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Kriya Notes – Part 2

June 8, 2010

“This teaching is sacred and should be given only in a sacred manner”

Reading the above took me back to my TTC (teachers training course) days. I do remember that at the end of the TTC, we were asked to sit and write down as our teacher read his notes to us. This happened late at night. There was little time for sleep for the duration of our TTC, they would keep us up late till midnights and we had to get up early for Sadhna each morning. The short break times would go to do washing of our clothes or having a shower or contacting family if lucky enough! When one of the students asked why we can’t just get a copy of the notes, so there is no chance of any mistakes and not wasting time, we were given a lecture about how sacred these notes were and that was the only way it could be passed on, i.e. orally from the teacher to the student! So while half asleep we took down the notes as it was read to us!

We were far too tired to ask any questions and even if someone did ask any questions he/she would be given a dismissive answer, such as when you connect to the Guru or start teaching you would know the answer. So that would be a good deterrent for any student asking too many questions as no one wanted to be labelled as “not connected enough” to the Guru! Of course we were told “Guruji” had personally picked us up to be teachers, apparently by looking at our photos! There were few people who were not selected and were asked to leave the room during the SK note taking session. I did feel bad for them and huge embarrassment/humiliation they must have felt. No reason for their dismissal was given. Most of them were made teachers later on by repeating TTC (and paying more $$$!). It was all part of SriSri’s playing his sick mind games with them & with us!

Back to the SK notes; see how arrogantly he claims that his is “tradition of Masters” and “all the great teachers are contained in his tradition”! Such grandiose claims! And did you see the bit about

 “the Knowledge in this book represents infinity — a door for people to enter infinity.”

I never knew any knowledge can represent infinity, let alone an instruction booklet for a practice!

“We whisper infinity to them.”

 , how romantic!!

“Animals have only one rhythm of breath, humans have many.”

I could swear to God that I have heard my dog having more than one rhythm of breath, but then my dog is a very special one! He is so loving and sweet and patient and enthusiast that I sometimes think he must be the reincarnation of an Enlightened Master or something. He lives totally in the present moment, non-judgemental, loving to everybody and living knowledge fully! He even does his Sadhna regularly.  And he is as white as snow!

Enough of my dog, let’s get back to SK notes:

“Note that Sudarshan Kriya is not one of the Traditional six Yogic Kriyas. Nor is it at all like the Kriyas taught by Paramahansa Yogananda that involve directing attention to different parts of the body.”

 I wonder why the above practices were specifically singled out. I wouldn’t be surprised if some stuff were actually taken from those practices, hence making it necessary to deny it here! ; -)  Otherwise there are thousands of breathing practices all over the world in many different spiritual paths! It would be interesting if someone knowledgeable could comment on these.

 “The purpose of yoga is the annihilation of sorrow and the reviving of bliss.”

Well, that is what happened to me when I left AOL. So “leaving AOL” must be a kind of yoga!!

 “The Difference between Sudarshan Kriya and Rebirthing,…..”

 Now can someone tell me why would RS want to even comment on Rebirthing? Had he ever tried rebirthing himself to make him eligible for making such statements on it? And many people who have done both Rebirthing and SK find them similar in many ways. The Rebirthing practitioners would object to RS’s claim that:

 “In Rebirthing, the rhythm of the breath extends to the mind and emotions but stops there. So it can help people get out of emotions, but it doesn’t get them onto the rhythm of the Being, which is the universal cosmic rhythm.” There is no set rhythm in breathing during rebirthing.”

Further on he adds:

 “When asked about this point we just say that people who have tried both have seen the greater benefits of Sudarshan Kriya. But we don’t debate.”

How convenient! Of course all AOL teachers would know that it was part of our training, i.e. “not debating”, instead we were taught to just smile sweetly or change the subject or say a dismissive remark, or just say “good, good”. As great master RS uses these methods quite often himself!

“Psychologists always look for the associations between emotions and thoughts, especially from the past experience, but in truth there aren’t any such associations.”

Oh, doesn’t our Ravi love putting down psychologists?! And doesn’t he also encourage his teachers to put down psychologists all the time? I wonder why that is!

“Where This Training came From:This teaching came up after ten days of silence that Guruji took in 1982, March 4th and 5th days of enlightenment.”

Aah, my Kriya notes say:

”This training came after 10 days of silence that Punditji took in 1982.”The day I became a rag doll, it just popped out.””

I prefer my version of notes. So cute, it just popped out! And notice how it was changed from Pundit to Guruji? I wonder if the latest Kriya notes have “Gurudev” instead of Guruji?

