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JGD, someone is peeing in his pants

August 22, 2010
Now, I think this is such a lame pathetic attempt by AoL to undermine the blogs that have come up expressing doubts about their activities, organization and community. Very spiritual indeed. Worried about defamation, negative publicity … where did the enlightenment go? The trust, the inner peace, the self-confidence, the *surrender*?
Ravishankar, Sir, you got to be kidding us if you think we are all stupid and do not see that you are peeing in your doti! Sir, you should attend DSN or TTC and go through the circle of criticism yourself. Let us remind you your own teachings, “Criticisms make you stronger”, “when being criticized, accept them and keep quiet”, “when someone blames you, be happy, they are removing your karma.” Or do these “knowledge points” not apply to you and your organization Sir? Oh yes, we forgot, you don’t collect karmas. You are free of them because you are above it all, the third coming of the Messiah, the reincarnation of Krishna, Shiva, Jesus, Adi Shankara, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati.
This latest attempt says it all and only stresses the cult-like behaviors of AoL CULT (Yes Sir, stating in a BBC interview that AoL is not a cult will not save you and will not stop people from using their brain cells and critical thinking).
If they were not what they truly are – a cult -, maybe some former teachers would have created more inspiring successful blogs instead of blogging their not so beautiful experiences with AoL. Unbelievable but there are a lot of people who have not had beautiful experiences or seen the  Sri Sri Farce. Instead, while they speak illy and spread big lies about the original blog creators and people who leave, they take on their great ideas (while trashing them). They were not that useless after all …
Is it not obvious they lack creativity, professionalism, centeredness, spirituality, surrender, brain cells, integrity?
Surrender guys! SURRENDER! 🙂 There is light on the other side … And leave that feverishness on the side. Remember? Desires and aversions: not your best spiritual friends.
From: Resha D
Dear Friends,
We have set up a blog that will let us post our beautiful experiences with Art of Living online. I would suggest that the tone of the posts be both professional and matter-of-fact. Of course, we have nothing to prove – we are just sharing our personal experiences on a public forum.
We are going to keep it controlled right now in terms of the format of the blog. Please note the following:
1) – This is the blog address
2) Please email your postings to:
3) The format is given on the first posting that we’ve done.
4) You must send your picture along with your posting.
5) Please keep the focus on your personal experiences with Art of Living and Guruji. Share with some personal anecdotes please.
6) Please proofread for grammar and correct English before submitting.
Many thanks!
Jai Gurudev,
  1. JAN permalink
    August 22, 2010 2:54 pm

    A testimonial blog :-))
    Isn’t it that 2nd entry by his nephew himself ? the claims as great grandson of mysore king n all makes me laugh a bit.

  2. JAN permalink
    August 22, 2010 2:58 pm
    I meant this and not a typo, its not king, but prime minister, still equally pompous .

  3. Anon permalink
    August 22, 2010 5:30 pm

    OMFG! What a lame attempt. It only supports the fact AoL IS a sect. “Hello my name is …….. I graduated from ……. I’ve been with the AoL for ….. years ….. and thank to it, I saw the light …… Guruji saved my life ….” Typical of cults: SHARING, CONFESSIONS, fear of criticism, threats, etc. And these confessions should convince us they are a benign group? She She does not have good advisors and/or he is not that smart after all! Poor lad. He must be peeing on his doti, yes! If I was him, I’d retire in Fiji and enjoy the rest of life anonymously. He has enough money to retire his family 3, 4 generations! Desires have no end. Did he not say that himself on the Bhakti Sutras?

  4. WhistleBlower permalink
    August 22, 2010 10:36 pm

    I love it when AOL lackeys tell the truth, by way of denying it. Like when SriSri denies AOL is a cult, without the interviewer even asking him. He offered it himself, just like that. Why would anyone suddenly on air denies their organization is a cult?

    Same thing with this THIRD counter-blog (the first two were DISASTERS!!), again AOL lackeys telling us the truth by way of denial:

    “Of course, we have nothing to prove – we are just sharing our personal experiences on a public forum.”

    No, of course not, you have nothing to prove!!
    This whole blog is based on what I explained in details in my post “Original Sin in AOL”, i.e. using people’s spiritual experiences to enslave them to a false guru and to a cult. Sri Sri and his lackeys will use this strategy as long as they can to deceive and fleece people. It is their trade secret. People need to wake up and say: “My spiritual experience is mine. My spiritual experience should not result in me losing my freedom or glorifying a megalomaniac, narcissist guru or slave away my life for him and his nephews and sister and lackeys to live luxurious lives and fleece people in the name of charity.”

