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SriSri’s PR man on our blog every bit as deceitful as his Master!!

July 4, 2010

Many thanks to our readers who have sent us great posts and comments about AOL illegal financial activities. Please keep on sending these. We will post these in coming weeks and months and let’s hope that Govt agencies and Media start investigating the issues raised in the interest of protecting the general public from a fraudulent organization masquerading as a charity. Now through this blog we can share our experiences and connect the dots. We are no longer isolated and can validate that the unethical, deceitful and illegal AOL activities are not confined to any particular country or centre.

But in this post I want to talk about something which is both amusing and extremely revealing about AOL and we need to be aware of it before continuing our journey in this blog. As some of you have already noticed, we have recently been graced with the presence of an AOL PR man in our blog, who seems to have taken a full time job just to deal with this blog. As he is representing his master, the great conman SriSri, he has behaved in a manner befitting of his master, i.e. with total dishonesty and cunningness and in an abusive and threatening manner, typical of AOL inner circle. This gentleman who posted around 60 comments just in the last couple of days, mainly under “Sudarshan Kriya notes” and “AOL illegal financial practices” and “The AOL Trance Is Broken”, used many different aliases, such as:

KLIM-Student, neutral-observer, Kate Lawyer, anotherwhistleblower, AD, Volunteer@SFO, Apple Fanboy, Near, Stop personal attacks on this blog!, Inc., Answering Financial Concerns from Art of Living-Fair Unbiased View, Ron, Jesus is the ONLY Way, and of course several times under Anonymous and Anon.

Some of you, esp. those who are more familiar with AOL tactics of dealing with any criticism, may have picked up that the writers of some of these comments were probably senior AOL teachers, pretending to be independent/neutral commentators! But you may have not realised that they were all indeed the same person, pretending to be many different people! I have marked all his comments with ”(aka KLIM-Student wrote:)”. You may like to go back and revisit his comments. You may find them even more amusing this time.

Our AOL PR man, started by introducing himself as Klim’s student and throwing veiled threats at KLIM. When that didn’t go very well with our readers, then he took on different personalities and professions and even different sexes, one minute Kate, next Ron. One minute he was a “faculty at Stanford University” gently educating us, the next a Lawyer threatening us or giving us free legal advice:

“Whoever wrote this blog, you better have a damn good lawyer behind you!!”

Next he would tone it down to:

“I think that some of the AoL folks are of course over reacting here. If there is something illegal here (I dont know about the exact nature of the copyright), AoL should go after this else not.”

 “SSRS has questionable things to deal with at the moment”

to assure us of his neutrality!! One minute he was a Volunteer@SFO, the next he was a “seed investor” with AOL (hence deluding anyone still thinking of AOL as a charitable and educational trust!), all the time emphasizing his neutrality and that he was not a devotee. But somehow he was knowledgeable about all the financial aspect of AOL and had done “detailed study of their financials” and could assure us that “every single dollar is accounted for” and “AoL finances are audited by top auditing firms”.

 One minute he was hurling abuses at our commentators:

“One thing seems common here-this a forum of peanut sized brains!”

“KLIM is a fraud and a “loser” (in every sense of the word) and you to seem to be similar…all losers do flock together”

“Sometimes it is good to get rid of some garbage……. “

“your crappy statement.”

“You > 60 years right?

 “You sound like a bird brain to me.”

Next he was advising everyone to:

 ”Stop personal attacks on this blog!” “Jan, radha, Anonymous-everyone please stop personal attacks on this blog. This is a serious waste of time and a distraction from any issues. Both the pro and the against people, please show some restraint in demeanor.”

He seemed to have such exaggerated image of his own brain size (confusing it of course with the size of his ego!) that anyone with a different view point would often be described as having a “pea sized” brain (his most favourite abuse!) One minute he was aggressive and accusatory, projecting his own attitude to others:

 “What i do find offensive is the many maligning statements in this blog which seem to stem from rather hateful elements.”

 “stop being so silly and pathetic.”

 Next minute he was polite and patronizing:

“Hope this helps, thanks”

“Thanks!This is good information and it actually does show some good progress . Yes I hope the VVM records can be shared too.”

 While he was using several IDs himself, he was (wrongly) accusing other contributors of:

“same people posting under multiple IDs.”) or “Yet another post from possibly the same guy under different IDs?”

 One minute he would accuse Christians being behind this blog, next he was a Christian himself :

 ”My church here in the US makes more than 100M$ a year”.

