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Sri Sri Shot At

May 31, 2010

Interesting that someone takes a shot at ” the one who is established in non-violence”, in whose prescence “…all kinds of hostility ceases”. After suddently realizing the very apparent contradiction, Ravi Ravi and the AOL spindoctors decide to spin the story differently: Now it is described as an “incident” and not a “targeted attack”.

Look, Ravi: someone took a shot at you. I condemn the attack as much as your devotees, but  it seems painfully obvious that someone wants you dead. How does that fit with your image as one who is established in non-violence? How do you explain the hostility directed towards you? I would very much like to know that.

“I do not have enemies”, you say. Then what do you call someone who tries to shoot you? With friends like that, who needs enemies anyway.

Oh, it gets more and more difficult to preserve the illusion that Ravi Ravi is protected by the laws of the universe, and nothing bad can happen to him. More and more machine guns appear in the ashram. If you are truly protected by God, Ravi, why all the armed guards surrounding you?

I don’t get it.

By the way, don’t shoot anyone. It is bad.

  1. WhistleBlower permalink
    May 31, 2010 8:25 pm

    Good one SkyWalker. Well said.
    I can’t stop thinking what a popular TV series it would be if someone would make a drama/comedy based on stuff here & in klim & in Guruphiliac blog about RS. There would never be a shortage of humorous stories. I can imagine even RS & Ashramites dropping everything at the set time & watching the series!

  2. Suresh Pakkoori permalink
    May 31, 2010 10:37 pm

    I’m amused at the confidence in your own judgement, SkyWalker. BTW, when he says he has no enemies, he means he doesn’t consider anyone as enemy, not that everyone considers him a friend. ha ha.

  3. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 1, 2010 3:00 am

    How much fun we had watching RS’ latest publicity stunt unfolding! The only shot I heard loudly was Ravi Shankar’s shooting himself in the foot. He is a megalomaniac, narcissist. There is no end to his thirst for publicity. So I predict he will continue with such stupid publicity stunts & will dig himself deeper in the hole. He will go down the same gurgle as the rest of the disgraced gurus of the past, by year 2012. In the meantime he can have wet dreams about his 30 million people gathering in Bangalore next year!

  4. Prairie Princess permalink
    June 1, 2010 3:04 am

    I haven’t seen any coverage in the US about this incident. Did see coverage about a bus accident in India where people died.

  5. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 1, 2010 3:45 am

    Good point Prairie Princess. it goes to show how little AOL/RS is outside india. AOL people due to huge amount of brainwashing by megalomaniac RS think AOL is very famous worldwide.They all associate within same circle of AOLites, so think everyone knows about AOL. AOL US president did send a circular to AOL Teachers/volunteers, with yet another version of the same story:
    “A single bullet was shot into the car Guruji was traveling in on the ashram property after Satsang at around 6PM India time. Guruji is fine and safe. A person traveling in the car with Guruji was grazed by the bullet on his thigh and is also fine. He is also fine and up and moving about.
    At around 7PM India time, Guruji attended another scheduled Satsang at the Ashram and indicated everyone was all right and that in a non-violent environment like our Ashram, violent acts cannot have much impact.”

  6. ex aol teacher from india permalink
    June 1, 2010 3:47 am

    poor ravi is passing through a difficult phase. our sympathies are with devotees who are still fooled by you. btw please don’t shoot your foot

  7. anonymous permalink
    June 1, 2010 12:57 pm

    It’s kind of silly that he gave a speech that he’s safe and sound when the shot may never have been aimed at him in the first place. I can understand that in his position, it might be assumed that it was meant for him but don’t give a speech about it until you have all the details! That made him look silly. I’m safe everyone, don’t worry, I’m safe. Um, well, yeah, I guess so considering the gun was either fired after you left or never meant for you in the first place. what bothers me most about the incident is that it wasn’t reported to the police very quickly. Why?

  8. artoflying permalink
    June 1, 2010 4:11 pm

    The incident happened at 6.00 AM and was only reported to the police around 9.00 AM after 3 hours delay. The explanation given was Sri Sri did not want to create a panic that would result in a stampede (some 9000 people were there for the satsang). Another question that was asked by the media was, why was there no second shot fired? The answer given to this was “because of the positive energy prevailing in the ashram the shooter could not pull the trigger a second time”.