    People’s spiritual experiences CANNOT be a defence for corruption, deceit, tax evasion, funnelling charity money to personal bank accounts, abusing people, enslaving people, building an empire for the benefit of a few.

    No one owes anything to SriSri or AOL. Most people who did any AOL course did pay a big fee for it (some AGAIN AND AGAIN THROUGH PHONEY COURSES WITH PHONEY PROMISES!). There was an exchange. And let us not forget that AOL course participants are told their fees go to charity , that AOL teachers work as volunteers, that SriSri and Bhanu Didi are not the beneficiaries of the course fees!! In other words they obtained money from participants on false, deceitful declarations. In many countries they called these fees, donations (donations to an alleged charity!!)

    “The Guru papers” by Joe Kramer & Diane Alstad explains how testimonials/recruitment are prime strategy of any cult. AOL is foremost a cult.

    The energy and excitement of proselytizing, conquest, gaining public attention, and of newcomers flocking to the group are what makes a cult feel vital and prosperous. Cults need a continuous stream of recruits and potential converts to reinforce the belief that they’re “where it’s at”–the vanguard of spirituality on the planet…Feeling in the vanguard fuels moral superiority and cuts insiders off emotionally from outsiders, which binds them more deeply to each other. Because cults are relatively closed systems, proselytizing is their main form of communication with the outside world. New members are also a needed source of revenue.
    …What most proselytizing groups face is how to sell their beliefs without appearing to do so. Recruiting is therefore always done in the name of helping or doing some kind of good.
    ..New recruits attend testimonial sessions with older members as part of the indoctrination. They are treated very specially and made to feel important, and then are typically pressured to “share their experiences” with others.
    What such sharing really amounts to is a more oblique form of proselytizing that cleverly accomplishes several things: It obviously can bring in more new people, but less obviously, the more new or potential members share their experiences with outsiders, trying to explain and defend why the group attracts them, the more they themselves identify with the group. New members have great enthusiasm, but are often not yet emotionally tied to the group. in this context, proselytizing itself is a subtle kind of indoctrination, as the very act of “sharing” moves one to identify more with the group. ……………………”

    Sounds familiar all AOL people out there? The sooner you free yourselves from this cult the better. SriSri will soon be exposed in public arena. I want to know how many people are prepared to be associated with a cult guru and his fraud organization. Someone , somewhere, someday will get legal access to AOL finances and will show publicly that all AOL money was channelled to SriSri and his family and few lackeys.

    The first counter-blog was initiated by SriSri from India itself through one of his lackeys. What a disaster it was. The second one was by the president and board members of AOL USA, another disaster.
    Now this third one is supposed to do the trick, initiated by SriSri’s nephew (one of the main beneficiaries of AOL wealth) and SriSri’s secretary. Wow, that convinced me!!AOL is good!! Who says? Ajay the nephew, Jaina the secretary and the brainwashed fulltime AOL teachers!

    How scared SriSri must be that he is now sending his nephew and secretary to counteract our blog. And no, not by way of showing his back accounts or Ajay’s ones or Bhanu Didi’s ones. Not by answering even one criticism or telling us where all the money goes. We are all supposed to shut up because they have now initiated this blog with Ajay, Jaina and full-time AOL teachers’ (means they get PAID) GOOD EXPERIENCES!!

    And funny, while they encourage everyone to share their good experiences, those of us who have not had good experiences and want to air ours and few home truths about AOL as ex-teachers, get threatened by AOL. In AOL, like any other cult, there is no place for anyone to share bad experiences or question finances or abuses within the organization or the authority or teachings of the cult guru.

    By the way who is Resha Desai? Jaina’s sister? Also I wonder why Jaina didn’t refer to her marriage break up as a result of her involvement with the AOL cult? I wonder why Ajay didn’t refer to the many sources of his income from many AOL businesses including Divine Shop? I wonder why he doesn’t say who paid for his education and how he got a job in the World Bank?

