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“All You Need Is Bills”

August 17, 2010

By Tiny Tunes

Whereas the Beatles sang, “All you need is love”, the AoL sings, “All you need is bills”.  The latest novelty is that for the modest sum of a few thousand dollars (only a few thousands), one will be able to give a few mantras given by age and sex (or not even): Aim, Sham, Shrim … when the only ones that should be given are “SCAMMM and SCUMMM”. What is sad is many will sign up, not only because they want to know that “big secret” of how one initiates, but also because there is nothing more satisfying to the ego than to feel “special”, “chosen” and “superior”. Yet another Sri Sri Deceit.

Sahaj being made finally “available” to the public is just as obvious as Guru Puja becoming a course or creating a course to make people “swamis” (as was the case during a course held in Europe not long ago).

For over 20 years, the first Sahaj teachers were mostly former TM teachers (who moved on to AoL under the promise and expectation they’d be closer to a Guru who’d take them to enlightened and have “front row seats”) and a few former TMers he simply needed in the “let’s convert everyone fast” cart. And, BHANU, of course, a category of her own – a childlike woman in her 50s, married with children, but who is only obsessed with her own brother, and who can barely speak intelligently or coherently (or maturely, in any case) or without referring to her brother every other word (“Guruji says …”) or about any subject that matters in the world. For a long time, in India and other countries of the East, she was the only one who could initiate. Most likely, for a marketing purpose we have not yet reflected on.

I remember how PROUDLY a swami announced he was made Sahaj teacher. Funny. I thought swamis strove for more humbleness and detachment. But then, I laughed scandalously when I recently heard someone I knew – a jerk noone liked and whom, prior to becoming a full-timer, was known to be a corrupt incompetent lawyer – was teaching Sahaj. It is not like I needed further confirmation, but right there and then I had no more doubts Sri Sri and his AoL are FRAUD and absolutely INSANE. The sick leading the sick, spreading more sickness in the name of … “peace”? Damn. Yes. There is danger in that.

1.     Some of the Sahaj mantras are TM mantras. If you got initiated by a former TM teacher made-Sahaj-teacher, then you most likely would have gotten MMY’s mantras (not RS’s mantra, and definitely not “Gurudev’s” mantra since he did not initiate MMY into meditation initiation … oops, and MMY did not pass on any to RS either … in other words, we have no clue as to what mantras we really used for a long time …).

2.     The Sahaj technique differs from the TM technique only in the following: TM repeats the mantra continuously while in Sahaj, you “take the awareness to the region of the heart, and from there, you let go (the mantra)” and repeat it only when “connected thoughts” come up (as opposed to “disconnected thoughts” which are seen by AoLers as part of the “unstressing” process). It all indicated that Sahaj is an imitation of a technique given out by Deepak Chopra called “Bliss Technique” when he was with TM/MMY and which did not have positive results in many practitioners – (yet another “borrowed” “secret knowledge”)

Both claim and promise health improvements, though AoL claims Sahaj takes one “deeper” and “more to the heart”, insinuating, thus, TMers are more in the head, and of course, that ultimately RS is the true master of all masters, and better, OF COURSE.

Now, THIS is fascinating: results of the research done by Germany’s Institute for Youth and Society on TM (read carefully)

To mention a few:

  • Plus a detailed examination of the history, culture, and secret teachings of the TM movement.

Any of the above makes you think of AoL? Especially, “Researchers found a startling drop in honesty among long-term meditators.

(Also read the “Kropinski Trial” and other testimonies of former TM practitioners/ teachers).

Many former TMers recruited into the AoL I knew had involuntary twitching movements during meditation. They justified it as being more highly evolved and sensitive, thus they felt “the kundalini rise like electricity”. Many were disconnected from reality (so were many AoLers) and were quite moody (“pitta imbalance”, of course. Would it not be funny if criminals started blaming their crimes on “pitta imbalance”?). And many others, if not the same, were “airheads” (clueless and void of logical thinking). RS himself often described former TMers as “blue stars”.