    If positive energy did prevail in the ashram, how did the assailant manage to take the first shot? 🙂

  9. Smiling Monkey permalink
    June 1, 2010 5:48 pm

    Cue Breaking News tomorrow: Terrorists attack Israeli embassy in Kabul. Sree Sree Ravishanker has assured his victims from his ashram in Bangalore that he’s perfectly safe and there is absolutely no need to worry.

  10. UnMad permalink
    June 1, 2010 6:09 pm

    “I have forgiven him. He may come and join the satsang and get peace of mind” – RS


  11. artoflying permalink
    June 1, 2010 8:10 pm


    The man behind AOL and Sri Sri, is Ravishankar’s dad, the maha fraud Mr.Sundaram.

    It is interesting to note that this Sundaram was a store manager in TAFE (Tranctros and Farm Equipment) Ltd, in M G Road, Bangalore, and was dismissed from service for fraud/misappropriation. He later on hooked on with some gullible investors to start a three wheeler car, manufacturing factory (Badal if any of you old timers from Bangalore remember). This was nothing more than a glorified autorickshaw with doors for passengers and the driver which could seat 3 + 1 persons. This venture went bust, the investors lost their money but Mr.Sundaram progressed despite this setback.

    Now the fraud son joing Mahesh Yogi’s ashram and soon becomes the favorite disciple of mahesh yogi. Mahesh Yogi was to rejuvenate the Sanatana Dharma and start spreading the vedic teaching/knowledge. Who else will be a good executor for this project other than Sri Sri’s father Mr.Sundaram. So out goes Sundaram to every nook and corner of the Karnataka state to find young boys to be trained in Vedic knowledge. He must have made a neat sum from this venture. Now, while doing this another idea comes to his mind. Why do we have to do this for someone else when we ourselves can have a roaring business. So Sri Sri promptly falls apart with Mahesh Yogi and starts his own spiritual business near his house in Jayanagar 5th block in a rented house, teaching the art of lying. Over time more and more gullible people join and AOL expands into a sprawling ashram on Kanakapura road on the outskirts of bangalore. The rest as they say is history. Incidentally, Sri Sri and AOL were both indicted for government land grabbing near Ramanagara. This was the finding of a committe set up by the Govt of Karnataka, with a retired high court judge heading the committe. Withing 2 days after the news came out, it was hushed up by Sri Sri and his contacts within the government.

  12. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 2, 2010 12:57 am


    In one breath he says he has forgiven the “attacker” & in the next he asks police to take the matter seriously.
    There are so much contradictions in his statements that one can not come to any other conclusion that this was a publicity stunt for SriSri to get some free media coverage from it.

    • Svetana permalink
      June 4, 2010 4:11 pm

      A liar should have a good memory.
      – Quintilian

  13. Dayalu permalink
    June 4, 2010 9:37 pm


    Do you remember the justification he gives for contradicting himself. “Truth is spherical. So don’t expect my statements to be consistent”.

    Latest update regarding AOL University in India:


    To – All Art of Living Teachers,

    Dear Teachers,

    Attached herewith is a detailed progress report of the Sri Sri University which has been received by us, from the SSRVM Trust, for sharing with each and every one of you.

    You would recall that during the August – September 2009 Teachers Refresher Meet, Poojya Gurudev has Blessed the Sri Sri University as a National Project of paramount importance, which would be for the benefit of youth of India as also for the rest of the world. Refer our circular of October 2009 (enclosed).

    During every session of the TRM, when the Trustees had mentioned that our Teachers need to raise Rs. 10 Lakhs each towards this project, the 100% response of the Teachers was extremely encouraging.

    We are also happy to share with you that several Teachers have responded positively, but we have a long way to go.

    We encourage teachers to identify major / high networth contacts, as well as Corporates with strong CSR leanings, who could be potential donors for the University. These contacts maybe shared with us for necessary action.

    Jai Gurudev

    Board of Trustees

    Vyakti Vikas Kendra, India

  14. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 4, 2010 10:10 pm

    Yes Dayalu, I do remember that. He uses that & other such distorted logic, to justify not only his contradictions but also unethical/inhuman things he does.
    Thanks also for the latest circular. If only existing AOL teachers would wake up & see that their lives is nothing but bondage & slavery to SriSri , to make him & his family rich & influential. There will be never an end to SriSri asking them to bring more & more $$$ for him. Their value to RS is the value of $$$ they bring for him. Their health, spiritual growth, personal lives, have no significance for SriSri. He will milk each one of them to max.