    How about Arvind also writing a testimonial for his uncle too? After all he has also benefited immensely from AOL funds (all you people who thought the money you give to AOL goes to charity, WAKE UP!! ). How about their father? He should show some gratefulness too. After all he could leave his job and totally live on AOL money, counting all the money flowing to Bangalore Ashram from all over the world for alleged charity work! Same with Bawa, his father and mother and lover (Dinesh), they all are living on charity money! They should all put their testimonials out there. Indeed anyone who is living on AOL funds and should post their gratefulness on this counter-blog. All these funds have been collected in the name of charity and need to be returned to donors and anyone who paid on the basis of AOL false declarations and false promotions. Also all ex-teachers who worked for years for free thinking the money goes to charity should be reimbursed. All the young men and women who aborted their educations or their careers in order to slave away their lives for SriSri should be given same opportunity as Ajay to get 2 Masters degree and PhD in US universities and a job at World Bank!

    One thing we can be sure after the launch of the third AOL counter-blog is that AOL/SriSri are definitely on defensive big time. Look at the contributors? The secretary, nephew and the full- time teachers?!!

    Ask yourselves why SriSri is so scared of our blog (and Klim’s) that he is up to his 3rd counter-blog? Because he knows we are telling the truth and he is scared and he has every right to be scared, because once the truth gets out the flow of $$$$ to his bank accounts will stop and people will stop working as his slave labour in the name of spirituality and charity (but in reality for Ajay to boast about his US education and his job at World Bank (as a favour to his uncle!))

    The testimonials read like AOL PR. How pathetic, the usual lies. We can dissect all their PR false declaration, esp. those from Ajay and Jaina and other inner circle people. For example Jaina and Ajay claim:
    “The Ashram school imparts free education to over 2000 children”. What happened to previous claims of 6-7000 children? And can someone explain why worldwide funds for free education for OVER TWO MILLION children(enough for even their university education too) has been raised but this school, based on their own claim, has only 2000 students. Where do the rest of the money go to? Are these children used to bring funds in for SriSri and family businesses? What about eyewitness accounts of child abuse in this school. Why children have only bare minimum for education in this school? Where do all the funds and donations of resources disappear to? If for every 1000 donations for children’s schooling, only one child gets educated, I would say that is a very good business for SriSri and family.

    Anyway, we can go on forever for all the lies in their new counter-blog. My message to SriSri is: Even if you come up with another hundreds of these counter-blogs, you still can’t stop the truth getting out. Indeed these counter-blogs will quicken your demise and we welcome them! It is the beginning of the end for you, your defences and your threats are best indication of it. Your exposure is inevitable, so stash away as much money as you can while you can and do spend some on upgrading facilities in the Bangalore jails, as you will be spending some time there like Nitin to explain what you and your family and your lackeys did with all the money raised in the name of charity.

    I request Indian Govt to start looking at AOL finances before getting this request from other countries where AOL has operated illegally for years and channelled huge funds out of those countries on false pretences.

    • mojo permalink
      August 22, 2010 11:08 pm

      That is FANTASTIC , Whistleblower!! And let’s make a posting of wrong doings of the select people around the world. The BAWA’s of AoL who are total cheats. The Jaina’s and the Jani’s. The Mickey’s famous for beating up women and the select others ……

      • WhistleBlower permalink
        August 23, 2010 12:01 am

        Yes, I agree Mojo. I will do my bit and hope others do their bit. In the meantime anyone looking at Bawa and Dinesh’s website should be in no doubt that the funds for their luxurious Europe trips comes from AOL funds (raised in name of charity). Young men and women all around the world should be warned that while these guys promote free service to AOL and volunteer work, they themselves do not work as volunteers. They have their snouts in the same trough as SriSri and family.

  5. WhistleBlower permalink
    August 22, 2010 10:47 pm

    @ OMFG, well done for giving some of their own “knowledge” back to themselves! In AOL, SriSri and lackeys use knowledge to dismiss any criticism and attack any critics. Good to talk to them in their own language!

  6. WhistleBlower permalink
    August 23, 2010 12:16 am

    Ajay says:

    ……….promote the demand for governance from civil society, media and parliaments in an holistic manner.

    Yes, why not start from your uncle’s business, then yours, then your mother’s, then your brother’s and your father’s?!
    Ajay, you took a lot of AOL money just through Divine Shop. People were told money generated from these would go to charity, but in reality went to your personal bank accounts and got you few homes In US.

    By the way, what service project is Madhushri involved in (apart from shopping and a party life that is!)?