If they “lost it” because of the practices, as he claimed, why did he keep teaching the same technique? Did he not then imply his own master was a fraud, which, at the same time, implies he himself is one? I can almost hear an AoL justify it with “truth is multidimensional” … (really?)

20 years later many TMers came out to share the other side of the “multidimensional truth” that includes horrendous stories of sexual molestation, child abuse, physical violence, suicides, drugs, corruption, swindling, murder, psychiatric problems. Someone had the guts to even sue the TM organization. In Germany apparently things were set straight and a legal statement was made ( In the US, a 6 figure compensation was settled. The stories are chilling and an eye-opener, though in AoL, we were told ex-TMer sites and testimonies came from disgruntled former practitioners who were mad because they “did not fly”. Funny because the complains did not come only from “siddhas” (siddhis (flying technique) practitioners). We were taught  reading any of those sites led one to hell, low prana, negativity. I am sure the same is being said to AoLers about this blog and Klim’s. Anyway, anyone who does not see their grandiosity is a looser.

It took 20 years for TMers to “come out of the closet”. About the same number of years it took for at least a few ex AoLers to open theirs. Reading these blogs, I wonder what it will take for some of the victims of any kind of abuse experienced in the AoL to come out. The rest is domino effect, just like the cases of pedophilia in the Catholic church. It took only a few brave victims to speak up (decades later) before hundreds more came out. And hopefully, something will soon be done to stop this atrocious damaging crime, in the name of “spirituality”.

I believe somewhere out there, there is a real enlightened being, or a real spiritual teacher, or a good meditation technique. But I no longer believe in all the lies and deception in the name of “spiritual business” by means of exploiting innocent true seekers, people in need and desperation, curious wanderers.

Q: Brahmananda Saraswati did not charge any fees when he used to initiate?

SHANKARACHARYA: This is a principle. A quotation from Goswami Tulsidas:

“The guru who charges or takes money from his disciples in return

for initiation, steals disciples property and goes to damnable hell.”

For that reason Guru Deva used to give `upadesha’ (initiation) without

any fees. He used to say “If I accept any gift from the disciple

(or fees), then his sins are transmitted to me.” In India, dharma,

yoga, knowledge, specialized knowledge can never be sold for money.

That is priceless. Anyone who puts a price on it insults it. So, a

mantra is also never given for money. Knowledge cannot be sold for

money. Therefore, the process that is being employed by Mahesh is

merely for the sake of making money, and this is entirely against

the canons of Indian culture and civilization.

Where money is involved that becomes a business.

I am telling you what is good for you without any vested interest.

This is the rule followed here. We do not have a class of people as

he (Mahesh) has created there…You don’t need a class for giving

a mantra.

Ashtanga Yoga–Yama, niyam, aasan, praanayaam, pratyaahaar, dhaarnaa,

dhyaan, samaadhi, theses are the eight limbs of yoga. A Guru takes

a disciple into these one by one. In return, the Guru does not accept

anything from his disciple. He does it out of kindness and out of

a feeling for doing good to his disciple.

The second thing is, when one practices yoga, then he attains sidhis

(supernatural powers). But, these powers are of no use. One who is

asking for a price for a mantra, it shows, he did not have anything

to give out to anyone else.


Maybe Ravi Ravi needs a TRM, since he, as another mortal man on earth, is also subject to the laws of the universe.

  1. goneagain permalink
    August 18, 2010 2:01 am

    More than moral and corrupt financial practices – health of the individual is more important. Unfortunately there aren’t many studies on AOL practices. So any one care about their health use TM as a guideline to think about it for their own good.

  2. abhilash shastry permalink
    August 18, 2010 5:20 am

    [quote]The Sahaj technique differs from the TM technique only in the following: TM repeats the mantra continuously while in Sahaj, you “take the awareness to the region of the heart, and from there, you let go (the mantra)” and repeat it only when “connected thoughts” come up (as opposed to “disconnected thoughts” which are seen by AoLers as part of the “unstressing” process).[/quote]

    “Take the awareness to the region of heart” seems to be a new addition. I did Sahaj with Bhanu in 1997. At that time, it was not there.