 “If still not well, do Bhum Bhum technique (2-3 times).”

What is “Bhum Bhum technique”? I never asked at my TTC, lest being accused of “not being connected to the master” and besides I just wanted to go and get some sleep!

To be continued…

  1. Anon permalink
    June 8, 2010 3:38 am

    I remember in one of the talks how he rubbishes any talk of following/awakening one’s inner guru. Brainwashed AOL people see that as setting aside one’s ego and surrendering to the master- while in reality it is just willingly becoming a puppet of RS.

    Any real guru will emphasize cultivation or viveka and love for the divine inside – he won’t brush away your sense of self. In the name of healing you, RS is actually causing great damage to your nervous system. Can’t believe I paid hard earned money, to be abused so.

    I never went to TTC – but my heart goes out to people who did. It is doubly damaging to do this in the name of divine – spirituality is one of the most beautiful aspects of life, and this turns sincere seekers away from it. I pray for all the sincere people who have been caught in his web – and hope they heal soon.

    At some level RS is a victim himself – who is perpetuating the abuse that was done to him. But at this time, it is difficult to see him for anything other than the monster that he is.

    • June 12, 2010 9:40 pm

      @ Anon who wrote “I remember in one of the talks how he rubbishes any talk of following/awakening one’s inner guru”

      Do you have a link or something where I can see this ?

  2. srisri permalink
    June 8, 2010 12:41 pm


    >>At some level RS is a victim himself – who is perpetuating the abuse that was done to him>>

    Does this some how lessen the trauma of abuse he underwent 🙂

    • Anon permalink
      June 8, 2010 1:21 pm

      No…this is the psychology of most abuse victims. They have internalized these things as right, so they do it themselves. You will see that many pedophiles, were abused as children…same is true of bullies, and in this case spiritual abusers.

  3. Voila permalink
    June 8, 2010 12:48 pm

    Bhum Bhum Technique – most TTC groups did not get it. It is to be used only in extreme necessary situations but since the grace of the guru is there to protect, most of the time, not necessary. Sit up in vajrasan, spine erect, take a deep breath, lifting the head towards the back and with forceful intention say, “Bhum! Bhum!” and while immediately putting down the head towards the chest, you say, “Vasudeva.” Got to be kidding, right? We had a small TTC group and he made each one of us do it. I think we felt special though I wondered, “You got to be kidding, right?” Reminds me of the Flinstones, wasn’t there a “bam bam” character? What about he “bammed bammed” our heads?

    • Peter permalink
      June 10, 2010 3:07 am

      Boy, isn’t that stupid! Ha ha ha. I’m laughing so hard because I know so much about yogic techniques!! Boy, I’m so funny. Ha ha ha. Look at me do asanas, all twisted up like a silly pretzel. Boy, is that stupid. Ha ha ha ha.

  4. June 8, 2010 2:18 pm

    Oh God!
    I missed lot of fun by not doing TTC.

  5. Ron permalink
    June 8, 2010 10:53 pm

    This blog and that of Klim’s has to be publicized. It has to be publicized to as much as AOL is publicized. Google should list it in its first page, so that people searching for it see what AOL in reality is.

  6. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 9, 2010 1:47 am

    Thanks Voila. Finally someone could tell me what Bhum Bhum technique is!
    I reckon, soon this blog will be the resource centre even for current AOL teachers!
    I bet most of them don’t know what “Bhum Bhum technique” is! : – )

    I just tried it & haven’t stopped laughing! I do sometimes wonder if he comes up with these bizarre utterances to treat people as fools & to see how much control he has over them. I have certainly noticed his insatiable desire for controlling people or at least him feeling like he is controlling them. Just look at the way he gives his public talks (whether to AOL people or otherwise) , the way he seeks approval from the audience or the way he gets them to do things that are sometimes utterly silly and makes them look like a bunch of robots at SriSri’s control!
    If there is a Psychologist out there who would want to study the extreme cases of megalomaniac behaviour, here is a perfect subject for them!

    • Peter permalink
      June 10, 2010 3:04 am

      Hey, I am a clinical psychologist and the only megalomania I see here is from you fools who post this adolescent rant about AOL and SSRS. One big circle jerk for all the AOL haters. I have no problem with criticism of AOL and SSRS. But this stuff you guys post is ridiculous. Do you really expect anyone to take you seriously? What a bunch of jerks. If you want to be taken seriously, then present your criticism seriously, not in this goofy, childish way.

