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His Holiness penchant for lying and deceiving- Part 2

June 26, 2010

So let’s get this right. SriSri claims that he can’t do charity from an empty bowl, hence charging hefty course fees so he can use the proceeds for charity.

 Then he says “There are expenses involved in renting a place for so many days, a teacher to come. We hardly save 10 to 15 percent on course. Sometimes it is little higher.”

So here he claims that 85-90% of the income from each course goes to expenses.This contradicts his instructions to AOL centers and teachers that expenses for each course should stay below 25% (in some countries maximum expenses allowed for each course is indeed even lower than that, i.e. 10%).

 And if he saves only 10-15% per course, then why do AOL teachers tell course participants that most of their course fees goes to Charity? Why aren’t students told that only 10-15% of their fees goes to charity, based on SriSri’s own admission.

Also AOL teachers tell course participants and volunteers that they are unpaid volunteers and that they keep the course expenses to a minimum so that more money can go towards charity. Venue rentals and travel costs of the teacher (if any at all) cannot explain where that 85-90% of revenues goes to. So the question remains: “WHERE DOES ALL THAT MONEY DISAPPEARS TO?”

 Also, how can SriSri justify 85-90% expenses per course when he also claims that AOL admin costs are below 5%, see below:


 1)      Zero Corruption: Because of Guruji  H.H. SRI SRI RAVISHANKARJI there is no corruption in the whole organization as such. There is total transparency in every process. All records regarding funds and other resources utilization are maintained strictly.

2)      Techniques /Processes / Courses: THE ART OF LIVING has techniques /processes /courses / Sudarshan Kriya through which the mindset of people can be changed and human values are uplifted.

3)      Minimum Administration and other costs: Most of the NGO’s spend about 40 – 50% but our experience is that AOL admin costs are only 2 – 5%, which is a very healthy practice. We spend the donor’s money for the seva work with minimum expenditure on admin procedure.

4)      Solutions: AOL courses offers solutions to many problems concerning the present day situations, starting from Prisons to Corporates, from children to senior citizens, from schools programs to colleges and universities, from agriculture to environment and health; trauma relief and war victims.

 If he mocks other NGOs for having high admin costs of 40-50%, what can we tell about AOL admin cost of 85-90%?

 On the other hand, If Michael Fischman (AOL US president) instructs that the course expenses must be kept to below 25%, then a minimum of 75% of gross income from each course end up in the accounts where he and Jeff Houk (treasurer) have guardianship over. Where does this money go from there? It sure doesn’t go to any charity. Even their own accounts don’t show any spending on charity. Where does it then go to? How much do Michael and Jeff take for themselves or are they offering their services for free like other AOL volunteers (you know the ones that actually organize all those courses (all free of cost to AOL) and send them 75% of the gross income).

 Please don’t tell us that this money goes to the upkeep of the AOL Ashrams, when we know that Ashrams are very well self-funded from the expensive residential courses they hold. Each part1,part2 , blessing course, TTC course, Guru Puja, Sahaj, Youth courses etc. taught in any Ashram is priced heavily, so a small percentage of revenues from those courses are enough for running of the Ashram. Bear in mind also that all those poor volunteers, who work in the Ashrams in the name of Seva, don’t get paid. So free slave labor, low overheads, huge course fees and huge revenues. Indeed we should ask what happens to the rest of the money from these courses as well. Not to mention that many of these courses like DSN, etc become yet another fund generating exercise, as participants are asked to collect huge amounts of donations or to fundraise for AOL as part of their course project/homework (this on top of their original course fees!).

Also Ashram teachers, when they teach courses in other cities or other countries, take all the proceeds from those courses back to the Ashram, minus a percentage for themselves.

Even to buy the land or building for a centre (or any needed repairs or upgrades) the local devotees/members have to collect donations or donate their own money or  do their own fundraising and the resulting centre will end up belonging to AOL totally free of cost!

 So where else the course fees disappear to, apart from SriSri’s and his family’s personal bank accounts, properties and businesses? Oh yes, to full-time teachers!

Who are these full time teachers and how much each one of them gets paid? AOL has been registered as a charity in India, US, Europe and many other countries. They are obliged under registered charity laws to show any salaries paid, esp. to themselves!