    Having done both TM and Sahaj, in my view difference is this: In TM you repeat the mantra till you feel sleepy. In Sahaj, you repeat it [i]when[/i] you feel sleepy.

    [quote]Now, THIS is fascinating: results of the research done by Germany’s Institute for Youth and Society on TM (read carefully)…[/quote]

    Let us not throw the baby away with the bath water. While AOL and TM and a lot many cults have brought a bad name to it, in general a little bit of meditation is not bad at all. Its beneficial effects esp. on stress related diseases are well documented and personally experienced.

    • Tiny Tunes permalink
      August 18, 2010 7:01 pm

      Meditation is not bad, but TM, Sahaj and AoL are. They cause damages one should be aware of instead of the false medical statements and promises of spirituality and world peace they make in order to get more clients and converts.

  3. August 18, 2010 1:52 pm

    I find this “Swami” course to be very interesting. How can you take a course in Swami-hood? Do the participants have to be celibate for the rest of their lives? Out of all the stuff that aol does, a swami course seems the most bizarre. How I understand it, only a swami can make a swami. SS isn’t a swami. He can not make other swamis. How can he distort the tradition that he professes to uphold?

    If anyone knows more about this swami course please post about it. I would love to know more about it. It just seems too weird – even for aol.

    • Anon permalink
      August 18, 2010 6:58 pm

      A course is not out yet – that we know of. A swami announced in Europe there possibly would be one soon and asked those interested to sign their names. Let’s face it. Not even the Aol Swamis should be swamis.

  4. Ronin permalink
    August 18, 2010 3:24 pm

    The traps are all the same.

    In TM we were always told that the goal of the path is enlightenment. And just twenty minutes a day you can achieve this and much more. So you take the plunge and get initiated. Then a long the way you hear well if you attend weekend rounding courses, (where one meditates for longer periods and watch knowledge dvd’s) you will speed up the process towards the goal.

    The thing is that the hook is very subtle, your told that by spending more time in meditation you clean out your nervous system and release more and more stress. So that in time the you can be establish in Cosmic Consciousness. One of the seven states of consciousness according to TM, like the seven layers of existence in the part 1 course sound familiar does it not.

    During one of those weeknd intenseives you suddenly hear about the Siddhis, and what the people behind closed doors do for an hour and a half. Again the carrot is waved in front of you so you take the siddhi course all these elborate and farout promises being made, and yes at a hefty price. And know your sitting longer and longer with your eyes closed alienating your self more and more.

    Then another carrot gets dangled in front of you Maharishi Ayurveda. I believe ayurveda has tremendous value, but was presented in the wrong way and you were hooked again spending so much money in balancing your Doshas. The next step up the ladder was to have your Maharishi Jyotish and then have some yagyas done. All of course for a price. In the end your realize that you have spend an enormous amounts of money and suddenly have acquired this superiority complex that your better then others because you are REALLY spiritual. Yet all your fears and drama’s have not truly been resolved, you used spirituality to stay in denial, to cover it all up.

    AOL is no different the same type of products are being offered. Ravi Shankar being an TM insider had a good look around to see how to run it all, and has made a great company for himself. The latest of course is starting a university, just like Maharishi University of Management. It was not always called like that when I was there it was called MIU.

    Both organizations have same ideals (becoming famous and rich), misleading people and making them believe they are progressing on the path of enlightenment. I am glad and now see that enlightenment is no big deal and if it does not happen this life time it is ok, as long as I am truthful and have fun in life. Working incessantly and making others rich all in the name of Seva and spirituality, that bondage is over. Now that was a true awakening.

    A side note. It is funny how people say that in a spiritual place no bad things can happen and when they do they always find excuses to spin it. And in time the incidents are completely forgotten, see links.

