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Kriya Notes – Part 3

June 12, 2010

The following instructions were not in my notes. New generation of teachers must have got “less-connected”, so things had to be spelt out for them!

8. (Note: It is not so important how hard we do the rhythms, but that we stay with the rhythms. However, we do not give this as a general instruction, because some people may hardly do the Sudarshan Kriya at all. But if someone is trying too hard, then we tell them individually to “relax, do it easily”.)

9.(Note: Teachers should know that big circles means “deeper breath”.)

My notes don’t have this one either:

“Use a Sudarshan Kriya tape made by Guruji. (This will ensure the proper intonations, rhythms and number of circles, and it will allow you to put your full attention upon the group members.)”

Were some teachers using a different SK tape? Or giving the Kriya instruction themselves?!

“Don’t feel obligated to answer questions or give explanations. Just say, “it’s good”, or “it’s fine”. Just say, “good”, no matter what they say.”

Does it Sound familiar to any of you who have taken an AOL course? Sorry, was part of our training!

Now this one is interesting:

” In the first courses you teach by yourself, instruct no more than ten people. Even with more teachers and experience, the course maximum is twenty. The minimum for a course is 8 people.”

So how come there is so much pressure on the teachers to teach bigger and bigger courses? Minimum 100, minimum 75, minimum 108! Surely you have all seen boastings in esatsang about 108 people or 1008 people courses!! I have heard teachers being promoted in TRMs(Teachers Refresher Meetings) because their first course had 100 people in it or teachers being put on pedestal for having big courses. Those with small courses were told they need to do their Sadhna regularly and connect better to the Guru or repeat TTC; that their doubts about possibility of big courses were due to their low Prana. That they need to let go of doership and surrender more, etc.

Also my SK notes say: “The minimum for a course is 4 people”. So have they now increased minimum numbers to 8? What is the latest?

 Mind you, I have seen some desperate teachers teaching even to 2 people! Anyone out there who knows of a course to a single person?

I also wonder if the instructions re the course numbers were revealed to RS alongside Kriya or does he just make them up as he goes?!

“During Sudarshan Kriya It is not necessary for you to say “So Ham” or to clap. Leave it to the tape. Just observe all participants with alertness, especially their throats and chests (like watching pancakes).”

 Now I don’t think SriSri would have used pancakes to illustrate his point, do you?! Wouldn’t it be nice if those who co-edited these notes with SriSri come forward and enlighten us?!

“ 8. Keep your voice soft and gentle. Never sound impatient or urgent.”

Mine had this additional comment next to the above sentence:

“Don’t be afraid. This is the test of your faith. Be confident. Whatever happens is for good.”

Implying that if something went wrong would be due to lack of our faith!

Now because my SK notes didn’t have the following instructions:

“1. Don’t eat with people on introductory course, but you may stay and talk with them.

2. Do not leave for lunch if someone is very rough, let them eat and rest. Stay with them.

3. If someone has cancer, don’t eat with them.

4. If someone has AIDS, take a shower and change your clothes.”

I have eaten lunch with people on the basic courses, even those who had cancer! I mean, come on, even if I did have the above instructions, it would have been extremely rude of me not to eat food with others and like arrogant adv. course teachers demand that I should be served in my room privately by at least two fine looking angels!

And what is wrong with eating with people who do have cancer? Even if the teacher doesn’t eat with them, how about the other students? How about their families? I didn’t know cancer is an infectious illness!

And what was that about taking a shower and change clothes if a student has AIDS? I mean, the teacher is teaching them a course, not having intercourse with them!

I am so glad my Kriya notes didn’t have the above instructions. God knows which egg-head added them on?!

 “Do not teach those under 16 years of age (North America) or 14 years of age (India). There is a different Sudarshan Kriya for children up to this age.”

Do Indian kids mature sooner than American kids or do they get stressed more?

In summary, I saw these notes for what they were, part of Sri Sri’s mind control programme for enslaving his teachers. And no wonder he gives these notes only after aspiring teachers have been put through a rigorous brain-washing programme, complete with usual cult techniques, whispering Sri Sri’s divinity to them while subjected to lack of sleep. What is not written in notes, is what is given to students orally, stories of Sri Sri’s ability to control nature, to produce different fragrances, the ability to read people’s minds, to know their past and their future, the ability to heal people, the ability to be present in several places at once, the ability to hear plants, and so on and so on. That though can be subject of another post!