    You were born “into a family involved in community development for over 100 years”?!! Which community development? Your Grandfather was a car dealer with not such a good reputation. Your father left his job and lives on money collected in name of charity, same with your mother and brother. Your uncle is a cult guru, deceiving people in the name of spirituality.
    I don’t know who told you about all those myths re your grandfather being Prime Minister of Mysore kingdom or that he helped bring electricity to South Asia? Are you on drugs or something?!
    Don’t kid yourself by glorifying your family. You guys are a bunch of thieves of the worst kind, stealing money from charity. All the trite PR you are repeating in your post have long been debunked.

    I learnt about the importance of service as a very young child.

    I bet you did. You learned from your Mum and your uncle, that in the name of service you can deceive huge number of people to give their hard-earned money to you so you live a luxurious life.

    My grandfather always attached a great degree of importance to our country’s progress and fought against corruption and other social evils.

    Well he seems missed the corruption under his own nose by his son and daughter and grandchildren!

    My father would buy me four fountain pens – I would keep one for myself, give one to my younger brother (who was still too young to write with fountain pens 😉 ), and give the other two to students in our Ashram school.

    Oh, please!!!! I am overwhelmed with your sense of generosity. How about giving away three million dollars out of every 4 million dollars you made out of AOL to Indian Govt to use for education of slum kids. After all your uncle collected millions in the name of slum kids, but never passed a dime!

    What blows my mind is how much he cares ..

    Yes, a lot, judging by AOL businesses and funds he has given to you, your brother and your Mum and Dad!

    .. – with fellowships and scholarships and Guruji’s grace!

    You forgot to also mention with AOL funds raised in name of charity!

    I was fortunate to be blessed as an Art Excel and Yes! Teacher when I was in my teens. I travelled around India and was able to bring thousands of young people into the knowledge.

    And to fill up your pocket from courses, esp. those you taught overseas! And what happened to those thousands you brought to AOL? Any of them gave up their lives to slave away for your uncle’s Empire? Get them to write a testimonial, perhaps more effective PR than yours!!

    Not to toot my own horn, but I find that I have time to appreciate and play music, read books, study for my PhD exams, work at the World Bank and remain engaged in service activities – and keep my wife happy as well 🙂

    How do you keep your wife happy Ajay? Have you given her a credit card (funded by AOL charity fund) and told her to shop as much as she wants, all free on the house? Also have you told her where the money for all the houses you have bought in USA came from?

    Are you trying to glamorize living off charity money? Ajay, if anyone ever investigates your bank accounts, your businesses and real estates, you would end up in jail. Nothing to be proud of to be part of a family who collects money with every disaster happening all over the world (the latest one being Pakistan floods) and never passes the money to victims.

    Do you have any shame? Is there any limit to your appetite to usurp charity money and at the same time promote yourselves as great humanitarians!

  7. goneagain permalink
    August 23, 2010 1:22 am

    There he is – finding ways to enable better governance, did not have time to do that in AOL.

  8. goneagain permalink
    August 23, 2010 1:25 am

    Even they make money with website (thru ads)

  9. mojo permalink
    August 23, 2010 2:06 am

    Who is Madhushri?

    • WhistleBlower permalink
      August 23, 2010 2:52 am

      Ajay’s wife!

  10. Yeah right permalink
    August 23, 2010 2:30 am

    “Hello, my name is Yeah Right. I have a PhD in Economics. I took many AoL courses and I think the AoL is full of shit. And despite it I am happy.” The more they try, the worse it gets. I thought Ravi Ravi knew it all. Can’t he foresee he is leading himself to a bigger ocean of shit? He cannot blame anyone but himself for all the damages he himself is creating. Own up man! Live your knowledge and take responsibility! Stop blaming others and stop trying to cover the obvious!!!! The rest of the world is not brain-washed nor stupid!

  11. goneagain permalink
    August 23, 2010 3:28 am

    Sad thing is some of these gullibles, put their name and face on the artoflivinglifestories blog, when they really come out of the ‘ecstasy/trance’ – they could not remove it even if they want to (one more thing AOL/RS can use them to threaten), some of these will be in the sinkhole they can never get out of.

  12. John permalink
    August 23, 2010 5:18 am

    Does anyone know if RS has a computer with internet connection in his room at the ashram. It’s possible that he might be reading this blog actively and trying to figure out who Skywalker and Whistleblower might be.

