exactly because of our individual experiences & the depth of our devotion & commitment & the length of time it took us to free ourselves from the clutches of this sticky/evil guru, that we can talk with conviction. Because we know that there was nothing of ourselves that we didn’t give to guru in our total innocence to serve him & his fraud organisations. There was nothing that we didn’t try so that we become a better devotee, a better slave-worker for the guru and for the organisation, etc…
Now this gives us the right & strength to speak of what we know ,with conviction, with real knowing from the heart, mind & soul.

Yes, we could have left after 2 months, after the first time we saw something isn’t quite right here (many do & good on them!), but then we wouldn’t know what we know now. We couldn’t talk with the same conviction we are speaking now & people wouldn’t know we are telling the truth.
Anyone who has been involved with AOL, enough to know a little bit behind the “all smiling/peace/joy/happiness/love/team-work/seva” charade that RS & lackeys try to portray to the public, knows what we have written in this blog & Klim’s blog & Guruphiliac blog is true. Even Ravi Shankar, Mikey, John, Jim, Patti (the AOL US board members, now blogging heavily at artoflivingvalues) know what we have written is true.

That is why they have started two counter-blogs so far. The reality is that they know the truth of what we are saying, otherwise they wouldn’t have even bothered & believe me there wouldn’t be so many people reading our blogs. It just wouldn’t have happened.

So all dear ex-teachers/volunteers/insiders, there was a reason for you to get involved to the degree that you did , to find out the real truth re RS & AOL. What you have shared so far is not only helpful in your own healing & healing of thousands or millions caught in RS/AOL trap , is also very important experience in our collective human consciousness & evolvement. It is not just about RS/AOL, it is about all fake gurus out there feeding on innocence of spiritual seekers.

Your sincere experiences are not only your individual spiritual experiences, warning you to the dark side/pitfalls of spiritual paths, but also it is shedding light for all spiritual seekers out there to be aware of the pitfalls on any spiritual path or anyone claiming to be a guru.

You may find it hard to believe, but I personally believe that in spite of the fact that RS is a fraud, we have all GROWN SPIRITUALLY IN ABUNDANCE & IN HUGE LEAPS. No, I am not referring to RS techniques & knowledge (most of which are stolen from others anyway!). What I refer to is that , exactly because of the depth of our involvement & sincerity & devotion, we know (in a way that reading 100 books wouldn’t help) what spirituality isn’t,what a real guru isn’t, what enlightenment isn’t, what a spiritual path isn’t or shouldn’t be about, etc, etc….
By a series of elimination we are actually arriving at what God, spirituality, love, joy, enlightenment is….And sure it isn’t RS, nor to be found anywhere in AOL, whether you stay there for one year or two, or like some of us for 10 years & 20! Indeed one easy way of showing what a big fraud AOL is, just look at the AOL senior teachers who have been with him for 10 & 20 years. Do you see them as individual thinkers with any ability of critical thinking? The truth is that they are all scared, always looking over their shoulders to see who is backstabbing them to climb the ladders to guru’s inner circle, over their dead bodies! Do you see them full of love & joy? Get to know them from close quarters & see how much anger, hatred, ignorance, resentment, viciousness they carry. Not only they haven’t reached enlightment, they have lost their humanity & have become human robots for RS. It is truly a pitiful sight to see!

When we freed ourselves from Sri Sri, we also have freed ourselves from all false notions of spirituality. Our experiences & sharing them are an enriching experiences to our collective consciousness.
The age of fake gurus is over. Your personal experience, mine & thousands like us, were needed to make us all collectively grow & free ourselves from “untruth”. Not only RS’s untruth, but all the rest of any such fake gurus. By freeing ourselves, we also are freeing others who have been caught in this web of deception. And more importantly we are helping next generation of spiritual seekers & the whole humanity to be aware of these false gurus, who like a vampire feed on our innocence & inner devotion. RS lives off the devotion of her devotees. The devotees give up their own power & give it to him to make him a powerful “guru” who then abuses all that power to gain more wealth, power-base, fame & control over his “hollow” empire!!

As such, none of our experiences are wasted, it will enrich our human collective consciousness & growth. As such it was meant to happen & it is now meant to be shared. Having said that I take my hat off to Jody of fame that knew what a fake RS was since 2005 & was exposing him as such. And he did so without the benefit of giving a good 10-20 years of his life to RS/AOL!!