    For an in depth look at TM see the comprehensive site falling down the rabbit hole:

    The little giant has awakened

    • Ron permalink
      August 18, 2010 8:32 pm

      How exactly does TM or AOL define enlightenment? Do they say you’ll get special powers/abilities as part of getting ‘enlightened’?

      • Ronin permalink
        August 19, 2010 2:42 pm

        Hi Ron,

        Both AOL and TM never really defined enlightenment as such. Let me try to address it and hopefully it will make sense. TM did stress and talk about enlightenment more then AOL.

        AOL is more about just feeling good being happy and some key points of knowledge, and they are smart to keep such line within the teaching. As we know every one wants to feel better, be happy and smile in life, the masses want this instantaneously.

        So the kriya which will temporary makes you feel good (due to its hyperventilation nature) is a perfect technique to give people a sense that they are actually progressing, till the buzz wears off and one craves the high again. The knowledge in AOL is quite superficial at first but along the way brainwashing starts and you are subtly induced that you can have the same expanded ever knowing consciousness as the master Ravi Shankar. Enlightenment is seen as what the master is, can do and knows. Thus one takes as many courses (and teach as many courses) all to become just like the master. And if you do not get to that state, you did not give it your 100%, and there is where AOL hooks you and you keep trying. So through a back door abilities as part of enlightenment are introduced, and the tape and book sales can pushed which is an added benefit to AOL.

        First of all the knowledge in TM is presented as much deeper and richer then AOL. Lets not forget Maharsih Mahes Yogi (MMY) created a whole university and each disciple (or study like accounting or biology) is linked back to the Vedas. The amount of knowledge that MMY has produced is fast. AOL dwarfs in comparison and it is all very rehashed, Ravi does not have the depth of presenting knowledge and make the correlations in the vedic scriptures (even if it is fake) as MMY had. TM however does not have all the books and tape sales as AOL does. They try to control the knowledge much more or at least used to.

        The flagship course in TM is the Siddhi’s course. Based on Patanjali’s yoga sutra’s. Cosmic Consciousness (CC) is the first stage on the path of enlightenment, the next is God Consciousness then Unity Consciousness. So you have to go through all the stages to get to the ultimate, big bang called enlightenment. A great ploy to keep people hooked. It was repeatedly pointed out that once you reached CC all the Siddhis (abilities and powers) would be full activated and at your disposal. In all my years I have not seen anyone fully manifest the flying sutra and stay up in the air. But people are still doing their hardest to achieve it, let their life pass them by.

        The big distinction between both is that MMY was more science orientated. He called it the “Science of being and the Art of Livng”. Or his course “The science of Creative Intelligence”. This in the long run turned lots of people of cause it became dry, and they could not follow it anymore. As mentioned AOL capitalized on this big time, by creating the façade that they are all about devotion, and the heart. That is why they have satsangs, seva and what not. And were able to pick up all the people who had lost their fate in TM, including yours truly.

        But don’t be fooled both are wolfs in sheep’s clothing.

        The little giant has awakened.

  5. Svetana permalink
    August 18, 2010 6:52 pm

    Thank you, Tiny Tunes. Beautifully written and very revealing, too, if one still has ability to think and discriminate.


    Thank you, Ronin, for your knowledgeable comparison of TM and AOL practices. According to the promise these practices are supposed to make a seeker enlightened in the end, when, in fact, these seekers only help to make some individuals (Maharishi and Shankar) and their families enormously rich. You write about yourself: “Working incessantly and making others rich all in the name of Seva and spirituality, that bondage is over. Now that was a true awakening.” I feel the same way. There is such a deep sense of Freedom, when this bondage is broken, and connection to the Source (no greedy middle-man in between). I wish everyone who is caught into the web of cult deception could experience it some day.

