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Now I Realize That He Only Wants Money

August 8, 2010

By Anon

Reading these blogs has been insightful for me. Lots of questions have been answered. I quit the movement 10 years ago. But before that, gave a huge share of my life to Ravi. He was spreading “knowledge” , peace, making this a better place. Such a good cause and now my life had some meaning. So, I undertook this task of going into the interiors of the land(many times) to a small village ( not a pleasant experience). There was a large low- income group. They were supported by the Government agencies. To access them was getting into an unending bureaucratic circle. Bureaucracy in any part of the world is the same, it is slow. However, a couple of years of constant trying, making frequent trips to the place, all financed by me ,never taking NO for an answer, the permissions were given.

Ravi was happy too. And said that now I should even try to get the officials to take the course. So more VIP’s on his list of devotees. More fame etc. Anyway, I asked him if the course could be give free, or at a nominal rate. After all, this could now get him to meet the Governor and Mayor, plus it would put AoL in a positive light. And needless to say, this group could really do with this sort of a course. Ravi agreed. So after a few courses, even getting a brief mention on television, imagine my surprise/ shock when a circular was sent out by the Senior Heads ( with greater access to Ravi) to the other teachers and volunteers that I was not an `”example to follow”” as no concessions of any kind were allowed. It was humiliating. I called him while he was in the Indian Ashram, ( international calls to India are expensive) and called many time before he finally came on the line. I explained the situation to him. He said he’d get back. He never did. Emails, phone calls, messages through people visiting the Ashram received no response.

I quit the movement. I was giving him my life, and yet when an opportunity arose, for him to be just and large hearted he maintained silence. All he had to do was tell the seniors to back off, and inform them that he was aware of the fee structure.He didn’t do that and let me deal with this humiliation on my own. I was like the butt of ridicule. I thought that he was a coward and who wants a coward for a guru. But as I read the blogs, I realize that he just wants money. He does not believe in charity. Yet these guys want everything free for themselves. Free venue, free food free printed material etc. During that time he was also told that he could “adopt” this community for a mere $ 2000. He declined saying we should raise our own funds for that, as AoL will not give that. That contribution could have made a difference in those peoples lives. Now I realize that he only wants money.

I have also traveled with him. I was shocked that he has time only for the moneyed. I had to fend for myself in a foreign land speaking in a foreign language. I could only meet him briefly on the day of my departure .

Yes, I always got perplexed when he would bad mouth his own workers. Make fun of them behind their backs. One prominent volunteer is obese. But does a lot of work and Ravi would laugh about the obesity problem behind her back. He would make fun of old parents of his teachers . It was disgusting. And he would encourage others present there to also crack jokes of the people he was attacking. It was a ”bitchy” session. There were lot of such sessions. He can be rude to his senior followers too. Not only have I seen him do that, I have also seen how terribly rude his mother was (God bless her soul) .

  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 10, 2010 3:22 am

    I was hoping I could talk to you personally via email…

  2. Manju permalink
    August 10, 2010 8:37 am

    How in God’s name do i stop the AOL groups from sending me mails and smses? In spite of the fact that I told the local teacher that I want my space, I get bombarded with communication, which keeps disturbing me, albeit momentarily.

    This is sheer harassment. I pray to the Ultimate Truth, that it stops.

    • Givemeabreak permalink
      November 17, 2010 7:10 pm

      You can very well unsubscribe from the mailing list my dear…dont be so frustrated for nothing , exactly why you should actually be attending the courses….

      • anonymous permalink
        November 18, 2010 2:58 pm

        Read Carefully, GimmeABreak — can see that you are, reading all the way back to August, you are so disinterested in this blog 😉 Also, be sure to read KLIM’s blog so you can really understand your “master”.

        My dear, just stay with SSRS and find out how frustrated you get. The only way to avoid frustration (and abuse and brainwashing) is to leave AOL and SSRS.

        In the meantime, enjoy your bubble of “bliss”.

        By the way, my dear, have you tried asking SSRS personally why the ‘blissful feeling’ comes when there is a nice group around him, then goes away when you leave the environment? If it is permanent, Truth, Unalterable, why does it come and go like any drug, or alcohol, or any other temporary thing? Find out what he says. Hopefully he is less frightened, embarrassed, and generally upset by the question than he was with me when I dared to ask it 😉

        My dear, all I asked was “If I am seeking the unalterable Truth, That which never comes and goes, and all I notice around here is a ‘feeling’ that comes when I enter the energy field, then goes when I leave it, what is the point? How are you and AOL different than any drug? Where is the Lasting Peace spoken of in the scriptures?….” Of course I’m paraphrasing. He was terribly upset by this question and told me to do more seva, and to ‘doubt the doubt’.

        Surely, my dear, you’ve been told that one by your teachers? “doubt the doubt”.


  3. Ronin permalink
    August 10, 2010 8:10 pm

    The Art of Living Cooperation launches a new product.

    On July 25th 2010 AOL launched its latest product. In just five days one could become a Sahaj teacher.