 And again let us get this one right too. Are they expecting that the majority of AOL teachers and volunteers work hard to organize and teach AOL courses, so this minority of full-time teachers live off their backs? Majority of teachers and volunteers have jobs and family and organize courses and fundraising events in their spare time to bring huge revenues for AOL, believing the money goes to charity. Do you think they would be happy to know that these minority teachers live a parasitic lifestyle with the hard earned funds raised for the purpose of charity?

And if these full time teachers are so valuable to the organization that they have been offered salaried jobs, aren’t they capable of bringing at least enough funds to the organization to cover their own salaries? Otherwise what is the point of making them salaried staff when there are so many volunteers who are happy to do their jobs for free?! So either they are capable of making enough money for the organization to cover their salaries (instead of living off AOL revenues meant for charity) or they are just a sink for AOL funds, in which case they should be sacked and be replaced with true volunteers.

 If these so called full-timers are so useless that a huge proportion of course revenues goes to their salaries, why doesn’t SriSri sack them? Is it because they know too much? Is it because they know that none of AOL money goes to charity anyway, so they are also helping themselves to the same “charity pool” that SriSri and family are helping themselves to?

 And why AOL teachers tell their students that their course fees go to charity if the money goes to pay for a bunch of full-timers lavish life style, not to mention SriSri’s or his family?

Do you think AOL would be able to get registered as a charity and enjoy all those tax benefits and huge donations if truth would be revealed about the end destination of course fees and donations? Do you think anyone would think of AOL as a charity if they knew that donations and the money earned from the courses go to salaries and to finance certain individuals parasitic life styles rather than funding charity projects?

 If the income from AOL courses go to SriSri, Bhanu Didi, her husband and their sons Arvind and Ajay and selected so called “full-timers”, shouldn’t AOL be registered as a company and pay taxes like everyone else? Isn’t it about time IRS in US and similar government agencies in other countries revoke AOL charity status? Isn’t it about time that media start investigating AOL and it’s charity status?

  Isn’t it about time that AOL teachers stop deceiving people by claiming that the course fees go to charity? If they want to give their time and their lives to finance SriSri, Bhanu Didi, Arvind and Ajay and other “full-timers” extravagant lifestyles they are more than welcome to it, but they have no right to deceive AOL students, general public and the tax man and the Government and do so in the name of charity!

 All AOL teachers and volunteers and donors and students have every right to ask for detailed accounts and to see where the money trail leads them to.

And be wary of those full-timers and AOL spokespeople (esp. those who have their heads deep in trough alongside SriSri) when they dismiss any legitimate question by saying look at the transformation/benefits of the course, etc, etc. This is a common technique they all use and I have covered it in the post “Original Sin in AOL & the final Salvation!”. I urge you to read it ASAP and stop letting your spiritual experiences be the justification for widespread abuse in AOL in every aspect possible.If you have any question about it, please put it under comments there and I will reply. Understanding of it (Original Sin in AOL) may well be the key to your freedom from AOL. When you understand it then you realize how AOL PR machine frequently resorts to it instead of answering the legitimate questions regarding its fraudulent practices. Your spiritual experiences should not be used as means of enslaving you or others or stealing money which was given towards charity.

AOL charges for every course. YOU DON’T OWE ANYTHING TO AOL. And your spiritual experiences are yours and YOURS ALONE. Don’t let them use this “Original Sin” to enslave you to work hard to finance their lavish lifestyles using money which was meant to go to charity. Don’t be an accomplice in this web of deception.

 And what a joke is this one:

1)      Zero Corruption: Because of Guruji  H.H. SRI SRI RAVISHANKARJI there is no corruption in the whole organization as such. There is total transparency in every process. All records regarding funds and other resources utilization are maintained strictly.

But I will leave that for part 3!

To Be Continued…..

  1. Radha permalink
    June 26, 2010 3:24 am

    Is it wrong if AoL is using money from course fees in whatever way that they deem fit? That transaction is not “charity” given by a participant but a fee charged for a course? So how one uses their earnings is their prerogative? I think unethical practice will be money collected for a specific project being used else where? And going by the earnings,which are huge, is course fees the only way AoL earns? Does not seem proportionate.

    • goneagain permalink
      June 26, 2010 4:10 am

      Your reasoning only makes sense if they don’ t claim that they are using the money for charity. Also these so called non-profit charities don’t charge a course fee, it is supposed to be a donation ‘not a fee’; so that they can be tax deductable (probably for both parities. Ppl dontating can claim tax deduction so does the one makes the money. Win-Win.