  6. August 19, 2010 6:38 am

    Very good Robin.
    At the end of Basic Course, Teachers ask the participants, how many enjoyed the course and ask to take next step that is Part II Advanced Course.
    In my case, one teacher came for Long Kriya and after that asked us to join DSN course. She said that its Padmasadhana is so powerful that if you practice it regularly, then you get Siddhis – what ever you say knowingly or unknowingly will happen. etc. etc.
    DSN – No siddhis, only Salesman Training Program for AOL.

  7. abhilash shastry permalink
    August 19, 2010 7:23 am

    Sometimes I wonder whether AOL lackeys are really so dumb as they sound.

    I remember my first advanced course at B’lore in 1997. After making advance payment for my course when I arrived at the ashram, all the rooms were full. Six of us were herded in Kashyap which was still under construction. I was very disappointed and wanted to return back immediately. However Nitin Limaye (now Rishi-ji) tried to scare me that returning due to such minor inconveniences was like showing your back to Guruji.

    “If you do so, it could bring great harm to you”, said Nitin.

    Now I was also curious. So I asked, “Harm? Like what?”

    “Anything. Anything can happen to you.”

    I persisted, “Anything, like what can happen?”

    I was expecting to hear that may be my spiritual progress would be thwarted or may be I might meet an accident while returning back or something on those lines. However Nitin’s reply made me roll into laughter.

    He said it almost in whisper.

    “You know, one person returned back from the course without completing it. When he reached home, there was an income tax raid on his house.”

    • Jags permalink
      August 19, 2010 12:45 pm

      Income tax raid? Nitin was really that stupid to blabber this sort of nonsense? Maybe it is the result of taking advantage of and brainwashing the gullible aol followers, they expect the general public at large to be equally stupid and have all switched off their brains to blindly believe the ravings of a psycho cult.

    • goneagain permalink
      August 19, 2010 2:32 pm

      May be after learning his personal secrets through AOL programs, AOL lackeys called the income tax department to teach him a lesson?

  8. Sushil Tripati permalink
    August 19, 2010 1:13 pm

    Sri Sri is all smiling in public like film stars but in personal life he is a pathetic greedy money worm. I have seen that he gets angry, bullies people and his greed for money and fame is endless.

    • WhistleBlower permalink
      August 20, 2010 5:27 am

      Yes. He is an actor and he gets high on public attention and devotees adulations (just like an addict gets high on drugs).

      He changes his voice in public to childlike. He plays cute, for example listen here:
      [audio src="" /]
      He wants to give the impression that he is childlike and innocent. He even flirts.

      But when it comes to business, no trace of that cute voice. He suddenly changes his voice and personality. Shame they don’t film him when he goes mad around Bangalore Ashram thinking the slaves are not working hard enough for him. He can be so scary that ashramites actually forewarn each other and quickly pretend they are working hard!

      In that mood, there is no trace of any smile!! Not even the “fake it until you make it” ones!!

      Most of Ashramites and senior teachers are actually scared of him. They know how mean and nasty he can get and they are always in fear of him.

  9. Anonymush permalink
    May 22, 2012 8:01 pm

    My grandfather was initiated into meditation by Gurudev Brahmanand Saraswati. In those days there was the concept of Guru Dakshina and especially for the Shankaracharyas and more so for an rare Master like Gurudev, Dakshina was not a problem.

    People in the decades of 1920s & ’30s donated millions and billions of rupees (please keep in mind that in those days one dollar was only two rupees or so !) to the Jyotirmath.

    My grandfather also used to tell a story that for more important works, Gurudev used to manufacture his own wealth by materializing gold so that he would not have to depend on other people for money.

  10. Anonymous permalink
    May 23, 2012 12:27 pm

    Anonymush, You must be pretty old yourself, since that Shankarcharya died sometime around 1953. Do you believe your grandfather’s stories? I thought from reading about that Shankaracharya, that he was only at Jyotir Math for the last 12 years of his life, and so wouldn’t have been there in the 20s and 30s at all, but rather, living as a recluse during that time. He should have been the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math from around 1940 onwards, according to online materail about him. Do you have some other story about his life?

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