  1. John permalink
    May 15, 2010 3:37 pm

    Sometimes I wonder who the real brain is behind all these deceptive but effective schemes. These schemes are so effective that they keep people hooked/trapped for several years! That’s amazing. RS does not seem that smart. I am not AOL insider but I am very curious who this marketing/psychology expert is.

  2. WhistleBlower permalink
    May 16, 2010 1:53 am

    Good question John. I can’t answer your question in its entirety. Maybe if everyone who knows something comes forward we can collectively put the pieces of puzzle together.
    I can only add my own observations/knowledge here. One thing is for sure is that Sri Sri has no qualms whatsoever about stealing anything from anyone as long as it makes money for him. And he relies on his devotees/teachers/followers to bring him any good money-making ideas & he will take them on in no time & brand it in his own name. Anything goes, Ayurvedic cooking, marriage consultancy, cosmetics, Vastu courses, Ayurvedic Maths courses, Ayurveda, Real estate, software, HR, Agnihotra, agriculture, farming, craft, Acupuncture, bio-energetic machines,alternative health systems, Soaps, food products, handbags, publications etc, etc. You name it, the list is endless. He will use anything, as long as it brings money in & create fame for him. Usually a devotee brings the idea to him, that for example through such a thing we can make money, or followers of such & such are giving blessing/Deeksha ,or Yoga of that guru has taken off,………….. Whatever. He is so wired for stealing the ideas of anything which is successful & selling out there, that his ears go all pricked up & in no time the same product, or service, or knowledge or teachings is offered through AOL, double its original price!
    So readers of this blog can come forward & expose different enterprises/teachings he has stolen from others.
    For example, re marketing of courses, enrolling people for courses etc, they have copied winning formulas from other organisations. One such example is Landmark forum. Those people are also very good in marketing & selling their courses & getting the participants to bring in new students. Many AOL senior teachers, Dean Harmison, Nitin(now Rishi Nityapragya), Swami Suryapada,etc, etc… had done Landmark courses & some of them even had gone up in that organisation as leaders (They have publicly stated so many times). So they brought the marketing skills of those organisations & also a lot of the teachings of those courses to AOL.
    Dean himself told me that he put a lot of Landmark stuff in part1 manual , based on SriSri’s request.That answered a long-held question for me as to why so many of my AOL students who had done landmark previously, would ask me at the end of the course if I had done landmark course or if Ravi Shankar had done it or if AOL has got all those knowledge points (only paraphrasing them) & many of the processes from Landmark. Of course back then I would innocently tell them that RS is an enlightened master & all the knowledge is his, sharing it with humanity (repeating of course every BS I was fed by RS & his senior teachers & through TTC & other AOL courses & TRMs.) Now I know better!! Similar questions were not uncommon re whether a lot of AOL stuff & teachings were from TM, including Padma Sadhna, meditation,…
    Even sharing of sexual fantasies in blessing course (hahaha, that was for sure sharing of the highest knowledge, esp the way it is done in AOL!), I have been told, has been taken off OSHO & EST (forerunner to Landmark).
    DSN stuff is also not original, all criticism process, etc are stolen processes from other organisations & implemented rather disastrously in AOL.
    I really think we should all come out & dissect where all AOL courses & processes come from , so innocent people don’t get trapped thinking all these have come from an enlightened Master.
    Some of you may remember Communication Seminars with Oury Engolz,
    SriSri was fast enough to use him, earning extravagant amounts from his courses (not sure what % went to Oury himself) & getting Rajshree Patel & other senior teachers to learn all the tricks of trade from him. At some stage he said all his teachers/volunteers have to do the course. And you see how suddenly all went quiet on Oury & communication Seminars?
    So above just a sample examples of how easy it is for someone without integrity to steal other people’s successful teachings or marketing methods, without even acknowledging them. Branding it under RS & AOL & then have brainwashed teachers & devotees & volunteers to promote them & earn big bucks for RS.
    So John, I don’t know if the above goes to answer your question to some degree or not. But I do feel what you are asking is a very vital question to be explored further, as you are quite right in saying that these techniques have been used very effectively to keep people trapped/hooked for very long time in AOL. By exposing RS’ marketing/mind control techniques, we will be able to help those who have been trapped in AOL sticky web!

  3. John permalink
    May 16, 2010 2:22 pm

    And who comes up with lines like ‘The choice is yours and the blessing is mine’? What does it really mean – you make any decision and I’ll make it work/successful? How silly is that?