  2. profhughakston permalink
    June 26, 2010 3:59 am


    Tapping into your potential is spirituality. Believing in yourself versus another man is spirituality. Turning your talent into action is spirituality


    I am new in AOL. My teacher is always going ga ga on Bawa.Can I have some more info on Bawa? An article, maybe?
    Also, just because Sri Sri is a fraud doesn’t mean all the teachers are like that. I have met people in AOL, including my teacher, who are among the nicest people I have come across.
    A part 2 course will be taking place in my locality soon and my teacher is pushing me to do it. Some dude called Rishi Nityapragya is coming. Is he good or is he also a fake?

    I have visited expose Nithyananda blogs. They have made a list of questions for Nithy about his birthdate, qualification, years of sadhana etc. Can you prepare a similar list for AOL/sri sri , mentioning
    1.his qualification(he claims to have a science degree at 17. Is it true?)
    2.Money going to charity?
    3. Why they have such a huge centre in LA(I heard the new building costs $ 4 million)?
    We can then circulate the questionnaire. That may be very effective for newcomers.

    Heil Hitler
    Oops! Sorry!
    Jai Gurudev
    (Don’t they sound similar?)

  3. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 26, 2010 4:44 am

    Dear Radha,
    There are lots of organizations that teach all sort of courses. They collect fees and PAY TAXES and then use their profits for whatever they want. They don’t claim to be a charity nor have registered themselves as a Charity. They don’t deceive public by saying that their course fees go to charity, nor they deceive their employees, expecting them to work for free as volunteers.
    All AOL teachers like myself who gave years of our lives totally to AOL were told all proceeds of the courses go to charity. We WERE DECEIVED!! We worked for free, we organised courses and sent all the proceeds to AOL/VVM, registered charities. No Radha, I would have not worked FOR FREE ALL THOSE YEARS, not even a minute of it, if I knew the financial beneficiaries of my hard work are SriSri,Bhanu Didi, Arvind, Ajay, Bawa & family, Mickey and Jeff, etc.
    AOL should have never been registered as a Charity. I would like to see IRS (and the equivalent in other countries) to not only collect all the unpaid taxes from AOL (going back to the beginning), but also seize all assets of AOL (and IAHV and Sumeru solution, Sumeru travel, Sumeru Real estate, SriSri Ayurveda and all other AOL/SriSri businesses) and distribute them to genuine charities or ask all ex-AOL teachers to come and collect their pay checks for all those years or choose a charity of their choice for the transfer of funds.

    I further would like to see all assets of SriSri, Bhanu Didi, Ajay, Arvind, Bawa & family, etc WHICH WERE BOUGHT WITH AOL money be seized and be given to genuine charities. Any money people gave to AOL, whether course fees or donations, they gave with the understanding that AOL is a registered charity and all the funds (apart from a low admin cost of below 5%) go to charity projects. This has been AOL claim from the first basic course I did till today.

    I have no problem whatsoever with people running a business, collecting fees & then spending it as they wish, but they cannot operate under FALSE DECLARATION, pretending they are a charity and claim that the fees go to charity. If the fees do not go to CHARITY SriSri and AOL NEED TO DECLARE IT TODAY to all AOL members, teachers, volunteers, tax departments, Govt.s, UN and any other people or organizations they have deceived all these years. Furthermore they need to pay back to Govt all unpaid taxes till today & transfer all the accumulated funds, properties and businesses to Govt, so these can be given to genuine charities and all those ex-teachers who for years believed the free time they were giving to AOL was for benefit of poor people, etc.

    And yes AOL does collect donations for all kind of projects but never passes them on. Indeed it even uses the genuine charity projects of others (quite often innocent members and teachers) to con people to give AOL more money but again doesn’t pass these on. That can be subject of another post though!!

    • Question @ Whistleblower permalink
      June 27, 2010 12:41 pm

      From the various posts here and on the other blog referred to (artoflivingfree.blogspot), it looks like the claims are that some teachers are living off of the coffers collected supposedly for charitable purpose by AOL and HHSSRS. But your post and others says that you and others slaved away for years for free for AOL and HHSSRS. How does the Guru make the determination as to which full time teachers will get paid lavish salary and given lavish lifestyle, and which full time teachers will be left poor and giving all their time up, having left their careers (I’m assuming this from some of the posts that many have, and have been left out in cold later by AOL et al). Is there something special about teachers receiving salary that you did not possess? Is it done by race, creed, gender, initial wealth/standard of living when joined AOL? How is it decided?