  15. Bling Bling permalink
    June 4, 2010 11:36 pm

    Check this out

    The wild goose chase over the mysterious shooting at Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Art of Living (AoL) ashram has finally ended: a farmer living adjacent to the ashram fired three shots to scare away wild dogs from attacking his cattle, one of which accidentally landed in the ashram.

    A senior police official said the farmer, who owns a licensed 0.32 pistol, has 10 acres right next to the AoL ashram on Kanakapura road, 30 km south of Bangalore city.

    On the evening of May 30, he heard some barking and, as was his normal practice, took his pistol and fired three rounds in the air. One of the bullets, on its downward trajectory (called the dead bullet), grazed the thigh of Vinay K., a Sri Sri Ravishankar follower. This created an L-shaped burn on his trousers and discoloured his skin.

    The Ramanagaram district police recovered the bullet and sent it for analysis to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL). They also matched the bullet with that in the farmer’s pistol and found they were of the same make. This was also confirmed by the FSL.

    The incident occurred a few minutes after the AoL founder left a satsang in his car. There was some brouhaha on the part of the ashram acolytes after Director-General and Inspector-General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh termed it an ‘incident’.

  16. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 5, 2010 4:24 am

    Thanks Bling Bling. Bravo Indian police!

    I particularly liked the heading of the article you mentioned: “Bullet meant for wild dogs strayed into AoL ashram”
    I suppose Srisri can still insist that the bullet was meant for him if he considers himself a wild dog. I suppose the farmer would have been more than happy to scare SriSri away at the same time!
    In that case SriSri can still go ahead & call it as an assassination attempt!!
    I wonder if SriSri is going to apologize to Indian police for his accusatory comments & attacks on their professionalism & expertise? I wonder if Mikey , AOL US president is going to send an email now to correct his previous one:…. “The shot heard round the world…A single bullet was shot into the car Guruji was traveling in on the ashram property after Satsang at around 6PM India time. “
    Yes, thanks for a megalomaniac narcissist love of publicity “a shot to scare away wild dogs” was “heard around the world”. What for? So he can get free media publicity. That should tell his braindead followers/devotee about his “All-knowing” abilities. Wake up & see, he is taking you all for a ride & at the same time fleecing you.
    Just go back & look at all the statements he made & see how much more pathetic he sounds now! And for a bit of humor, just change all references to “GuruDev” in below email (circulating in AOL circles) to “wild dog”:
    “Now we all heard the news about the attempt on the life of our beloved Gurudev.

    It happened to Christ. It happened to Gandhiji.

    In the interest of all of us, it should not happen to our Gurudev.

    Can you all imagine a life without our Gurudev.

    What should we all do now?

    I’ve a humble suggestion for the Management Committee of Art Of Living.

    Can we all organize a Special Meditation at the earliest, on the same day, at the same time in all our respective centres? This can be organized through out the world or at least throughout India.

    The Special Meditation can be called – “Gurudev – We All Need You”.

    This can happen today (Monday) or tomorrow (Tuesday) or at least by the latest day-after-tomorrow (Wednesday). “

  17. Bling Bling permalink
    June 5, 2010 4:40 pm

    Sri Sri said his driver Prashanth Nair had a premonition that he would be attacked. The driver was having delusions!! See the statement he gave a newspaper attached.

    Is the driver going to retract his statement now?? Make this a separate post please asking this question..

    A little after 6.30 am on Sunday,Prashanth was at the end of his sadhana.Before opening his eyes after dhyan,he had a strange vision.A bullet came towards guruji and I stepped in front of him.The bullet hit my right thigh and fell down, Prashanth said,who dismissed it.However,he couldnt resist sharing it with guruji and others who too didnt take it seriously.
    In the evening,he was shocked to hear a bullet had hit a devotee standing a couple of metres from the guruji.Incidentally,it hit Vinays right thigh and fell to the ground.
    Usually,I dont give any importance to premonitions.But,in this case,everything was so close to what happened and I was surprised, said Prashanth,an MBA in Finance and is a qualified cost accountant.
    Hes from Pala town in Kottayam district,Kerala and was working with a MNC in home district.In 1999,when guruji visited Kottayam,Prashanth met him and since then,he has been his disciple.Hes been working as well as teaching at the AOL Kottayam centre.About 18 months ago,guruji asked me to come down to Bangalore and ever since,my wife and I have been living in Bangalore, he said.