  4. WhistleBlower permalink
    May 16, 2010 8:26 pm

    Well, those who know him well, know he has no compunction whatsoever when it comes to making choices for his boys, teachers, devotees or anyone who is stupid enough to ask him to make any life choices for them.
    I have lost count of how many times he has stopped his teachers/devotees from marrying or at other times choosing partners for them. It is not uncommon for him to tell them divorce their partners or stop seeing a person.
    Depends on the devotee & how trapped they are. I know teachers who proudly say guruji stopped me marrying, or told me to divorce, etc.
    And very common for him to tell two of his teachers to marry or stop them at many cases.
    They feel special that the Guru making decisions for their lives! And the choices are not limited to life partners, it can be about anything, health, business, occupation, where to live,etc..
    The devotees usually brag proudly that Guruji or Gurudev told me this or that. The bigger the decision, the more special they feel!
    Actually RS encourages the devotees to surrender all their life choices to him. In AOL it is the sign of maturity of the devotee if they listen to any decision the guru makes for them, no matter how stupid or unreasonable it is. The better robots they are, the better devotee in his eyes. He decides who lives in Ashram & who doesn’t. Many kids have gone to live in Ashram, despite their parents protest. Sometimes guru even finds them a partner in the Ashram. They have to get permission from guru to even go & visit their families.

    So saying “the choice is yours and the blessing is mine” is just a pretence in public to say that he lets people to make their own choices & that he doesn’t interfere in that. And at the same time the double meaning/hint that he is GOD, giving freedom of choice & that he has the ability to bless these choices!! And you bet your money anything successful, he would take the credit!

    Anyone who has been with him for more than a year, will soon see how boring he is, same catch phrases, same hollow expressions. His talks year after year, same old boring talks. Hardly any substance or the same regurgitated stuff.
    And heaven forbid if someone mentions string theory or something to him, then for at least for a year everywhere he goes he will say something about String theory, pretending he knows it all & that even string theory is supporting his gibberish about spirituality. He also wants to pretend that he is knowledgeable in physics & science. Of course we all know that he hasn’t even finished high school , let alone graduating from college or adv degree in physics, etc. No wonder he hankers so much for those honorary degree, that he buys using money & influence & his devotees connection & all on wrong pretences.

    And no, he doesn’t write those books himself either. I have heard his senior teachers saying they wrote this & that book & Guruji blessed it. And these books have RS as author and the real author, if lucky, gets a mention as compiler!! For example the book “Time”, has Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on cover of the book, but the writer was Kashi (Dinesh Kashikar). Kashi publicly was saying how the knowledge of that book flew through him. He was saying that in way of recommending meditation, that causes the knowledge come through, even if one doesn’t have an academic background or hasn’t studied a particular subject. I remember clearly he saying the knowledge came through him. He didn’t mention RS, apart from saying that he gave the blessing to the book.
    RS wants to take credit for anything. A devotee can’t even say I came up with that Bhajan, RS would immediately say “who did give you the Bhajan?” expecting the devotee to say, you Guruji.
    So after so many years the devotees/teachers know not to ever say they did anything (no sir, that would be sign of doership), but assign any credit for anything to RS. Only when things go wrong, it would be the fault of the teacher or devotee, due to some doubt they had or low prana!

  5. John permalink
    May 17, 2010 5:23 am

    WhistleBlower- thanks for your detailed replies. You did provide a great insight into what I was looking for.

  6. ex teacher permalink
    May 22, 2010 6:38 am

    the product sold by aol is substandard is very costly. we ware told during teachers training course that before making ayurvedic product all the employees do sudarshan kriya so that rich healing properties are passed to medicine. but when i worked with that ayurvedic company as full timer i found that all the formulation were stolen from the maharishi ayurved a “mahesh yogi” company. even the ingredient used are substandard and lot of commission is paid to bhanu’s husband (rs brother in law) by the suppliers of the raw material.

  7. WhistleBlower permalink
    May 22, 2010 7:57 am

    Thanks ex teacher. I wonder if there is anything in AOL which is not stolen from other organisations?And if there is any product which is offered without primary concern being $$$$?!

  8. Laxmi993699 permalink
    June 15, 2010 5:31 pm


    I saw your remarks on “Klim” site which now appears to have stopped posting. I just found that site a couple days ago when a friend sent it to me because of the shooting incident and all the associated publicity. Are you a former AOL teacher?