He was urging us to “use a little bit of your brains.”, but his reply to the issues were:

 “@Mohit-are u a communist or a christian? !” or “Anyone funding this blog too? “

Quite often offering us an advice he could well use himself:

“Hiding behind a veil and making accusations really doesn’t lend any credibility to your accusations.”

“Random baseless maligning on blogs is not an intelligent way to look at the problem.”

One minute he was claiming: “I am not any sri sri PR agent or anything.”, next he would claim in an assured/knowing manner:

“AoL has over 10,000 teachers and less than 20 teachers (like KLIM/WhistleBlower etc) have left the organization. “

One minute he was surprised that:

”AoL is not pursuing legal action on this one!”

next he was the lawyer giving us legal advice, or shall I say, veiled and not so veiled threats:

“As a lawyer myself, I can state with a reasonable amount of authority that whoever has posted the sudarshan kriya notes and endorsers of the post do open themselves for legal action from AoL and possibly Copyright Protection Agencies around the world. There are so many examples where even the most sophisticated copyright content violations against possibly the most dubious organizations have been given judgements as per the law. Anyone and everyone pays the price for taking the law into their hands. This applies to SSRS to and to this posting and the endorsers too.”

 Sometimes he would say:

“You think AoL has anything to lose by going behind this blog? If you think so you are silly.” 

“AoL just doesnt have time fot this type of non-sense. But I think they need to go after people like the one who wrote this blog and set a precedent!”

 Other times crediting us or Klim with AOL growth:

 “AoL is growing in leaps and bounds and sometimes blogs like these actually help in its growth….In fact most people anyways wish aol were smaller and not so big!!!” “Actually in KLIM’s area, the numbers almost doubled since she left. “

He said goodbye twice, once giving us his kind departing blessing:

“Adios Useless Folks! Maybe you will be something constructive next lifetime!”

and then a second one to Mojo, doing her a favour of course:

“I will do you a favor and write my last post on this page. I really should have followed the advice I was given-”if you wrestle with a pig, you never win and you can only get dirty. Anyways goodbye to this blogosphere…Moving beyond KLIM bashing..I have better things to do in life!”

But obviously he didn’t have anything better to do in his life as he was back on the blog in no time, just hiding under a different name! He continued posting comments on our blog while reiterating what a waste of time it was for him or for AOL people:

“Whistleblower, even responding to this blog is a waste of time. You think sri sri has no better thing to do than to attack KLIM.”

“Anyways, I dont need to sort this out. Let AoL do what they have to do. I dont think people there dont have that time for crap like this. “

“Most AoL people whom i spoke to about this blog say that it is a waste of time to go behind this blog and many even discouraged me from posting things here.”

 He said he hated to ridicule people, but he indulged in it to his heart’s content:

 “I hate to ridicule people but I think I am going to do that with you now..”

His power of logic in determining the sex of our commentators was simply impressive, worthy of a Noble peace prize on its own:

“Married to RS! What a joke! Get a life dude-for sure this is a guy posting under the name Radha!”

He could even determine their religion or profession:

“Looks like this Dr Quentin Jones whoever he is is being paid to post anything anti-Hindu! Check out his posts on many blogs!Quentin Jones-And add a Dr title in front….These christian missionaries have no end! “

He committed the original sin (see my post: Original Sin in AOL & the final Salvation!) few times, expecting students good experiences be the silencer to any criticism. Interestingly enough, of all the available course photos that he could have used in support of his “Original sin” kind of argument, he chose a course in Pakistan. His ultimate proof were those smiling Pakistanis! Was that supposed to be even more impressive than the happy “terrorists” AOL quite often boasts about transforming, parading handful of them, as if displaying some captured wild animals in its zoo(Bangalore Ashram!).

Many times Klim-student frankly shared with us his purpose for being on the blog or his position within AOL, albeit in a self-denying style:

 “I am not any sri sri PR agent or anything.”,

“I am not an official spokesperson of the foundation here.”

 “And I am no “senior teacher” or even a teacher.” (Any guess re which senior teacher he is not ?! )

“There is definitely no organized agenda to insert random statements here.”

“Ok folks, I think this blog is becoming a Joke rather than anything serious. Looks like people are more interested in bashing each other on this blog than focus on any real issues.”

Many times he shared with us his dreams and aspirations:

“Mojo, along with skywalker and whistleblower you should be taken to court as well! Defend yourself there!”

(Did he forget Klim there or is Klim off hook now?! Mojo, I don’t know why he singled you out, but welcome on board anyway. You have now gone on AOL blacklist! Our court day will be any day soon now!)