  18. Dr Quentin Jones permalink
    June 5, 2010 5:52 pm

    The statement by Prashanth Nair is strange, as long as I know he has been an ashramite for many years, firstly as Gurujis secretary and then was made head of the ayurvedic section of AOL. If I am not mistaken he got married in the Ashram and they both are ashramites.

    Strange and inconsistent bunch.

  19. Dr Quentin Jones permalink
    June 5, 2010 5:59 pm

    Hi Skywalker

    I hope that you will not stop writing – am a tad sad that KLIM has decided to end his blog – please let this blog be an avenue for disgruntled AOL teachers/volunteers to continue to voice out their frustrations and share their experiences with the world.

    Klim has done a great service to humanity and I hope that you and your team will continue this most useful seva project.

    I belong to you 🙂

    • Peter permalink
      June 10, 2010 3:17 am

      Klim’s blog was a piece of trash. Critique seriously. But compared to this blog, Klim’s blog was fine literature.

  20. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 5, 2010 8:09 pm

    Dear Bling Bling, Thanks for the article. Further revealing about this whole farce. I am posting all of it here. There are pictures of the 3 individuals on the same webpage:
    SriSri referred to his drivers premonition several times post incident, presenting it as a proof that the bullet was aimed at him!
    Notice how RS’ secretary, Girin Govind still says: “We still feel it was an attack.”
    And how funny that he is accusing the police of “ jumping to the conclusion”, while it was SriSri himself who invented the whole story of an assassination attempt!

    3 Individuals Narrate How The Assassination Bid On Sri Sri Unfolded On Sunday

    Vinay Madhav | TNN

    Bangalore: While one person couldnt believe that something hed seen in the morning almost came true in the evening,another was shocked at suffering a bullet injury.But for a mild feeling of being unsettled,life goes on as usual for three key persons in the firing incident at the Art of Living ashram on Sunday evening.
    While Prashanth Nair,who usually drives Sri Sri Ravi Shankar around,had a premonition about the incident,Girin Govind,the gurujis secretary actually drove Guruji that evening.Software engineer Vinay was the focus of all attention after he got a bullet injury on his leg.



    A little after 6.30 am on Sunday,Prashanth was at the end of his sadhana.Before opening his eyes after dhyan,he had a strange vision.A bullet came towards guruji and I stepped in front of him.The bullet hit my right thigh and fell down, Prashanth said,who dismissed it.However,he couldnt resist sharing it with guruji and others who too didnt take it seriously.
    In the evening,he was shocked to hear a bullet had hit a devotee standing a couple of metres from the guruji.Incidentally,it hit Vinays right thigh and fell to the ground.
    Usually,I dont give any importance to premonitions.But,in this case,everything was so close to what happened and I was surprised, said Prashanth,an MBA in Finance and is a qualified cost accountant.
    Hes from Pala town in Kottayam district,Kerala and was working with a MNC in home district.In 1999,when guruji visited Kottayam,Prashanth met him and since then,he has been his disciple.Hes been working as well as teaching at the AOL Kottayam centre.About 18 months ago,guruji asked me to come down to Bangalore and ever since,my wife and I have been living in Bangalore, he said.


    When the bullet was fired,Govind was getting ready to drive guruji to another function.We heard a noise and there was a commotion.We didnt realize what had happened and we moved on.About 45 minutes later,we realized there was a gunshot in the ashram, he said.

    What did you first think on hearing about the firing

    Honestly,nothing.I didnt really know who did it and thought nothing had happened.If someone wanted to hurt anybody,they could have fired more bullets and created panic.

    Where did the Naxal and other theories come from

    Were not suspecting any groups and there is no need for hatred towards the guruji either.Guruji has done good work in places like Jammu & Kashmir and Jharkhand.That cadres were leaving the Naxal force may have angered some people.

    You were upset at the statements of the police and the Union home minister…

    We were unhappy the way they jumped to the conclusion,even before the investigation started.The injured person was a few metres from guruji and anything could have happened.We still feel it was an attack.

    Do you feel the need for enhanced security at the ashram

    I have travelled with guruji to Iraq but we didnt feel scared and there was no need for additional security.We feel extra physical security will stop people coming to him.Well definitely be more alert,but all are welcome.Within ourselves,we have no fear.


    When he was looking for a solution to his snoring problem,he saw an newspaper advertisement about the Art of Living.He did a search on the internet and learnt about the Sudarshan
    Kriya.He enrolled for a six-day course.On the last evening of the programme,he received the bullet injury.