  9. anonymous permalink
    August 5, 2010 12:04 pm

    A perfect example of what a “fake guru” as Whistleblower aptly put it, SSRS really is:

    Once when a close disciple asked him about reading Yoga Vasishtha, and some related questions about the text, they were told “don’t bother reading all that — you’ll just become confused by it. Just sing bhajans and do seva…..” Some time later, after that person left SSRS, a few years later, Yoga Vasishtha became a main teaching and suggestion by SSRS, and remains so today!! I remember the incident well, because I thought all great texts like YV are pertinent to the seeker’s search, and the disciple’s questions were very pointed and truly searching. Also, the topic came up several times, even after this person was rebuffed for reading it, and the answer slowly became “read it if you have to, but you’ll only get confused….” What a hypocrite this man is! How little he thinks of the seekers who come to him! Now AOL has whole discourses on YV, which is one of the greatest traditional texts ever written. (That disciple understood, reading and re-reading YV, against SSRS’s ‘suggestion’, over a period of years, that the AOL path leads nowhere.)

  10. WhistleBlower permalink
    August 6, 2010 3:48 am

    Yes, suggesting reading YV & BG were only a recent thing. Earlier on we were discouraged of reading anything but AOL books!
    Also non-Indians were discouraged from learning GuruPuja, saying not necessary! Until of course SriSri and Bhanu came up with GuruPuja course to establish a lineage for SriSri and at the same time fleece devotees some more!!

  11. Anonmous permalink
    June 11, 2012 2:49 pm

    @ All
    Pls do not ignore this video as a Some rape case that happened in SOME Cult.

    Arathi rao who worked for Nithyananda for several years was sexually abused. This bold lady had the courage to file a case against him. Sadly, she is missing every since her interview was telecast on T.V . This incident only reinforces the need for us to retain our Anonymity as AOL critiques.

    For those sitting on the fence, Pls check the similarities in the workings and teachings of Nithya’s organisation and AOL.

    This video can be an eye opener as All CULTS work the same way.

    • VSS permalink
      June 12, 2012 1:57 am

      @ Anonmous [June 11, 2012 2:49 pm]

      His ashram has been sealed.

      The following is an extract from the above article:

      BANGALORE: Chief minister DV Sadananda Gowda on Monday directed the home department to initiate legal action against self-styled godman swami Nityananda, including his arrest.

      After a high-level meeting with home minister R Ashoka, law minister S Suresh Kumar and top police officials, including DGP Lalrokhuma Pachau, the CM said he has asked the Ramanagaram deputy commissioner and the superintendent of police to secure custody of the ashram (Dhyanapeetham) to collect evidence about its activities and seal the ashram till order is restored. However, police are awaiting government’s order to launch a crackdown.

      • Anonymous permalink
        June 12, 2012 3:26 pm

        Each false guru has his own bad habits and criminal behaviors. Nityananda got caught. That’s all. When Art of Living is exposed, and Ravi Shankar is brought to light, I truly believe that most of Bangalore will be astonished, but will say “gee, I thought that about him, but didn’t want to say it…” or “I kind of suspected it by the way he is, but I didn’t want to tell anyone…” It would take, however, someone brave, willing to face the ridicule of society to come forward and report what happened to them. The lady who reported on Nityananda’s abuse of her is reported as ‘missing’? That’s enough to scare any family away from telling the truth about what happened to their sons, isn’t it? Nobody wants a scandal in their family. I cannot say more. Gandhi once said that good always triumphs over evil, even if it looks like it won’t for some time (paraphrasing). I believe strongly he is right and that eventually, somehow, through Grace of God, people like Ravi Shankar and his ashram people will be brought to justice for the things they have done. Matter of time. Until then… least this blog is here to say something to try to prevent people from joining and ruining their lives. This blog doesn’t even state many of the worst goings on. Nobody want’s to be sued. Myself included. So nobody dares to speak out. The lady in that video above is brave. I hope her life is protected.

    • Anonmous permalink
      June 12, 2012 10:37 am

      @ VSS

      It took over a weeks time for the govt. to seal the ashram. During the week there was not much info available about this either on the other news channels or on the paper. A search should have been conducted before the ashramites vacated the ashram. However, the orders were delayed as expected. On searching the ashram the police found drugs, condoms etc which are not acceptable in ashram premises.
      Any idea how Agni Sridhar, who threatened to expose AOL arrived at the figure “42 crores”? Why did the govt issue a gag order on him?

