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Triumph of Evil?

July 23, 2010

By Just No One

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’

This is for those of you AOL-ites that are frozen where you are, don’t know what to do next, have followed Klim’s Blog and are able to relate to material in this particular blog. If you have understood the above quote in its entirety….”Know that you are paying a price ….a rather heavy karmic price if you DO NOTHING”.

Why ? Heard of the battered housewife syndrome ? The drunk, violence habituated man beats up his wife…….then apologizes profusely, even cries about his weakness himself, and then continues to repeat this behavior the next time he is drunk. The woman (seemingly the victim) has to take as much responsibility for this situation as the guy… you see his ? The kids in this household grow up thinking that its OK for women to be brutalised and manhandled as long as you apologise and makeup later. The fact that the woman continues to suffer such physical abuse under the guise of subscribing to some social/family norm (Even though She can just leave, report the matter to the law, defend herself….so many options) ….is as much to blame as anything else.

Sri Sri and the AOL 2nd line coterie continue to

a. mislead the masses eventually bringing in mistrust and disrepute and lack of faith in so many ordinary people
b. they propagate some very popular and often repeated untruths in the name of KNOWLEDGE
c. they exploit the unsuspecting and the innocent (eg some of the latest Land Grabbing issues)
d. They indulge in brainwashing and fear mongering (the don’t travel, don’t do sports type of stuff)
e. Rip people off with their course fees

They create more doubt and less confidence. While there are always legitimate claims “this course changed my life”….it sure would have…..but remember that only lends itself to further exploitation. The AOL courses sometimes do deliver some value, however you later end up selling your soul if you are not careful and fall prey to surreptitious elements within AOL.

If you do not stop yourself, and then not stop others then please realise that what goes around comes around. You not doing anything is the same as being a willing accomplice in a crime…..Life is so designed that the accountability factor (cause and effect / karma) cannot be sho shooed away…..there is a price to pay…..the more you wait the more you pay….in this lifetime

  1. Komal permalink
    July 23, 2010 6:03 pm

    It is highly disappointing that blog that purports to open people’s eyes to the emotional and financial abuse happening within an organization would perpetuate “victim blaming” sentiments as a part of making an argument.

    My comment to this post (that was previously a comment to another post) follows:
    It would help to be sensitive to domestic violence victims by not making pronouncements such as (Even though She can just leave, report the matter to the law, defend herself….so many options) , (seemingly the victim), etc… There are several shades of gray involved and unless you are speaking about your own situation, assumptions tend to be rather broad and off-base.

    • July 23, 2010 6:33 pm

      I agree, actually. If you read about cults and abuse in relationships, the similarities between the devotee and the battered woman are striking. Both are victims, and both deserve more respect than those rather insensitive remarks. That being said, it is still a good post, that is why I added it.

    • voila permalink
      July 23, 2010 7:24 pm

      Komal, I don’t understand your point. What do you suggest a victim of domestic abuse or rape do? Just walk out and do nothing? Would that be “not being a victim”? If I understood the post correctly, I believe the person suggests the idea that we all somehow are responsible for the perpetuation of whatever “evil” keeps going on in the organization. A rape victim not speaking up only allows the aggressor to continue raping other women. Pardon me. Maybe I did not understood your point but these thoughts come to my mind. Whereas I do see some victim behavior in some ex-AoLites I cannot agree that all former AoL suffer of victim consciousness. Some, like the blog creators, and some very good commentators do offer pro-active action. It is because so many people remained quiet for so long that abuse keeps happening in the organization today. Excuse me again if I misinterpreted.

      • Komal permalink
        July 25, 2010 2:28 am


        I volunteer in organizations that do yeoman work with domestic violence victims and have heard various versions of “Well if only you stopped putting up with it and left the situation”… What is not discussed is that there is a higher incidence of spousal murders when the woman leaves without an adequate support system to shield her and potentially her kids from further abuse. Restraining orders are typically not granted until after a violent incident happens and even law enforcement has its hands tied until after an order is violated. By then, in most cases, it is too late. Abuse is associated with systematic isolation of the woman from everything familiar and it happens over years and before she realizes it, her support system is not around. Each situation is different and has to be dealt with sensitively. My objection to this post is the stereotypical statement “Well she could leave anytime she wants”. That does not take into account the multiple nuances involved and will trigger a reader who is in a similar situation. The posts here are normally very supportive of people victimized in various ways and I fail to understand that lack of sympathy/empathy toward potential domestic abuse victims.

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