    How did you come in contact with the Ashram

    I had a nose block and snoring problem and I consulted several ENT specialists.They said operation was ruled out due to some problem.I thought the breathing exercise of the AOL would help.The first five days of the programme were at the JP Nagar ashram.On the last day,we were taken to the ashram on Kanakapura Road.

    What happened soon after you were hit by bullet

    I felt someone hitting me on my thigh it felt like a cricket bat or something.Someone pointed that there was a bullet.I bent and took it in my hand.One person said it was from an air rifle used for shooting birds.We handed the bullet to one of the masters.

    How did your family react

    Ive been living in Bangalore for the past 6-7 years with my wife and child.Though the incident took place around 6 pm,I didnt tell my wife for a long time.When I finally told her,she wanted to come to the ashram immediately.Somehow,I pacified her and persuaded her not to come.
    The trouble began the next day,when some TV channels started airing stories about rivalry and so on.My family was under tremendous pressure;my parents live in Belgaum.I came back to clarify to the media.

    What has changed in your life after the incident

    Nothing.My relatives ask about my health,and thats all.

    Will you return to the ashram

    The course has helped me and Im practising the Sudarshan Kriya at home.If it continues to help me,I may join the advanced course.

  21. Observer permalink
    June 6, 2010 11:39 am

    It is funny how the AoL web sites have quietly removed all news items relating to this “incident”. It is only the other day they had prominent stories with screaming headlines such as “Statement regarding Assassination Attempt on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar”. It is also revealing to read the transcript of RS’s announcement of the “incident” to his devotees:

    “I was coming out of the satsang. And we heard a shot and it hit the person who was standing next to me in his thigh. He said he was fine. I would like to tell all the devotees and all the viewers not to worry about me. I’m fine. And everything is as usual in the ashram.” “There is an ancient text that says “Tat sanidhau vaira tyaga.” Means in the presence of people who do meditation and yoga, hostility gets dropped by all living beings. Today the world is filled with acts of terrorism. Meditation and practices are the only way to end this hostility. Today between 5 and 6 pm a terrorist came here at fired at the public. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. His mind also got transformed when he came here and that’s a big thing. Also he didn’t make a second attempt at harming anyone. Someone could have lost a life but nothing happened. Anything could have happened but his mind got transformed when he came here. He could have harmed 10 – 20 people. The mind gets transformed at a place where people meditate. The terrorist also fired just once and ran away. He did not think of doing any more harm. We did find a bullet here. We have to get together and spread this message of peace through meditation and yoga. Every household should practice meditation. We can raise a wave of peace throughout the country. Every person has some unique positive qualities and these will emerge through the practice of meditation. Till this knowledge reaches the masses, there will be no peace in the world. That is why we must all work towards bringing peace to the world. If each one of us can reach out to 10 this world will become such a better place. Don’t you think so? Just think that you are protected by the Divine and no one can harm you.

    The video is available at:

    See how assertively he states, “…a terrorist came here … fired at the public…his mind got transformed when he came here…fired just once and ran away”. Whatever has happened to the all-knowing divine force ? Why doesn’t he even retrospect his own utterances and explain what led him to say what he said ? He only says, “Let us drop this bullet and address the bullets flying all around…”.

  22. SKN permalink
    June 6, 2010 11:57 am

    This is terribly embarrassing and ridiculous. All that drama was about lost bullets to scare away wild dogs???? Those who followed Klim’s blog, what about all those threats he got from the AoL people accusing him of being responsible for the “attack” or warning him to be scared of the Indian police going after him or even someone creating a blog that lasted only 1 or 2 days just to defame whoever they thought is Klim in real life? They are stupid and ridiculous, I just wonder if they are able to see it now.

    The second shot did not happen bc of the high energy of the ashram. BS! (does not stand for Bhakti sutra, but for bull shit!). “I forgive him. Tell him to come to satsang.” BS! Excuse me, wasn’t it he knows everything???? Prashant the driver had a premonition …. of a farmer firing bullets to scare away dogs? Again, doesn’t RS know everything? Is he so involved with himself he only thinks of himself? Ravi! Remember? “Stop thinking about me, me, me!” He has the guts to tell people they don’t live the knowledge, what about him? Walk the talk dude!

    I really hope people in India see all the contradictions and that people are pulling away. The lies have become too evident. I hope the devotees start seeing thru it too. Ridiculous bunch of people!

  23. Remember Jesus permalink
    June 6, 2010 6:10 pm

    Jesus was crucified when he was alive, but Ultimately he was Lord of Universe. Klim hope you also don’t believe in Jesus ! Do you ? if you still ! ! ! then there is no such fool like you. Amen

    May God bless ya all….