And just like any other senior AOL teacher, he was very generous in sharing his wisdom with our readers/contributors freely:

“Jan=Radha= Dude…At least be smart enough to pick some intelligent names else post as anonymous!! “

Due to overindulgence in feigning different personalities, his multiple personality disorder reached an acute stage, so much so that within the same post he could no longer remember which fake persona he was assuming:

“I am hoping that this is a sane post which can be published to turn this into a healthy debate rather than a backlash. Also just to be clear, the Art of Living Foundation does not endorse any of the view posted by the so call pro-AOL people here (There seem to be people posing and posting as DSN teachers in the pro side which is totally not true). There also seem to be many people posing as teachers in the con side and we do not wish to comment on that. I am not an official spokesperson of the foundation here but I have gathered enough information from people to make a meaningful statement.”

 So, within the same paragraph, he was talking on behalf of AOL foundation, but also claiming that he was not an official spokesperson while carrying on speaking as if he was, in the rest of his post! Confusing?

 In further feat of psychosis he would think he is the owner/moderator of our blog:

“Please note that any backlash based discussion cannot and will not be productive. A fair unbiased discussion is meritworthy. Personal attacks or insults will not be responded to.Thank You.”

Had we applied the criteria above, most of his comments wouldn’t have been published, he himself being the most abusive commentator.

 Quite often his different identities would contradict each other. For example, one would say that all the ill publicity were due to:

“well funded character degradation attempts by christian outlets!! first a bullet and then a land grab case by a “paul” someone!”,

then the other one would say:

 “but let us not forget that AoL was the one who initiated the police complaint”

Anyway, the above were just some of my observations of this AOL PR agent, who is of course (!) not a senior AOL teacher or a devotee of SriSri and definitely not (!) an official AOL spokesperson, but he is every bit like his guru and his organisation: deceitful, cunning and dishonest.

  1. profhughakston permalink
    July 5, 2010 1:50 pm

    hahahahahahehehehehehehohohoho! ROTFL!Superb aolwhistleblower. It’s great that years in AOL have not blunted your or Klim’s razor-sharp mind. Can’t say the same for the Joker in the article. Must be because he was taught to “drop the mind” in the first place:).

  2. Peaceful Warrior permalink
    July 5, 2010 7:03 pm

    In here I disagree with you – if a person is deceitful, we need not point out – it will be self-evident.
    On the internet at least, it’s better to respond to people’s arguments than to their personalities, or character. Swift boating is wrong!

    • Peaceful Warrior permalink
      July 8, 2010 12:14 am

      I just reread the post. I take back what I said earlier – Good job Whistleblower for exposing fraudlent tactics of AOL agents. I’m surprised what depths people can sink too – that too people with “spirituality”. One course point comes to mind – Whoa, People can be like this also 😉

  3. July 5, 2010 7:47 pm

    Well, Whistleblower, I don’t know whether to be flattered or worried by our good AOL PR agent’s busy commenting. I certainly worry about his sanity, that is for sure. I did a search on his IP-adress, and it turns out the guy is from San Jose, California. Right on, California! No time for sunbathing, or catching a wave. No, you got to spam us with comments, trying to mind-fuck us back into submission to your narcisistic, egomaniacal guru! Good job, California!
    Let me tell you one thing, AOL PR guy: we have not edited or omitted a single comment since we started this blog, that is how much we appreciate freedom of speech and critical thinking. Your comments will stand, as a monument to your incredible stupidity, ill intentions and sick, twisted mind. I do not normally endorse personal attacks on this blog, but I gotta tell you:
    You. Are. A. Pathetic. Excuse. For. A. Human. Being.
    Go suck at your Guru’s feet, asshole.

  4. mojo permalink
    July 5, 2010 8:07 pm

    Said this earlier, saying it again, now… GOOD JOB, Skywalker!! Had this type of blog existed a few years back, things would have been different for many people. I can bet you that while there is only this one guy/gal with multiple identities posting here, there are many, many others who are still with AoL- as volunteers or teachers, many confused, who are also reading this. And seeing the opinions expressed here, they are getting more clarity than I did in my time. Keep the stories and opinions coming folks!! And for those AoL-ers, please DO NOT discontinue posting here. Just helps ex-AoL-ers make their point clearer!!

  5. mojo permalink
    July 5, 2010 8:11 pm

    You. Are. A. Pathetic. Excuse. For. A. Human. Being.
    Go suck at your Guru’s feet, asshole.

