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Independent of AOL

September 12, 2010

My happiness is quite independent of being part of AOL.

Does the AOL course help you ? – In the beginning yes, because it introduces you to spirituality, but in the long run no – because it fills your head with useless dogma and silly superstitions. The improvement in my quality of life is because I was a sincere student of spirituality and applied myself to studying scriptures and living a life according to spiritual values. Sri Sri, is wrong to claim *all* the credit for it – though as my teacher he does deserve some credit.

There are many in AOL who take comfort in being part of a large group. That sort of happiness and comfort is an illusion. The mob mind is the lowest sort of mind. AOL actively encourages such groupthink and herd mentality. For some reason intellect is considered the great enemy of spirituality – while the reverse is true in real life – the spiritual force illuminates the intellect. A deeply spiritual person will have sterling intellect.

In the end, I realized that following a guru was actually counterproductive. All the senior teachers I met had their head filled with dogma and lost the ability to see things as they are. I actually started to notice what a negative atmosphere it was – behind the facade of smiling faces was a feeling of negativity towards the world, which I found very unspiritual and life denying. You see this attitude in senior teachers and people who’ve been there for long time – they are afraid of food, of people drinking alcohol, and of popular culture and people, treating these with an air of disgust and superiority. Ultimately they (especially senior teachers) end up creating an Art of Living v/s the world kind of mentality – which is what we describe as a cult.

I was fortunate to realize this at the right time. Such a life and world denying philosophy is not for me. Many people realized this after spending their whole life in AOL – being in Art of Living one denied, not embraced life. I think this is true of any religion/cults – one begins to associate one’s identity with it – it’s not a good thing.

About the other questions about financial irregularities and other stuff – they are just red flags that point to lack of integrity and accountability. The teacher – student relationship is an asymmetric relationship. Knowledge is power and the teacher has an overwhelming amount of influence over the student. Especially spiritual knowledge which requires the student to put himself in the hand of the teacher. There is nothing to stop a guru from exploiting his students. Which is why it is very necessary for a teacher to be very pure and have impeccable integrity. So yes, it matters to me that the school which I go to to learn about spirituality is not corrupt. The fact that the founder blatantly lies about his educational background is a big red flag. Moreover, If I know an organization to be corrupt, I have to do my best to expose them – especially in this case where the organization commands wide influence.

I also feel a guilt for exposing my friends, family members and people at large to this toxic spirituality. I used my reputation on behalf of the organization. People who did not trust the organization joined because they trusted me. I feel I did them disservice – the organization does not conduct itself with integrity and high ethical standards that are deserving of the public’s trust. I used to believe that art of living makes your life better – but i’ve seen so many people who feel trapped and unhappy – and I feel responsible for those that I lured in.

  1. goneagain permalink
    September 12, 2010 3:32 am

    “I also feel a guilt for exposing my friends, family members and people at large to this toxic spirituality”

    Guilty feeling is the most difficult one that anyone has to overcome, when you were delusional, when you missed all those red flags, when you have brought many people into AOL without knowing the harm that you were causing to them and then you wake up, it is this guilty feeling which is going to haunt you the most.

    Perhaps these words that read I from KLIM’s blog would be most consoling one:

    “Furthermore, I no longer feel guilty for having brought so many people to “the path” and starting so many centers. At some point, we are all adults responsible for our choices. There are those who go and those who stay. Those who choose to stay obviously have issues to solve, just like I had too.”

  2. Former_Jai_BS_Dev permalink
    September 12, 2010 5:16 am

    Nice post peaceful warrior.
    AOL is about entrapment of the indidividual for life through various deceitful means. Escape…………….. before it is too late.
    Ravi is a smart business man to utilize IIT name whereever he can.
    Bawa, Dinesh etc. try to build extra credibility in the ara of spirituality just because they went to IIT? And that gets liberally advertised.

    Former Satyam CEO was a crook.There is no qualification necessary for spiritual evolution. A guy is the slums could light years ahead in spirituality than a AOL rishi, swami performing a show. Ravis idea is if IIT person, celebrity and NRI (Non Resident Indian – rich , educated) does it, then it is for masses (everyone). He tries to build the million crowd from Indian soil and it not outside India, He pushes the whole org this way but somehow the average volunteer bloke is made to realize the donations is his while the blessings is Ravis.Any sucesss direclty or indirectly is ravis while failure is your lack of faith or because you are low on seva and not been to Satsang for a while.

  3. Shallow waters permalink
    September 12, 2010 7:10 am

    Quite true indeed. The people in AOL so much wants everyone to have the same mentallity and agree to what all they say. The moment someone choose to disagree he is wrong. or a generalisation these people dont understand our knowledge! Only the people of AOL could understand such knowledge. Even when they want to introduce someone, they would say “oh dont u know that guy? our very own xyz.” As if the non-AoL person is clearly non your very own. Even when they suggest someone to marry – the first word comes is he/she is from Art of Living. Better to marry someone from AOL!!