      • Newman permalink
        June 10, 2010 1:31 pm

        Peter- you’re no psychologist, you’re just acting like one one the web.

  7. June 9, 2010 6:37 am

    I tell you my experience, its interesting and shows how human mind works:
    After doing my basic course, I was talking lot about benefits of Sudarshan Kriya, Art of Living etc. My younger sister asked me what is Sudarshan kriya? As we are told not to disclose anything, I asked her that I won’t tell you. Its Secret. But, after 3/4 days, I thought of making some fun. I asked my Sis, Ok I will tell you Sudarshan kriya, Just sit quitely, Raise your right hand like you are holding Sudarshan Chakra (Look as any picture of Lord Vishnu) and now rotate your upper body as Sudarshan Chakra. She believed me and done that for 2-3 minutes and reacted that IT FEEL GOOD.
    I can’t stop laughing but now I realised that I invented new Technique.
    Any guidence for Patent?

  8. Venugopal.N permalink
    June 9, 2010 8:08 am

    Interesting one on HHSSRS!

    Sri Sri launches new ‘Kung Fu’ sudharshana kriya
    – by Sriram Karri 08 Jun 2010
    This story has been read 1616 times. Category: News
    Topic: Others
    In an exclusive finding in the arena of spiritual innovation, Sedition and Perdition found out that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will soon be launching a new form of Sudharshan Kriya, integrated into a comprehensive new meditation programme aimed at the overall well-being of people, including their direct survival requirements and a quick method to duck bullets from any deranged gun wielder.

    Fictional sources at the Art of Living Foundation told SedPerd that while the Sudharshan Kriya, developed by Sri Sri based on several years of meditation, research and learnings from the past, was sufficient for the well-being of the soul till recently, he recently experienced some stirring moments, which laid bare to his visionary and divine eyes the minute shortcomings inherent in the programme.

    “The new programme will take care of the needs of the soul, the urge to overcome material instincts, evolve higher and nobler thoughts — and make you fit enough to escape the random bullets of any shooter,” fictional sources at the AOL told SedPerd. “It simultaneously takes care of both spiritual needs and protects you from people wanting to murder you.”

    “We sit in a deeply relaxing pose, eyes closed, opening them once in a while looking around suspiciously to ensure there is no assassin lurking. If there is none, continue with the deep breathing, if there is, remove the gun from below your meditation mat and fire at him. Do this without having any hatred for the assassin, but make sure you don’t miss the guy,” they said.

    “After you’ve focused on your breathing, get up suddenly, run to the wall, hide, raise the pistol to the top of the wall and fire in the air. Don’t expose your head to allow the murderer on the other side a clean view of your head. Then deep breathe again, and focus on the lord, the universal force, feel the cleansing within your soul… but constantly keep watching for any unusual sounds,” they informed SedPerd.

    SedPerd also learnt that AOL was finalising the new meditation attire comprising a simple, thin khadi top kurta, dhoti, a bulletproof vest and night-vision goggles.

    “Similarly, we will make slight modifications to our ancient-age satvik diet to include a few dishes adapted from the commando programs of the Indian army,” they said.

    AOL sources also confirmed to SedPerd the modifications to the new military-spiritual programmes to be provided by the Foundation to its full-time sevaks, acharyas and the more devoted of its volunteers.

    “A mandatory firing hour at the newly-constructed shooting range, kung-fu, besides the usual singing, praying, service and meditation modules will be imparted. Our teachers can now not only teach meditation but can also suddenly get up, do a cartwheel, punch a potential killer before kicking and maiming him. They can also throw a small knife, to be hidden and carried under their sleeve, from a great distance,” the sources said.

    They also confirmed that Gurudev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar himself has now inducted a special elite group of security men, the best drawn from across the world, who will be meditating with him all the time, ensuring they draw spiritual solace from Him while ensuring no more hanky panky stray gunman can get anywhere near.

    “Previously, he used to be surrounded by these lean, thin acharyas who used to be perfect in the previous format of the Sudharshan Kriya. The new folks around him, while they are learning Sudharshan Kriya, are also expert at security detailing, martial arts, sharpshooting, all of Sri Sri now realises are perfect, needs to be able to grow one’s soul and merge with the Larger One,” they explained to SedPerd.

    When quizzed if the call of Sri Sri to the possible assassin to come and join their programme had got any response, they responded in the negative.

    “But we are proactively seeking him out on our own… and when we find him, we will ensure that we help him meet the great God who made us all. Yes, we will sponsor his journey to heaven, — or hell, with a spirit of full forgiveness and love for his misguided soul.”