    Tch! tch! Skywalker, you are too kind!! I was thinking of something else of his GURU that he could suck

  6. goneagain permalink
    July 6, 2010 3:32 am

    RS lackey didn’t have anything to fear unlike critiques of RS. So I am pretty sure he/she can say who he/she is and provide clear evidence to rebuttle any accusations provided in the blog or comments. Since RS or his lackies are not doing that and hiding behind anaymous names clearly shows their current strategies is to threatern and silence the critiques and not mend their ways and cleanup the mess they are in. As I said in my earlier post – this person can introduce himself/herself and say whatever he/she wants to tell (just like Nithy’s lackey Rajiv malhotra )

  7. exaol teacher permalink
    July 6, 2010 6:23 am

    i feel that the stupid comments of rs chum are going to make things clear for people who are little confused about AOL .The logic ( or ill-logic) presented by him clearly indicates that his head has really become hollow and empty. i am sure that his continuous followup of our blog will definitely make little brainy in due course

  8. The PR agent is back!! permalink
    July 6, 2010 3:36 pm

    Wow, looks like skywalker etc are the truly intelligent ones. A few clarifications if at all people care. 

    1. The postings indeed were from one person (most but not all the IDs)  but reflected opinions of multiple real people with their consent. I do apologize on one hand but on the other, AoL people DO NOT want to post on this blog primarily for reasons which your post clearly reflects-which is no respect for people’s privacy. There are official aol blogs where aol people post and not here.  
    2. This is NOT an aol pr campaign. I definitely am not any pr agent!! As I said there are many aol people who don’t want to post on this blog-I am their voice that’s all!! On the Internet let us bother about issues and not peoples identities especially if they wish to remain private-thanks peaceful warrior foe echoing this. When you guys don’t reveal your identity, what is wrong in multiple people going through a single voice? 
    3. I was in San Jose last week for some work and the weekend holiday with family. So before you do another IP scan, I can tell you myself that I am on the road back home!
    4. All said and done, I honestly don’t care about posting on this blog anymore and tolerate abuse from people here. I also realize that any defense of aol can be twisted and used to malign SSRS even more. In that light, this is my last post.

    I have learned my lesson!! Thanks everyone including the abusive posters.    

    • goneagain permalink
      July 6, 2010 7:43 pm

      @RS-PR person – Another hypocrisy from you as usual – while you claimed to know who is KLIM and threatened her (as per you – KLIM is a woman) – didn’t want to respect privacy then now suddenly you are all for privacy. How funny? And you haven’t answered any single question raised by people with facts but simply blame the readers that they won’t accept whatever you say… Yaa right they won’t believe all your PR (since ‘not facts just PR’) as before since they are out of ‘maya’ and they are real people woke up from the nightmare(s). You need to be out of that ‘maya’ too … One day it will happen for sure.

    • Peaceful Warrior permalink
      July 8, 2010 12:21 am

      You have no credibility left after what you’ve just done.

      One person on behalf of AOL group with their consent – sounds like PR effort to me, that too with classic AOL doublespeak. If they wanted to speak they can come on the blog and post. No need for an agent. This is clearly propaganda.

      I’m all for letting all voices be heard, but you are clearly abusing a privilege here.

      And seriously – coming to San Jose with family on a vacation and the best use of your time is defending AOL on this blog!!!. Man, that sure sounds like an intelligent and balanced person to me! Maybe it is a good time to examine where your life is heading, and whether AOL is really helping you.

  9. goneagain permalink
    July 6, 2010 3:57 pm

    @PR lackey (aka KLIM-student)- you should backup your claims with facts to show your master’s legitimacy starting with:

    AOL official site claims that RS got Advanced physics degree at age of 17! why won’t provide which university/college he got the degree and what degree? Provide proof such as certificate or let that institution release a press release that he got such a degree there.

    From your AOL site:
    “Born in 1956 in Papanasam, India, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar studied with many renowned spiritual masters and became a scholar of Vedic literature. By the age of seventeen, he obtained an Advanced Degree in modern physics.”

  10. Anonymous permalink
    July 6, 2010 4:02 pm

    There is a video of VP Biden speaking at an AOL event of some type in 2006. This video has Biden praising AOL, it’s work, etc. in the most lavish ways! Obviously Biden didn’t know who these people are, that it’s not a true charity, and his aides either didn’t know anything about AOL or are deeply involved (?) and believe in SSRS.

    I have sent an e-mail to VP Biden’s offices, addressed to him, explaining that he needs to be a bit more careful whom he endorses, as his video will still be on their site when they fall. I’ve referred the artoflivingfree.blogspot. Hopefully others who care will also send him e-mails.