  1. Radha permalink
    June 12, 2010 4:13 am

    I accidentally discovered this blog. A kind soul wrote about you on Guruphilliac. I am an ex- teacher who has recovered fully from the betrayal and shock of AOL. It was difficult. I wish you all the very best, this sort of a blog on AOL is long over due. Good going. I wish a speedy recovery for all who have been abused by this organization. Take heart, know you will recover .When you will look back at AOL with complete and total indifference is when you know you’re over this. To get there, it’s important to vent and share with similar people. Again, I wish you all the best!

  2. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 12, 2010 4:26 am

    Welcome on board Radha. Feel free to share your experiences & send any post, comments you like.
    In this blog, we support each other & by sharing our experiences we help in healing each other & making sense of it all. Hopefully this will also help those still trapped to break free and hopefully saves others from getting trapped in the first place.
    This invitation extends to all ex-AOL teachers/volunteers/members. Please feel free to share not only of your experiences with AOL, but also about what helped in your recovery & freedom. Please send your articles to

  3. Krish permalink
    June 12, 2010 3:07 pm

    Where are the guidelines on what the teacher should do if the kriya has an immediate adverse effect on someone like someone feels dizzy or passes out?

  4. Swami Sadyogruntleananda permalink
    June 12, 2010 4:40 pm

    Latest from AOL circles – all the anti AOL blogs and adverse media reports have not affected the public – AOL is growing from strength to strength – the next TTC in the Ashram is touted to be the biggest with 1500 applications.

    Has the human race become that gullible and stupid? Give up

    • goneagain permalink
      August 31, 2010 1:32 am

      It took couple of months more to know the real truth. AOL wasn’t growing strength to strength instead probably following of the cliff – see how much attention this blog is getting (from AOL circle/RS) and how many people have been unleashed to destroy it.

  5. John permalink
    June 14, 2010 3:28 am

    I am not so sure about AOL going from strength to strength. At least not everywhere. I come across many more people now in bay area, california who clearly see AOL as a cult. Earlier, it was not the case and people used to sincerely believe in the ‘goodness’ potential of AOL. So I believe people are starting to say – enough is enough.

  6. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 14, 2010 5:08 am

    You are quite right John. This is increasingly happening all over the world. People are waking up to the fact that AOL is yet another scam. Sri Sri is increasingly focusing more on his existing flock to bring $$$ to him.
    AOL has been bragging about big TTC courses in Ashram last few years, but the same cannot be said about the TTC courses in US & Europe, which are struggling.
    And most TTC graduates don’t continue with AOL. They see the light after a year or two.
    Indeed if you look at the number of teachers who are leaving AOL, they are far greater than the numbers coming in. The situation has worsened in recent years, so in response SriSri has changed the training from two TTC of 15 days each down to one 21 day TTC. The pre-requisites have also been reduced considerably and with that the quality of teachers and their training. Anyone can become a teacher now as long as they can afford the TTC fees, which are getting higher and higher! And once they become teachers they are expected to bring more and more $$ to SriSri and AOL! As the number of teachers decreases there will be more pressure on the remaining ones to fill up SriSri’s coffers!

  7. Doug permalink
    June 14, 2010 6:46 pm

    “In summary, I saw these notes for what they were, part of Sri Sri’s mind control programme for enslaving his teachers.”

    Oh yes, this conclusion is so self-evident it barely justifies repeating. What a stunning, cogent argument you make. I also hear TTC includes secret, cannibalistic rituals. Is this true? I had a friend who went to TTC and never came back. Who ate him? SSRS?

    • Jacko permalink
      June 18, 2010 2:06 pm

      Cannibalistic rituals … hehehe.. Why not bestiality or necrophilia while we’re at it? I can picture SSRS in his true attire, in the form of the goat of Mendes, in the middle of a graveyard in the dead of Walpurgis night, snake in one hand and spear in another, an orgy of intoxicated frenzied dancers, the dark lord driving them to unspeakable acts while feeding on the undercurrent of terror and insanity.

      Can we come up with something better?

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