  13. abhilash shastry permalink
    August 23, 2010 6:16 am

    Let us not blame Ajay.

    To be honest, if my uncle showered me with all the undeserved goodies and luxuries and big money like SSRS does for Ajay, wouldn’t I also be singing paeans of my uncle’s greatness?

    • WhistleBlower permalink
      August 23, 2010 7:04 am

      Yes, true.

      Furthermore Ajay’s gratefulness to her family members is proportionate to the amount of money he received from them. Paternal grandparents don’t even get a mention. Maybe his father was an orphan?!

      The only thing he got from his father was “a sense of discipline and fairness in my life.”
      Everything else came from his uncle, his “greatest source of inspiration”. It was his uncle that “encouraged my interest in knowledge and education”, not his own Dad (who was far more educated than the uncle!).

      But I am sure Ajay’s dad doesn’t mind that the uncle is the hero of Ajay, and not himself; after all he knows how generous the uncle has been to all of his family!

      • anonymous permalink
        August 23, 2010 1:00 pm

        I actually feel sorry for Ajay and Arvind. I’m sure they have no idea about where their “good fortune” has actually come from, and believe, truly believe, that it is all above-board and legal. Just as 2nd or 3rd generation mafia kids would think the same thing, once dirty money is laundered, and they are in “legitimate” businesses, they believe that the diverted “charity” funds that have now been laundered by investment into their businesses, are legit. Why shouldn’t they think this? Who will tell them otherwise? Do you really think they are reading this blog? They couldn’t care less about anyone who leaves. (They, meaning the whole family. They are happily living a cozy life of luxury and privilege.) It is also possible that the properties were gifted to Ajay by generous supporters of SSRS, I suppose.

        Oh, by the way, SSRS told me himself that he came to Karnataka when he was 3 or 4 (I’ve forgotten which he said), because there were horrible floods in the place they were from in Tamil Nadu. His family is Tamilian, and speak Tamil in the house. SSRS also told me that his grandfather (Ajay’s great grandfather) had a special turban which indicated his caste or place in the society, which he had to wear if he wanted to attend court at the Mysore Palace. Attending court at Mysore Palace was a common thing in those days, and you can meet any number of people in Bangalore whose grandfathers and great grandfathers did the same. It’s was not unusual. He was not the Prime Minister, according to Ravi Shankar’s own account, but someone visiting the palace, and sitting amongst the many others from different communities. It was an honor, yes. But not one that was only bestowed on him or even just a rare few. He was not, according to Ravi Shankar, in a position of authority. How that whole thing morphed into “he was the Prime Minister” is probably just the proud thinking of a youngster, remembering things that impressed him at the time, and now that he’s a man, doesn’t know the difference.

        It is correct that SSRS’s father, Ajay’s grandfather, was not a community organizer when he came to Bangalore, but, rather, that he worked as a tire salesman (not a car dealer). He sold and repaired tires before getting into a “chitti scheme” where he took money from a number of people, and somehow, a large portion of that money “disappeared”. This is known to others of his generation who knew him at the time. His family has tried to cover this fact up (how he acquired money originally) by trying to blame others in the community for the apparent theft of the funds. But those who were involved know the truth of it. There is no way to change that history with a cute story. His ‘community activism’ consisted in getting the land that is now the Kanakapura Road Ashram to be gifted to him for use as a school. This is the only reason there is a school there at all — it is a requirement of the gift of land by the government. If not used for a school of some kind, however large or small, the gift of land could be taken back by the government. I never found SSRS’s father to be a cruel man like his son is. He, in fact, complained that he was terribly mistreated by his own son, and disrepected by him as well. Evidently they made up, and he is now in good stead?

        Please be very careful to give accurate accounts of things on this blogspot to maintain it’s integrity as a ‘go-to’ source for facts of the history of AOL and family. It would be a pity if it turned into a bashing site with lots of inaccuracies. Just being angry with some nephew of the founder of an organization, who probably knows little of the source of his money, turns away from the true issue:

        Why is the government not investigating AOL thoroughly? Why are they not raiding the homes of all involved to find out what is hidden? That is the real issue, as far as I can see. If AOL and Ravi Shankar and his whole family simply pay their back-taxes up to date on all the money they have siphoned off for personal use through the years, whether directly, or for investment into their own businesses, then that would square things in my opinion. Of course, with all the fees and penalties, I don’t know if they would have anything left, but so be it. Then they could start to do charity work in earnest, as they claim they want to do. Just sending a few teachers, at great expense, to teach people to breathe, is not charity. And if those teachers are living in the style some here are indicating, it begins to be a moral crime.