      • VSS permalink
        June 12, 2012 1:39 pm

        @ Anonmous [June 12, 2012 10:37 am]

        Even if the orders are delayed, I think the state government is under a lot of pressure to act. That’s what it seems like from media reports.

        Unfortunately, I don’t know about Agni Sridhar. However, I have heard from a friend that a national newspaper is investigating AoL. However, I don’t have any evidence of this. My friend seemed quite confident though and said a report could be expected in the next ten days. I sure hope my friend is right and this is not just a rumour.

  12. Anonmous permalink
    June 11, 2012 4:14 pm

    @ Whistleblower,

    What a brilliant post!. Incase anyone has not read the post already please do so.

    “The age of fake gurus is over. Your personal experience, mine & thousands like us, were needed to make us all collectively grow & free ourselves from “untruth”. Not only RS’s untruth, but all the rest of any such fake gurus. By freeing ourselves, we also are freeing others who have been caught in this web of deception ”

    I see that happening. The local media did a wonderful job by telecasting all the crimes that Nithyananda has done. Interviews of his victims are being telecast non stop on tv. The media influenced the public and together they have been successful in closing the Nithyananda ashram, for now.

    The media very clearly stated that Nithy has a very strong political clout which helped him escape Scot-free without being arrested. However, He cant escape for long.

    Chartered accountants and old timers (who worked for him) were interviewed and all the financial irregularities of Nithy’s not for profit NGO were questioned….
    How he was channelizing crores of rupees into his brothers company ,
    How all his devotees were from The rich and famous lot.
    The localites were bullied not entertained in his ashram.
    They were also questioning about the land grabbing that his organisation is into and there is a suggestion that all his property should be confiscated.

    Many families broke because of him. An inner circle member of Nithy’s, left his family and children and posed as a bachelor in the ashram. Many youngsters left their parents to serve the enligthened master, Nithy.
    Now, parents and spouses are waiting to reunite with the members they had lost to the cult.

    This, is just the Beginning. The day is not very far away when this will happen to AOL. A time will come very soon when pseudo spirituality will fall and true spirituality will spread in the society.

    “By freeing ourselves, we also are freeing others who have been caught in this web of deception. And more importantly we are helping next generation of spiritual seekers & the whole humanity to be aware of these false gurus, who like a vampire feed on our innocence & inner devotion.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more, whistleblower.

    Thanks to KLIM and SKYWALKER for creating a forum where people can contribute their experiences.
    Thanks to all the contributors for helping the innocent wake up.

  13. stupidseeker permalink
    June 11, 2012 5:29 pm

    Ten signs for recognising a sociopath. How many does HHSSRS fulfill ??

  14. Anonymous permalink
    June 11, 2012 7:49 pm

    The Coercive manipulation/ brainwashing/ mind control techiques have several steps in common with the courses taught by AOL, only that the average public is not aware of those techniques. Moreover, is not easy to see the adoctrination once it´s sugarcoated in the middle of a love bombing. The first red flag in AOL´s first course is the invitation to greet everyone with a “I BELONG TO YOU”: The people believe that the meaning of such greeting has to do with accepting oneness, but that action is in fact the first step of a gradual “surrendering” on the attendant´s side. That´s how the people start to give possetion of their individualities. After that, the SK sessions, the repetitive chantings, the guided meditations that induce to a state of trance, diet restrictions, hours of watching videos, sleep deprivation, seva work, the lack of social feedback with the outside world, the use of “encoded words” to increase the sense of “special group” (“Jai Guru Dev!”), the unexpected twists of mood planted in the group by the teacher (first a loving invitation to share intimate secrets, followed by “Hot Seat” sessions where those painful stories are used to brake the psicollogical integrity of the students, and after having achieved that, bombing them back with a loving adoctrination to reinforce the “belonginess” (We are One World Family). Not to mention the marketing sessions!!! Gosh, it would be interesting to have a new section sharing those moments that ex-aolers are able to see through after walking away… that would allow the raising of awareness!

  15. Anonymous permalink
    June 12, 2012 4:28 am

    Times of India will be supremely happy to expose Ravi Shankar’s competitor Nityananda.
    They rarely write anything bad about Ravi Shankar who has been managing TOI’s support for the last many years.

  16. Anonymous permalink
    June 12, 2012 1:52 pm

    That´s true, still, with all due respecto to the world wide media, maybe we would need the attention of a worldwide icon newspaper such as the Washington Post, or the New York Times… corresponsals from all over the world would download the article and translated to their respective countries…

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