  24. Svetana permalink
    June 7, 2010 1:19 am

    @ Remember Jesus

    “Jesus was crucified when he was alive, but Ultimately he was Lord of Universe”
    Was he really? If there is even some truth in this statement, are you hinting that there is some connection between Jesus and money, fame and power loving HHSSRSJWD?
    By the way, your wisdom and choice of words shows that you really learnt a lot from your master. One of AOL swamis, I guess?

  25. Jagadish C T permalink
    June 7, 2010 9:26 am

    @artoflying, June 1, 2010 8:10 pm
    If we want to sound credible, why not get the facts straight?
    First, Ravi Ravi’s dad was not Sundaram. Second, the Badal factory was started by one Mr. S.R.K. Sipani, not Sundaram, and the company was called Sipani automobiles. These guys also made the Dolphin car later. You’re not even trying to sound realistic.

  26. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 9, 2010 9:47 pm

    The following is from Shobha De blog. You may like to check the comments she got too!

    This appeared yesterday in the Deccan Chronicle and raised a lot of hackles. Sri Sri’s zillion followers are really cross with me. But I know the Giggling Guru will be quick to ‘forgive’ me!!!
    Hair was on my mind big time last week. For one, my own was beyond unruly and in serious need of an expert’s scissors. For another, there was another person along with ‘Didi’ who was hitting the headlines and courting controversy – Sri Sri Ravi Shanker ( “Guruji” to his faithful flock ). His long tresses, kohled eyes and what looked suspiciously like a loosely draped, red bordered saree demurely covering his head, made him resemble a bearded woman. He was all over television screens as he bleated about an ‘attack’ that he claimed could have cost him his life. This went on for a few hours till our mundu-clad Chids smoothly and firmly put the Godman in his place by pointing out the difference between an ‘attack’ and an ‘incident’. Frankly, I didn’t quite get the distinction. Either a gun shot was fired or it wasn’t. Which was it? At the time of writing, we don’t know for sure, but Sri Sri is still going on and on about the ‘attack’ and demanding an enquiry. He has also boldly taken on the Home Minister (“white lie”, if you please) and is on a collision course with Chidambaram, who has dismissively ( and sensibly) moved on to more important matters. Sri Sri is the absolute darling of Mumbai socialites, and it is no wonder they were right there on news hungry tv channels, talking the usual gibberish about their beloved Guruji. By then Guruji had come up with his ‘I forgive my attacker’ line, and had offered to invite the fellow to sing and dance at his satsangs. Somehow , this one time people saw through the hoax early in the game. Though the cops in Bangalore had to pretend to take the charges seriously and rule out an actual attempt on the guy’s life, even they looked and sounded bored as they searched desperately for the elusive ‘attacker’, motives and bullets. So many silly versions emerged after the first round of shocked disbelief that as of now it looks as if it was a botched up publicity stunt rather than a murder attempt. That, or a skirmish between disciples which took an ugly turn. According to eye witnesses, dear old Sri Sri was nowhere on the scene at the time, and had left the ashram a few minutes before the supposed attack. The man whose thigh was grazed by a bullet, was more startled than injured, and one version is that the bullet may have been randomely fired into the air from a neighbouring farm!
    Who knows and who cares? What is seriously annoying about this episode is how carelessly and speedily media gets fooled into running a potentially sensational story without bothering to undertake a basic fact checking mission. Sri Sri was converted into an instant martyr as a couple of dumb anchors went on and on about a ‘Man of God’ and a ‘Man of peace’ surviving an attempt on his life. His later statements were also carried without anybody bothering to find out what exactly had happened. Nearly a week later, the story is dying a slow death. And as it often happens, there are sms jokes and cartoons doing the rounds talking about the Art of Living being the Art of Lying.The more serious charges revolve around land grabbing and other activities which are decidedly ungodly. Years ago, when Sri Sri was not as rich and famous, I remember a disheartened husband of a glamourous Mumbai socialite confessing that he had lost his wife to a strange man who giggled all the time and wore saree-like robes. He said sadly, ‘ I don’t know why it is called the Art of Living when a more appropriate name is the Art of Leaving. Most of his female disciples are young, beautiful and wealthy ladies who give Sri Sri lots and lots of their husbands’ money, before dumping their spouses.” I have met a few of them myself and wondered how they did it – persuaded their richie rich hubbies to finance Sri Sri’s lifestyle,before waltzing out of the marriage and into his pampered inner circle of bored millionaires.
    The day of his so-called ‘attack’ I was coming back from our home in Alibag across the Gateway of India. I saw the lower deck of a large ferry boat swiftly filling up with well heeled young people clad in kurta pajamas. Soon they’d scrambled to the upper deck and were taking in sharp ,short breaths as demonstrated by an instructor. It was murderously hot, but this bunch looked pretty cool ( metaphorically and literally). They were on a sunset cruise around the busy harbour…. or maybe they were heading out to an exclusive ‘satsang’ hosted by affluent disciples at a plush beach front getaway in Mandwa. Wherever it is they were headed, I wished them luck. They were going to need it – before their faith – or their money, ran out.
    Posted by Shobhaa De at 12:05 AM