        Think of this: the day that Ajay and Arvind wake up to what their lives actually are based on, don’t you think they will feel terrible shame? It’s very, very sad what has been done to these two young men. When they wake up from the dream and find out the reality that Uncle Ravi is not a good Guruji, but, in fact, quite crooked, and many lies have been told to them, when they find his moral character on several fronts, won’t they feel shame? I’m sure they will. They each have education to move on with their lives, but as someone on this site pointed out, it may be hard for them to erase the traces of their association with AOL which could possibly turn out to be a bad connection if all is exposed. But still, they will both be able to obtain gainful employment. Don’t begrudge them this. They are brainwashed from birth itself, and never stood a chance. Feel a little pity for these two.

      • goneagain permalink
        August 24, 2010 1:45 am

        I wouldn’t say they are that much innocent. As grown up adults they are at least know how the money is coming in and AOL advertises that the money meant for charity. They were probably innocent and adored their uncle for giving all the goodies when they were little. As grown ups now they are just part and parcel of criminal activities of AOL.

  14. anonymous permalink
    August 23, 2010 1:03 pm

    Could the title of this post be changed? It’s filled with some real information (as well as some character bashing, which is unnecessary, I believe), but the title is a real turn-off and diminishes the seriousness of some of the accusations. Possibly “AOL leaders become nervous at negative blogspots cropping up and respond”? I don’t know, I just think the work being done here is too important to trivialize with such a title.

    • Ronin permalink
      August 23, 2010 2:33 pm

      I agree. In order to be most effective (and this blog is) we have to not drop to the level of AOL. We have to deliver the message truthfully and expose the organization for what it is. We need to expose all the physiological games they play in their courses and during TTC and expose the traps in a clear and relaxed manner. People will read our posts and the blog. Little by little the word will get out.

      Maneuvering with an army is advantageous; with an undisciplined multitude, most dangerous. – Sun Tzu

  15. anon permalink
    August 23, 2010 5:29 pm

    to whistleblower and skywalker, you two are two of the most brave and sensible ppl out there. i was in another cult but this blog helps me too, so i always read here. i would like to thank you both for your insights. i was in the prem rawat cult, and as he is linked on your page as a bad guru, i take it that you know that he is a charlatan too like your guru.

    i wonder why 2 wonderfully sensible people got trapped by aol?
    you two are way better then this cult. ofcourse if you were a cult child like i was then you hardly had any choice in the matter.

  16. WhistleBlower permalink
    August 23, 2010 8:48 pm

    Thanks Anon. It is really good to get your feedback. More I read about different cults more I see the similarity in how they operate. It has been my hope that by sharing our experiences, we collectively shed more light about cults, their methods and how one can free oneself from them.

    How did I get trapped by AOL? Good question. Well, I had never been part of any cult and I didn’t know how they operated. And AOL teachers don’t tell you: “hi welcome to AOL course, your doorway to AOL cult”, but everything is geared (right from that very first course) toward trapping you and setting you up with Ravi Shankar as your Divine-incarnated Guru. Your spiritual experiences are used to glorify the guru.
    Your basic/Part1 course teacher (based on instruction in part1 Manual) will tell you that there is no difference between Guru within and the Guru outside (Ravi Shankar) and the Divine. And that more grateful you are the Grace of the guru flows more. You are asked to bring other people to the next course, so they also benefit. Every future course you do, the indoctrination gets heavier and by the time you go through TTC (teacher training course) you are ready to become the instrument of the Master yourself! Of course the indoctrination continues through TRMs(teachers refresher meet) and other courses and birthday celebrations of the guru and Gurupurnima, etc. Everything is set up to trap you and to keep you trapped.

    What I have written in the post “Original sin in AOL and final salvation” is what I believe to be the main mechanism Ravi Shankar traps people, through their own spiritual experiences and him taking credit for it. And through tapping into our devotion, our genuine desire to help others. And of course before meeting SriSri and some of his lackeys I didn’t really know that psychopaths can look like normal people and even become gurus, but I know better now!