    In a parallel incident, the wannabe assassin of Sri Sri told SedPerd in this fictional account that he would join the Sudharshan Kriya after news channels confirm that the parcel bomb he has sent with love for Gurudev has been opened by him personally, tearing apart the insignificant lusty body of Sri Sri and integrating his immortal soul with the Almighty.

  9. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 9, 2010 9:06 am

    Thanks Venugopal.N. That was very funny.
    The URL for it is:

  10. Peter permalink
    June 10, 2010 2:57 am

    Wow! You guys have no shame. Completely untrustworthy and disloyal. I can certainly understand leaving a spiritual movement. But all this trashing and posting of teaching that you agreed to keep to yourself. What a bunch of immature brats. Like the guy who calls his ex-girlfriend a whore. Anybody with a lick of sense recognizes the you guys have a few screws loose. Have fun obsessing over something you claim you want nothing to do with anymore! Grow-up and just get on with your life. Disgusting.

    • xyz permalink
      June 10, 2010 5:15 am

      i will call my ex girlfrn a whore if she was a whore.. whats the harm in callin a whomre a whomre..we r nt fake ppl like aol ppl are.. we say wht we feel like ..
      i have few words for you too ..wont write becoz comment wont be accepted..

  11. Svetana permalink
    June 10, 2010 3:24 pm


    “Now can someone tell me why would RS want to even comment on Rebirthing?”

    May be because Rebirthing and SK are so much alike? As you have mentioned, there are people, myself included, who experienced both, hence, note for the teachers : “when asked about this point we just say that people who have tried both have seen the greater benefits of Sudarshan Kriya. But we don’t debate.” I cannot agree with this statement.
    Taking Rebirthing seminar some years ago, I was surprised to see a lot of similarities between Rebirthing and Sudarshan Kriya. In Rebirthing, like in SK, breather does not pause between inhale and exhale. According to my RB teacher, “this causes a build up of oxygen in the blood and a build up of prana or life energy. One follows a certain pattern and observes the emotions / issues / thoughts that come up and one just breathes through those.” He also told us that “ another name for RB is ‘divine energy breathing’, and it often results in a biological experience of God.” (After all, this practice doesn’t stop at mind and emotions but extends to spiritual realm).
    We were breathing to rhythmic music, and recorded voice was guiding us through the process (breath in, breath out, relax, unwind etc.). The difference was that breathing sessions were done lying down and usually lasted, at least, one hour. Like with SK, some people would fall asleep after breathing.When asked how they felt after the process, they reported relaxation, inner stillness, or feeling of euphoria; some felt and looked spaced out.
    They also made us dance after breathing.

    Some interesting facts:
    1. Rebirthing was developed by Leonard Orr in 70s; Sudarshan Kriya “popped out” in 1982.

    2.“Leonard claims to have met twelve immortal yogis, including Haidakhan Babaji who died in 1984. According to Orr, Haidakan Babaji was the Mahavatar of the Kriya Yoga lineage brought to the West by Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi and founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship.” ttp://
    So, Leonard Orr, like RS, is not just a “regular” guy.

    3. Both Mr. Orr and RS travel worldwide giving workshops and training teachers, trying to spread their empires.

  12. Dayalu permalink
    June 10, 2010 8:14 pm

    Here is the latest TTC circular- pay $5500/ and become enslaved for life time.:
    Teacher Training provides an opportunity to become incredibly strong as a person. This course is for individuals who would like to become a teacher. TTC lays the foundation for becoming any kind of teacher of Art of Living. Upon completion, it would be possible for you to become a YES!, YES!+, ART Excel or Art of Living Course teacher.

    Upcoming TTC dates : July 31- Aug 22, 2010
    Location: North American Ashram in Canada

    Length: 3 weeks
    Age category: minimum of 20 years old
    Cost: $5500

  13. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 10, 2010 9:20 pm

    Thanks Svetana. Most interesting.
    There must be senior ex-AOL teachers out there who can shed more light to the real source of Kriya notes, Part1, DSN, Sahaj , etc. Not to mention those from Osho, Landmark (Forum), EST, TM, etc. that may recognize some of their stuff plagiarized by AOL/RS!

  14. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 10, 2010 9:34 pm

    Thanks Dayalu. Yes, becoming AOL teacher is nothing but slavery. Actually much worse than the usual physical slavery. This one requires slavery of mind & soul as well!
    You have to give Sri Sri full marks for getting people to even pay for their own enslavement!

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