  27. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 9, 2010 9:50 pm

    Also check out the below & the comments on it. Well said Shobhaa!

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010
    AoA : The Art of Abusing !!

    This is hilarious!! I have been asked by some of you why I haven’t deleted those filthy comments written by Sri Sri’s devotees. The reason I have retained them is simple – those comments speak for themselves. A Guru is known by the followers he or she attracts.

    And one can easily judge the calibre of this lot.

    I rest my case…

    Perhaps we should rename it? The Art of Abusing???

    Posted by Shobhaa De at 3:35 PM

  28. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 10, 2010 1:23 am

    Some nice ones on Churumuri website too:
    When a newspaper recites the Gita to a godman
    By churumuri

    “India’s future Nobel laureate“, Sri Ravishankar (who added an extra “Sri” to his name because of the apprehension that people would confuse him for the sitarist), has often been seen as a page 3 swami. In particular, the spiritual bent of mind of the bosswoman of an ill-fated media family is seen to be behind his rise and growth.
    How ironic, therefore, that “guruji“, who should be advising ordinary mortals on how to behave in moments of stress, is now receiving advice through the columns of a newspaper on how he should have conducted himself after the alleged bid on his life, five minutes after “Mr Shankar” had left the spot before “positive energy” swept in?
    After the “incident”, Ravishankar and his disciples seemed just too anxious to have it certified as an assassination attempt. Guruji noisily debunked the Karnataka police assertion that he was not the target of the bid as a ‘white lie‘, and his Art of Living foundation even issued a press release described home minister P. Chidambaram‘s claim that a dispute between disciples may have triggered the shooting, as “hasty and damaging”.
    From an editorial in today’s Times of India:
    “The guru’s statements after the recent shooting incident at his ashram seem to be quite out of character…. Ordinary mortals are entitled to engage with the authorities in a back-and-forth of this nature. But a spiritual teacher is expected to be more circumspect. He could have drawn inspiration from the Gita, which in shloka 17/15 advises austerity of speech, and said that Chidambaram may have been improperly briefed.”
    Photograph: courtresy enemiga publica

    Also read: CHURUMURI POLL: Target Sri Sri?
    The the great great Sri Sri NGO NGO scam scam
    For one godman & his devotees, ignorance is bliss

    CHURUMURI POLL: Target Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?
    By churumuri
    Yes Yes 20%
    No No 54%
    Maybe Maybe 13%
    DKCS DKCS 13%

    The future Nobel laureate of India, Sri Sri Ravishankar (SSRS) of the Art of Living, is in the news.
    According to a PTI report, the 54-year-old spiritual guru escaped unhurt when an unidentified gunman shot at his car shortly after he left his evening discourse on Sunday. According to the Economic Times, a man fired a shot at the car in which he was travelling. According to The Hindu, the target was SSRS himself, but the bullet fired from a .22 revolver missed him and hit somebody standing near him.
    DNA calls it an assassination attempt. The New Indian Express reports that SSRS said the gunman could not fire a second shot because of the “positve energy” in the ashram. IANS says the incident was not a result of any enemity between devotees; CNN-IBN says it was not an “inside job“. SSRS himself says he has forgiven the attacker and appealed for peace. ANI quotes him as saying he fears a threat to his life and the Karnataka government has scaled up his security after BJP president Nitin Gadkari stepped in.
    But did SSRS really have a narrow escape? The DGP Ajai Kumar Singh says it was not an attack on him, it was just an “incident”. The bullet was fired from more than 700 feet. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The incident appears to have taken place five minutes after Mr Shankar left the place where it happened.” Home minister P. Chidambaram says “it may not be correct, I underline, may not be correct to say the firing was aiming at him.”
    Questions: Was there an attempt on SSRS’ life or not? What could be the reason for such a dastardly attack on a man of god? Is this all a publicity stunt to cover up something else?