    Most AOL teachers I know are intelligent people who genuinely want to help other people by teaching courses and sending money to Ravi (having been misled to believe that the money goes to charitable causes). Once trapped, Ravi has many techniques in his arsenal to keep people trapped.

    To be honest, I am more in awe of my liberation from SriSri than how I got trapped. Most people who break free go through huge pain as they had previously believed in SriSri and at one stage had huge love and devotion towards him (all beautifully manipulated to that state through years of indoctrination).

    We are hoping our blog can make it easier for others who are trying to break free from this cult and hopefully prevent others from getting trapped in it in the first place. But as you said, this is not just about AOL, it is about any cult.

    I do have tremendous admiration for you, and for anyone else caught in a cult as a child, yet breaking free from it. It is a testimony to the strength of the human spirit. Unfortunately in AOL, like many other cults there is a big emphasis to trap kids from an early age. Most are indoctrinated by their AOL parents and by attending courses designed for kids, in which they are brainwashed to treat SriSri as God. If you read the testimonials on the new AOL counter-blog you see many were indoctrinated by their own family. To me it is SPIRITUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN to brainwash these innocent kids from such an early age to a cult.

  17. Anil Kumar permalink
    August 24, 2010 2:55 pm

    The new aol blog is an hilarious third attempt by the AOL criminal cult members to counter the growing expose of their fraud and hypocrysy. The AOL organizaton and teachers who are being benefitted and live by this fraud are giving their testimonials as advertisements to AOL. Every of these post is so stereotypical and looks like it has been created from a template.
    Template looks like
    Step 1: Talk about your early life. Showcase how normal you were. Do not highlight too many unpleasant things in your early life as it might make AOL group into some bunch of loosers.
    Step 2: Talk about health benefits of sudarshan kriya. (In my experience as an AOL teacher there were atleast on an average 95% of people in every course who dropped out of doing kriya after a week of the course. This was primarily as I learned later due to the harmful effects of SK on them. Not many who dropped Kriya realized that it’s their body’s inntelligence and natural rhythms which was throwing away this unnatural act. The Kriya was beneficial only for a very minor few. AOL does not want to talk about it. )
    Step 3: Talk about the greatness of Ravi. How he works hard so hard to bring peace all over the world. This blog has really punctured this false propoganda of aol and there is hardly anything in the aol blog which counters the numerous real time experience of former aolites.
    This blog is similar to Nithyananda’s parralel universe blog or the way Nithayanda paraded all his highly educated and professionally accomplished people as a counter to all the frauds commited by him and his org.

  18. Vishal permalink
    August 24, 2010 3:13 pm

    I would request AOL folks to go and do some real work. The things that they claim they are doing. Start donating their stolen money for helping social projects which really help. Also help those volunteers who have been badly exploited by the group. And last but not the least start paying tax and stop hedging funds in european banks.

    • Prairie Princess permalink
      August 24, 2010 7:18 pm are 100% correct. The behavior you described would truly be enlightened and would convince me that there was at least ONE enlightened person in that organization.

  19. Jags permalink
    August 25, 2010 9:25 am

    Who is Ajay’s grandfather he talks about, the one who was supposed to have brought electricity to the kingdom? I could only find dewan Sir. K. Seshadri Iyer ( ) who brought hydroelectric power to the kingdom,

    Let’s do the math. Ajay claims his grandfather is 87 years old today, so he was born in 1923. At that time, Ajay’s great grandfather would have been in his 20’s or 30’s, so this mythical great-grandfather should have been born around 1895-1900. However, Sir K Seshadri Iyer lived from 1845 – 1901, which means he died before Ajay’s grandfather was conceived.

    The only dewans of Mysore who were around at the time were:
    ( )
    T.R.V. Thambuchetty (1901)
    Sir P. N. Krishnamurti (1901-06)
    V. P. Madhava Rao (1906-09)
    T. Ananda Rao (1909-1912)
    Sir M. Visvesvaraya (1912-19)
    M. Kantaraj Urs (1919-22)
    Sir Albion Banerjee (1922-26)
    Sir Mirza Ismail (1926-41)

    All of them can be ruled out because they came a different caste / community than Ajay, or were not in any way involved in electricity projects.

    Can anyone find any more information about this supposed grandfather.

    By the way, what’s Ajay’s dad’s full name, and lineage? There seems to be no information about them.