    Because I was not paying any attention at all to AOL over the last years, I didn’t know what huge endorsements they were getting. It’s very disturbing. With people like this speaking up for AOL (one of the old-timers is sitting right there on the video) how can this organization ever be taken down? It looks like they will be getting away with this for a long time.

  11. Abhilash Shastry permalink
    July 7, 2010 5:03 am

    “Born in 1956 in Papanasam, India, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar studied with many renowned spiritual masters and became a scholar of Vedic literature.”

    Does anyone know who are these renowned spiritual masters – apart from MMY who termed SSRS a “sugar coated poison”?

    • anonymous permalink
      July 7, 2010 12:42 pm

      Well, in Bangalore, if you live there, there was a great man named Tiruchi Swamigal. He founded and built the now well known Rajarajeshwari temple, which is located in on the south side of the city, and now is it’s own layout. Ravi Shankar claimed Swamiji as a close associate and someone he “consulted” and had learned from. Swamiji was little known outside of India and spoke only South Indian languages. But he is still revered by many in the local area because of his true social work and the building of a wonderful temple. He ran a true gurukul for training vedic pandit boys, and accepted non-brahmins. He advised local villagers how to build up their area and be better family people. I once heard him say: “All people dressed in this white dress, or orange dress are actually quite useless. It’s better to be a family person — at least this way you are contributing someing of value to the society. After all, I wouldn’t even be eating if it were not for householders like those who come here and give food….” He spoke that way. Unlike Ravi Shankar, who claimed Tiruchi Swamigal as a close friend and teacher, Swamiji, when asked, simply said this about Ravi Shankar, in regard to his followers possibly being mislead by AOL and him: “If a blind man leads another blind man and they both fall into a well, what did you expect?” He also said, when asked about Ravi Shankars supposed close association with him, and all the rumors that are flying around Bangalore about strange goings-on in the AOL ashram: “He should have married. That might have solved his problem.” Swamiji clearly didn’t feel that Ravi Shankar was his close student or friend at all from his many comments.

  12. Anonymous permalink
    July 7, 2010 5:51 am

    He probably thought, like his Master, he could fool people for ever but could not. He was caught! Your approach in watching him for some time and releasing his aliases was quite timely. Thanks for doing a good job in exposing him was diverting attention from the AOL scandals.

    After passing racial comments on east Indian desis as Stanford University Professor he seemed to have got scared and started making amends.

    “nothing racist in it, especially if I am in Art of Living and praising Sangeetha Jani”
    “I was just having a friendly dig” as if the person he commentated upon was his great friend.”

    He seems to have got further scared after you exposed his modus operandi, and is retracting by

    1. Distancing his comments by saying that he was merely representing other people

    2. Denying that San Jose, California is his location, lest he be dealt with for posing as Stanford University professor and passing racial comments.

    3. Using apologetic words by saying that he won’t post again and that he has learned his lesson.

    I am sure he continues to live in San Jose and won’t post on this blog for some time from that IP. He will definitely return to disrupt this blog. He has succesfully done it this time. When ‘AOL iIllegal financial practices’ was in full steam, his entry subdued further comments and diverted attention from the issues to himself .

    So much so that you have sidelined a very important post ‘AOL Trance is Broken’, to make way for this insignificant one. Please revert to the earlier post, which should be read by more AOLites.

  13. Riddhi permalink
    July 8, 2010 5:44 am

    To The PR agent is back!!

    Regarding your comment ‘AoL people DO NOT want to post on this blog primarily for reasons which your post clearly reflects-which is no respect for people’s privacy.’ This is just one of those lame defense mechanisms that AOLites are trained to use. And I am sure AOL people do not want to post on this blog because they wouldn’t really have much to say. They will famish all the defenses that they are trained in but will not be able to come up with a convincing reason for the wrongdoings of the organization.

    And obviously on this blog people are concerned about the real issues that have affected gullible people associated with AOL unlike the issues that AOL falsely claims to be solving.

  14. Blim Blim permalink
    July 10, 2010 12:41 am

    To The PR agent is back!!

    interesting, regarding AOL ABC’s lies…have fun reading…

    “There is no doubt, however, that some of its claims are exaggerated. For instance, according to an AOL brochure its “Youth Empowerment Seminar” is compulsory at 10 German universities. A random check by Reader’s Digest at five of the universities revealed that not only is the seminar not compulsory, it is not even part of the academic curriculum. It is offered as a leisure activity, alongside tennis and aerobics.”

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