    See link:
    not sure how long this will be accessible.

    This would be the crowning moment for those who are truly special and consider themselves the “Chosen ones” they can add another notch on their belt, and say “see I am a Sahaj teacher not just a part one teacher”.

    The requirements to be considered for this elite new program, not just any requirements, but those that actually benefited the AOL Corporation are:

    Have you completed Guru Puja phase 1? Course Date_________________  Yes  No
    Have you completed Guru Puja phase 2? Course Date_________________  Yes  No
    Have you completed at least 3 Art of Silence (Part 2) courses?  Yes  No
    Have you taken one Art of Silence Course with Sri Sri?  Yes  No

    If we add all these course fees the AOL cooperation would have made a substantial profit under the pretext of creating a better person and humanity. At least 3 Art of Silence (Part 2) courses, I wonder if that was also cognized by the Guru. Makes a lot of business sense though.

    It has already been mentioned that the Sahaj meditation is a copy of Transcendental Meditation with a small twist. I can vouch for this since I have done both. Central to the initiation is the Guru Puja. The Guru Puja was created by Maharishi out of various parts (see posts on the website). The TM movement considers the Guru Puja as very sacred and only accessible to the teachers of TM. Consider it as being in total control.

    The AOL Cooperation saw a great opportunity to create revenue by creating a need with their devotees and thus developed the Guru Puja Course phase 1 and Phase 2. breaking it into parts to be able to charge more. Very wise business decision, create a need deliver the product and charge the maximum.

    The Sahaj TTC course fee is USD 2.000,- for the 5 days instructions. But there is another requirement:

    “I also understand that I MUST have successfully completed Guru Puja Phase 1 and Guru Puja Phase 2 in order to be eligible to apply for the course. I must pass a Puja pronunciation and performance review on the first day of class in order to continue with the Sahaj training. “

    Based on the recent teachers that are being created (drone robots really) I wonder if they will really enforce this, and if they do and one does not pass they will probably say the GURU does not think you are ready yet and keep your USD 2.000,-

    To me the most appalling aspect of this new product is that in just 5 days the AOL cooperation is creating teachers who will teach mediation based on god knows what formula, to choose the mantra’s for people. Again Sahaj is copied from TM and choosing a devotee’s mantra in TM is not based on the persona of the devotee (or initiate) yet simply based on their age (see post on the website).

    In the TM movement the teacher traning course (TTC) takes at least 3 months (lots of training and meditating) at a hefty price of (around) USD 14.000,-. The AOL cooperation has made a strategic business decision to shorten the time frame and lower the fee. The goal then will be to increase volume, not quality. The mission will be to create as many teachers, Sahaj TTC will become the new flagship.

    The AOL cooperation has once again copied something and watered it down. Even the part one course can now be taken in JUST three days. So now you need to sign them up, process them through the course and get them out, and on the second day of the course get them to commit to bringing their friends and family. The excuse used is that 3 days format makes it easier for people to commit (time wise). From a business perspective it is a brilliant strategy, because you can easily focus on larger volumes, and increase your revenue and do this over and over.

    Excuse me the above paragraph was a side angle. 

    What scares me is that these teachers will go out and teach without having the adequate training (just 5 days). Not knowing how much damage they will do to innocent people and at worse not being able to handle volatile situations. While believing their Guru’s grace will be with them at all times. I wonder how he will do this when he is flying around first class and staying in 5 star hotels.

    In the end it is obvious that the Guru is not nor has never been a spiritual master, but is actually a hardcore CEO of a very profitable company. I am sure that when he came out of his 10 days of silence he did not cognize the Kriya but actually finished his Maters in Business Administration (M.B.A) and created the AOL foundation, ooops sorry incorporated the AOL company.

    The little giant has awakened.

  4. aol_ripper permalink
    August 11, 2010 5:51 pm

    Latest ploy is renaming Sahaj samadhi course into “Art of Meditation” course
    This mainly to take down ($$$) westerners who are curious to know meditation.

    • WhistleBlower permalink
      August 11, 2010 7:10 pm

      Yes, that is one of their marketing ploy, to rename things to give the impression of it being a new course, so now we have Art of Silence course (for adv. course) and Art of meditation course and so on.
      Also in the beginning basic course and adv course were pre-requisites for Sahaj, then it was reduced to just basic course and now is open to everyone. Well SriSri needs the money badly!!!

      But it will be a failed ploy, as those interested in learning meditation can learn it for free from other genuine spiritual organizations, instead of AOL expensive and short course.

      Previously most people who did Sahaj were all AOL members who were pushed to do Sahaj!

  5. belle permalink
    November 19, 2010 4:48 pm


    yh my cult bombards us with the latest news aswell,
    i agree with you it is harrasment, esp since we didnt sign up for it
    yet they think it appropriate to keep on sending it.

    i suppose they think that if they keep telling us how wonderful they are and if they keep reminding us about them, then your more likely to stay in the cult…

    i guess theyre scared of “outta sight, outta mind” !

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