    • Kalidasa permalink
      August 25, 2010 10:51 am

      I hope he is not referring to the great visonary Sir M Vishweshwarayya. Sir MV was involved in may hydro elecric and engineering projects. He is revered for his work and austere life. Btw Sir MV did not have any children and came from a Telgu-Kannada Brahmin family from Kolar district. In no way the Ravishankar or Narsimhan family are related to Sir MV.

      • Jags permalink
        August 26, 2010 1:35 am

        You’re right, and if Sir. MV had been related to them in any way, I’m sure they would have milked that fact beyond the limit, in their subtle and not so subtle ways.

        What now? Can it be proved without doubt that Ajay is in fact lying through his teeth when he talks about his prime minister grandfather? Is there any other fact or link we might have missed?

  20. Vishal permalink
    August 25, 2010 11:03 am

    This lineage from the prime minister of mysore is another bogus claim by Ajay Tejaswi. He is taken a feather out of his uncle’s book and started off his career by lying like him. It is similar to the advanced degree in physics at age 17 and chanting bagwad gita at 4.
    Ravi Ravi never used to talk of Gandhi earlier. Due to his Nobel prizze greed, he is cooking up stories about Gandhi and his family ties to the movement. It is a recent phenomenon not more than five years old.
    You never know next Ravi Ravi and his family will cook up another intresting story. Just wait and watch.

    • The Agnostic permalink
      August 27, 2010 8:03 am

      @ Vishal

      You are a rare Gandhi fan in an India that hates Gandhi and all that he stood for as a symbol of national weakness and impotence.

  21. Jags permalink
    August 26, 2010 2:29 am

    Since we were on the topic of Ajay, I looked up his brother Arvind Varchaswi. They claim he was the founder of the Sumeru group of companies at the age of 14 (that’s around 1997?).

    Arvind exports is a front end for the Sumeru group. The business owner is Arvind. It looks like an easy setup. AOL sets up Sumeru in the 90’s, Arvind is brought in as a figure-head and is paid a salary, Arvind exports is registered in 1999 and Arvind is moved there when he’s 16 years old.

    Is Ajay’s father called Narayanan Narasimhan ? This says Arvind and his dad are on the board of Inwinex Pharmaceuticals Ltd, who are a drug manufacturing company in India. Digging a little gives me a name Narayanan Narasimhan linked to both this company and Sumeru.

    Nothing really wrong here, but something could turn up with a little more investigation, specially into this story of Arvind starting and running Sumeru at 14.

    I find it impossible to believe a 14-year old boy could achieve this by his own drive and determination. If he was running the show, he would be working 10 hours a day at least, which means he didn’t complete school. Wishful thinking or more outright lies from AOL this time?

  22. Kaushik permalink
    August 26, 2010 2:31 pm

    My daughter is now 10 years old. I will add her name to my shop management list, she can later claim that she was leading all the shop effort and business since young age. She also claim later that she was doing night school and running the shop by day time, no? Only most shallow and idiot people will believe these stories. How can Arvind be running such big business and also attend school at the same time? Even for small shop business I have to work nearly 12 hours a day even Sunday I have to work half day.

  23. The Agnostic permalink
    August 27, 2010 8:01 am

    Dear OMFG, the author of this blog. Do you seriously believe that anybody you accuse of fraud and breach of trust will not defend himself by counter-arguments and legal (as well as illegal and sub-legal) acts ? I don’t understand the purpose of your post and why were you allowed to post like this in the first place. People like you will cause this well-meaning and informative blog to shut down by your immature posts.


    Your friendly neighbourhood agnostic lawyer

  24. Just Get them permalink
    December 17, 2011 1:57 pm

    Of course, he has a computer with a internet connecton in his room. Also he has facilities for Video confrencing also. He has also had cameras installed in all parts of his Bangalore ashram (Vishalakshi mantap, Dining hall, etc),Why just the other day in the last TRM ,SSRS was busy watching all the happenings of the TRM held In the Vishalakshi Mantap, at Ganga and later came back to the sessions and repeated the same as if he has some super natural powers.!!!

    • anonymous permalink
      December 22, 2011 6:24 pm

      LOL! When will people learn how silly all of AOL and SSRS are? It’s so stone age. Are people so lame they really need to believe these things for this long? I can understand if they are newcomers, or even only been around for a short time, or young and inexperienced in life. But after a point…….You just have to blame them for keeping their eyes wide shut.

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