      • mojo permalink
        June 28, 2010 2:07 am

        Age, gender, race, creed, color, IQ, religion, education all immaterial. If you can kiss a** and bring money, celebrities you’re assured a lavish lifestyle. The supply will have to be endless, though. If you can be his love interest, even better.

  4. Maitri permalink
    June 26, 2010 6:08 am

    I have a somewhat unrelated light hearted question for ex AOLers who spent long time with AOL.
    Does RS dye his hair or is it naturally black?
    Does he ever practice SK himself?

    • Anonymous permalink
      June 26, 2010 12:00 pm

      Yes. RS dye his hair regularly. He cant attend any mega satsang without dyeing his hair. And he get upset even if there is a very small stain in his white dress and loose concentration.

      • Anonymous permalink
        June 27, 2010 12:59 pm

        What a fool this RS is. To dye his hair black can’t he take his white clothes off? or perhaps he should dye his hair and beard while taking nice lllllong massage from women as someone ex aoler claims here. Guys you say you weren’t smart before entering aol but you didn’t get out smarter either. what a waste of time.

    • Voila permalink
      June 30, 2010 12:51 am

      Oh yes, he dyes his hair and beard and is very very vain. That rose fragrance is not his scent. He uses an oil. And he puts oil on his hair almost every night. Well, someone puts it for him. And, those teeth are also “fixed”. Dean Harmison, the dentist who was in the VVM and AoL boards of the US for so long and is no longer part of the organization, did beauty adjustments to his denture in the early 90s. Check his old pictures and you will notice his teeth used to be crooked! So much for “beauty comes from within” ….. or that the AoL course “heightens” beauty.

      • WhistleBlower permalink
        June 30, 2010 4:13 am

        So glad to know Dean also got out of this organization. I liked Dean, seemed like a nice, genuine person. I wonder what happened there though as he was deeply involved with the organization. Was it in protest of IAHV funds being diverted away from charities? If any one knows please enlighten us. Would be so wonderful if Dean and Shirley spill the beans on SriSri as they were definitely insiders and helped a lot with SriSri’s political influence in west, esp in USA.

      • Anonymous permalink
        February 7, 2011 8:15 pm

        shirley and dean lived very well with a home with servants in india.they also have a home in the caymen islands that they go to all the time

  5. Blim Blim permalink
    June 26, 2010 10:14 am

    His hairs have grown gray since years and since then he has been dyeing his hairs and even beard! Not only dyeing his hairs but he also regularly gets massages for feets, legs, hands, back, face etc. etc., most of the time not only from men masseur but also from women (i know them and i could name them too)!! Klim, WhistlerBlower and other exaol teachers close to him could also confirm this fact! [I wonder here, why massages!!! yoga doesnt help??? or SK???]
    He doesnt practice SK himself as he says publicly he doesnt need it!

    • Voila permalink
      June 30, 2010 12:52 am

      Massages, osteopath, oil rubs on the head, dying the hair, read my earlier response. In fact, I have a bunch of his hairs with me. Should I auction them?

      • WhistleBlower permalink
        June 30, 2010 4:22 am

        Voila, you just gave SriSri/Bhanu Didi another idea about making money! So next time they auction SriSri’s clothes, there will probably be an auction for strands of his hair too!

    • Voila permalink
      June 30, 2010 1:09 am

      Yes, and by the way, no SK for him. His sadhana is CNN, potato chips, getting massaged even twice, thrice a day, his afternoon walk and his sacred afternoon naps. What seems like meditation during the public talks or satsangs are naps … live naps … and those heavy ujjayi sounds – from which we had to remove the mic many times so that it would not go into the rest of the hall – were not sounds of samadhi but simple rustic snores.