    One question I’m dying to ask Sri Sri Ravishankar
    By churumuri

  29. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 10, 2010 10:36 pm

    AOL PR machine having publicised the bullet incident to the maximum, even calling it “terrorist attack” , now that it has backfired on them, have gone to damage control mode.
    Where? In Times Of India, of course! where else?
    See :

    This one is written by SriSri’s right hand man, Swami Sadyojathah:

    The title made me laugh: “If you are a Swami and a victim, remain silent!” Remaining Silent?!! Sri Sri ?! He didn’t waste a minute, publicizing it through any media outlet he could, calling for press conferences, etc. Sensationalising it, calling it terrorist attack, his drivers premonition, how his power stopped the terrorist only after one bullet was shot, insisting that the bullet was aimed at him, accusing Indian Police of not doing their job properly (having called them 3 hours after the terrorist attack!) and accusing them of telling “white lies”, etc., etc.

    Even this damage control is part of extending publicity for AOL & getting more media mileage out of that single bullet meant for “wild dogs”! They just use anything to get into newspapers!!

    Swami’s article is also very revealing re how they try to justify and dismiss many serious allegations re AOL/SriSri’s conducts. One can just write a post about this one article on its own! Maybe even a book! But just in the meantime, what happened to what they teach in AOL Part 1 course, i.e. taking responsibility, rather than complaining and blaming everyone else? From the beginning they have blamed everyone else for their own comical show, created for the purpose of publicity!

  30. Observer permalink
    June 12, 2010 7:24 am

    Thanks, WhistleBlower, for drawing our attention to this “revealing” article.
    I am struck by the sheer negativity displayed by the author, against the society in general and the media in particular. Aren’t we told, at the beginning of the basic course, that the mind clings to negative side of the things, and ignores the positive things, and that the AoL helps us to overcome this tendency ? The author, despite being a senior swami of AoL, doesn’t seem to have imbibed much of even these early teachings; proving that all this “knowledge” is empty rhetoric. The author completely ignores the fact that RS was never a victim, and that he was never under any threat – is this not a positive aspect (from his perspective, not ours) and isn’t he supposed to be relieved to know this ?

    Another thing I noticed in this article is that all the readers’ comments (which are moderated) are highly appreciative of the piece. I sent a comment pointing out the negativity as above, but it was never published. Looks like the moderator himself/herself is an AoL insider.

  31. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 30, 2010 9:19 pm

    I wonder if the extra cops are still around SriSri’s residence to protect him against any other stray bullet that farmers may be shooting. Also I wonder which one of SriSri’s residences they are protecting, the one close to VM hall or the mansion further away.
    Also why does a guru, esp. one who claims he has no enemy, needs 70 private guards?

    And how much did this whole publicity stunt cost Indian police? Is Police going to charge SriSri with waste of police time and resources and making exaggerated claims about terrorist attack in Ashram?
    Cop cover at Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Bangalore residence increased, Updated: June 02, 2010 12:57 IST

    Bangalore: After the firing incident at the Art of Living (AoL) ashram on Kanakpura Road in Bangalore on May 30, five armed police personnel have been deputed to guard the residence of meditation guru Sri Sri Ravishankar.

    Vinay Kollumutt, a devotee, sustained minor injuries in the firing.

    A team of five constables and a sub-inspector has been deputed to guard Ravishankar’s residence inside the ashram round-the-clock.

    “This is an addition to the regular security cover of 70 private guards that AoL has,” said a senior cop.

    The security personnel will be armed with a 9-mm pistol and a 303 rifle. They have also been provided with a vehicle.

    The entire arrangement will be supervised by the Bangalore district Superintendent of Police Dr Mahesh.

    Meanwhile, the police have begun collecting information about the license holder of .32 weapons in and around Bangalore.

    “The cartridge found at the ashram bore groove marks, which indicated that the round was fired from a factory-made weapon,” explained a senior officer investigating the case.

    The police have been provided with a list of guests present at the ashram on Saturday to aid the investigations.

    The police have also taken the trousers worn by Vinay Kollumutt, which were torn by the impact of the bullet, and sent them to the FSL ballistic lab for examination.

    Story first published:
    June 02, 2010 11:22 IST

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