      • WhistleBlower permalink
        June 30, 2010 5:01 am

        Quite often his lackeys refer to his late nights as sign of his abundant energy and his love and care. But the truth is that he sleeps till late in the mornings, quite often till lunch time if there is no appointment. Then he also rests a long time after lunch too. And he definitely naps during satsangs, etc. This is often so obvious to newcomers who recognize a sleep as a sleep. But if they mention it or ask why the guru sleeps so much, SriSri and his lackeys laugh it off as sign of their ignorance about his meditation! And to top it off they come up with exaggerated stories about how sometimes during a satsang a devotee needs his help so he has to go to save their lives or comfort them and it looks like he is sleep to other people, but he is not!! Sure, sure!

    • WhistleBlower permalink
      June 30, 2010 4:37 am

      And while his harem’s servants dye his hair, quite often under Bhanu Didi’s supervision, any devotee wanting to see SriSri has to wait, no matter how urgent the issue is. His vanity takes precedence.
      And while he is getting pampered, visitors get told SriSri is very busy or seeing some VIPs or some other lies. In his old Kutir in Ashram I remember queues mile long while he was being beautified.
      One has to ask what kind of spiritual master worries about few strands of white hair? Is he trying to deceive people by his appearance too?

  6. mojo permalink
    June 26, 2010 3:59 pm

    If Nityapragya is Nitin Limaye –stay away. And if you are a woman then STAY AWAY!!! He is a lech.

  7. Anonymous permalink
    June 26, 2010 8:33 pm

    There is nothing wrong with the doctrine – if indeed RS was a satguru, or a jivanmukta, like Ramana Maharishi, one would really be a fortunate person to gain darshan of such a person, and gain from service to him.

    Alas he is not, and it’s all just make believe. One does not become enlightened by faking it – like RS does. RS is a false idol. Time spent with such a person is a waste of one’s time. The worst part of it is that AOL, in addition to exploiting people for money, turns them away from genuine spirituality.

  8. exaol teacher permalink
    June 28, 2010 9:27 am

    dear skywalker
    i had written to sarlo of sarlo’s guru rating regarding the high rating given by him to ravi shankar. sarlos has now downgraded ravi shankar to 2 from 2.5 star. he has also provide a link to your blog.Sarlos site is the reference very commonly used for guru’s rating both by sincere seekers and spritual shoppers alike.our endeavor should be provide as much genuine examples of committed by ravi shankar and company
    the ling to sarlos site is also given below.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Sarlo
    Date: Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 1:57 AM
    Subject: Re: your rating for sri sri ravishankar
    To: exaolteacher


    Thanks for pointing me in this direction. I have downgraded Sri Sri a little and added an anti-link (to aolfree) but will not move abruptly. The argument between supporters and antis can unfold for a while longer before i downgrade him “all the way.” I have followed this approach in the past with other teachers. The anti-folks have to demonstrate staying power and a greater momentum than just a few disgruntled exes. Time will tell.

    Thanks, Sarlo

    i had requestet sar

    At 12:41 AM 6/24/10, you wrote:

    Dear sarlo
    i really wonder that you have given such a high rating to a fraud person like sri sri ravi shankar. i am gingh reference of two new blogs that are pramoted by some ex art of living teachers please include it the directory. the are

    i hope this will also provide you the reason to to downgrade him as dubious.
    exaol teacher

  9. Anonymous permalink
    June 29, 2010 11:01 pm

    You may be interested in this story:

    People get extortion calls all the time – but only Sri Sri would release a press statement. lol…
    And only TOI would be stupid enough to print this as a story.

    Art of Living gets extortion call:

  10. Klim permalink
    June 30, 2010 1:05 am

    I am an ex full time teacher and I did not live an extravagant life. On the contrary. I know some did and cashed out big time from it (like an European teacher I know who often got a lot of money and gifts from his trips to the Arabian countries), but it is not fair to say all of us did. Some of us struggled enough to have affected our health and when approached him to ask for the basics, he’d say with a sad look in his face and that very female voice of his, “You know … we barely make it … all these seva projects … all these schools … and the children ….” What is wrong is he insists it all goes to charity. We repeated it like parrots and believed it in blind faith, but the money does NOT go to seva projects. First of all, all course monies collected in courses outside of India are taken out of the country – most frequently IN CASH – by some teacher who goes from abroad, and TAKEN BACK to India. Notice this is an illegal transaction in most countries. 2.)When a participant pays for the course, AoL does NOT give a receipt, thus, not all income is reported, as it should be, in the tax reports. Whatever is being reported are not the real numbers. There are no receipts, nothing to prove absolutely anything. But, as someone who used to handle these monies, I can confirm all the money is eventually taken out of the countries and taken back to India. Nothing stays for local projects and when is need for them, locals needs to raise the funds. The question is, “Does India only need seva?”. His explanation: “it is so expensive to maintain the ashrams.” AshramSSSSSS, he says, but it only goes to India, not to Canada, not to Germany, not to Poland, not anywhere else, but India. 3.) Groups outside of India that want to do seva projects can NOT use the money that supposedly was collected in the courses for charity work. I dare say that even the Indian chaptesr that want to do seva cannot use the money their local chapter raised with the courses. Devotees are asked to raise their own funds for anything they want to do, and seva projects, in general, are used, anyway, as propaganda. The media, governments and so-called VIPs are suckers for “charity work”. The explanation: it makes them all stronger and gain more merits. With all that money that goes in, most full-timers did not receive a proper salary, most barely received a proper stipend, and even this money was paid “under the table”. Another illegal action. But please do not put all of us ex full-timers in the same basket. Some of us got seriously hurt by it all and did not earn one cent, but lost one too many.

  11. Voila permalink
    June 30, 2010 1:15 am

    Well, we couldn’t expect anything less from him. See the fuzz he made with the shooting incident. He really likes the attention. And ToI is just lacking objectivity. I am sure ALL of India is aware of this fact. I just want to see the faces of the Jains if AoL/SSRS are exposed one day. I just hope the person who asked for all that money from them will share some with the rest of us 😉 Who will they blame it on this time? Anyway, maybe we should publish RS’s mobile number. He himself says he is available for everyone any time … then why not make that number public? Maybe he just needs our help for that “next step”.

  12. WhistleBlower permalink
    June 30, 2010 8:56 pm

    Thanks to Anon 11:01 pm who brought the article in timesofindia about AOL extortion calls to our readers attention.
    The comment below on that article says it all:
    Saurabh (Bangalore)
    30/06/2010 at 05:41 pm
    Will AOL ever stop doing dramas for publicity… first fake gun-shot and now extortion calls

    I liked the reporting style of the following article (Thanks to Sincere Seeker for bringing this article to our attention) which cleverly ties it up with AOL recent publicity stunt.

    Govind’s declaration that “the ashram people had no enemies.” made me laugh. The Ashram residents, esp. senior teachers are worst enemy of each other and don’t need an outside enemy!

    Also interesting that the extortionist is asking for 42 crore (around US$10 million). I guess the extortionist would know that the amount asked is only a drop in the bucket compared to all the personal fortunes of SriSri and family, amassed from AOL income from all over the world.

    I think this is perfect opportunity for Police and Indian Govt. to check all the AOL and VVM accounts in India for clues about the identity of the caller.They can get all the accounts and also list of all the accountants who ever worked in AOL offices and interview them all. At the same time they can collect huge amounts in unpaid taxes from AOL and VVM and revoke AOL charity status, as their investigation would no doubt reveal that all those crores of money collected in the name of charity went to everything but charity!
    Threat SMSes sent to Sri Sri Ravishankar’s staff

    Bangalore: Close on the heels of the firing incident at the Art of Living (AoL) centre, the ashram staff is getting extortion SMSes from an unidentified person, who’s threatening to defame the organisation if a ransom of Rs 42 crore is not paid.

    Gireem Govind, AoL spokesperson and secretary to Sri Sri Ravishankar has said that the staff had been getting the SMSes for the past three days. They initially ignored them, but when the frequency increased, they decided to inform the police.

    Govind said that some of their senior teachers in the ashram had been getting these messages. “We informed the police on Tuesday and gave them the mobile numbers from where we are getting the SMS.”

    When asked as to why a complaint had been given so late, Govind said that they had to first look into the matter and act carefully upon it. When asked if they suspected anyone, he said that the ashram people had no enemies.

    This incident comes a couple of weeks after a huge ruckus was caused over an alleged assassination attempt on the spiritual guru.

    However investigations revealed that a farm owner adjacent to the ashram had aimed the bullet at a stray dog, and not Ravishankar, as was earlier suspected.

    Inspector General of Police, Kamal Panth said that someone had called from the AoL administrative office and informed about the incident over the phone.

    “I have asked them to file a detailed complaint so that we could initiate investigations, he said.

    Story first published:
    June 30, 2010 13:06 IST

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