    And regarding using the educational or professional background as their promotional means eg. Celebrity, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Retired Board of the Director of xyz Bank, Doctor, Engg, PR,…
    Just like Swami Sadyojathah said “There are hundreds of people who are engineers/doctors/lawyers/MBA s who are at the helm of affairs in AoL and they are not fools who can be deceived.”

  4. September 12, 2010 9:43 am

    Btw read this, this should have been the breaking news –
    I wonder how many readers of this nonsense blog have had the experience n awakening one has from a art of living course…hmm..
    Peace 🙂

    • Shallow waters permalink
      September 12, 2010 10:36 am


      It is indeed praisworthy. We are also doing the same thing. To let the Maoist of Art of Living drop their unfair practices.

    • Genuine Seeker permalink
      September 12, 2010 11:17 am


      Exactly that is what is discussed here. AOL is very very good at fooling people. It’s not awakening but it is loosing one’s self & loosing control of life.

      Please give some time everything would unfold in front of you

    • September 12, 2010 12:46 pm

      This is a News in Times of India. The credibility of the news is in question because the Editors of the papers are close with RS. If this is true, then some credit goes to RS. Noble Peace Prize is not far away.

      We were told stories how Hundreds of Kashmiri Terrorists surrendered after doing Kriya. Well, you look at what happening in Kashmir today and you can guess the truth.

    • anon permalink
      September 12, 2010 1:14 pm

      Just like many companies do press releases, AOL does it using their lackeys. Even some of events are good, which are usually because of individual seeker/volunteer efforts rather than the AOL corporation. AOL corporation just jumps in to take a credit.

      One of the comments in another post explain how AOL/RS massage their message.

    • Abhilash Shastry permalink
      September 12, 2010 1:33 pm

      Once you join a cult, you are led to believe that whatever good comes out of you is due to your association with the cult. So, I would not be surprised if this fellow indeed did AOL course and therefore attributes his surrender of arms to AOL. Please read the ‘original sin’ post on this blog.

      Do a quick google search on Maoists surrender and you will notice that in last six months Maoists have surrendered for reasons varying from fatigue, to marriage, to love of a concubine, to call of conscience, to good old method of incentive. However, a mind brainwashed by a cult is unable to believe that he can do any good on his own.

      By far the maximum number of Maoists have surrendered to the government sponsored package of Rs.2.5 lakhs + Rs.2000 monthly. Please read this:

      However, I do not see anyone singing bhajans of Government or chanting Jai Government!

    • Peaceful Warrior permalink
      September 12, 2010 9:37 pm

      Few maoists surrendered does not mean maoist problem is solved. AOL has been showing the video of kashmir terrorists taking AOL course for a long long time. Can anyone seriously claim that their work has made even a serious dent in solving the problem in kashmir, or in winning the hearts and minds of kashmiri people.

      Same is true for programs for the maoists. AOL’s focus is on selling their workshop to rich people – the work with insurgents etc. is peripheral to the goals and focus of the organization. The resources, manpower and energy put into these projects is miniscule. AOL does these for publicity!

      and BTW, many other aid organizations including Ramkrishna Mission, have been working tirelessly in the chattisgarh area for years – it’s just that they are not so good with PR.

      • goneagain permalink
        September 12, 2010 11:36 pm

        “it’s just that they are not so good with PR.”

        I think they just care less about the PR more about the actual upliftment of people. AOL does all these activities for Photo Op. Once Photo Op is done AOL work is done except few individuals continue on their individual capacity without any help or resources from AOL.

  5. harshal permalink
    September 12, 2010 11:52 am

    ‘ so if he is a real guru, how come he didn’t take away the ego of the “unfortunate fellows” who run this blog? ‘

    What kind of question is this? What exactly is your definition of real guru…are you saying ramana took away the ego of everyone who was with him?

    Your question comes from the lack of understanding(even though you feel you have it) of the guru-tatva. I think if one is born and brought up in an Indian traditions it is much easier for them to understand it.Remember, both kauravas and Pandavas had the same Guru.

    @Ashwani: These people are only programmed to focus on negativity.

    @DOC: SK worked for you, however DSN didn’t work. So that means you were abused. Do you think that if a patient doesn’t respond to an antibiotic, he can accuse the doctor of abusing him? You had the choice of leaving the course .

    @ TTC Bashers: In TTC they teach you how to stand up and spread righteousness and Dharma. Those who look at it with colored goggles will see what the colors of marketing in it. The rigors of TTC…have you ever been a part or heard of ancient gurukuls in India. A disciple had to break all the boundaries of physical and mental endurance to shine through.

    How many of you are here? 10? 20? For each one of you there are 100’s of AOL teachers and 10000’s of devotees who can attest how beneficial AOL has been in their lives.

    • zhoro permalink
      September 12, 2010 8:25 pm

      @ harshal: My dear buddy, not one of the issues raised here about AoL has been answered adequately by you or others. The response always resorts to calling people names or referring to a lack of understanding. Let’s say you are right about me having trouble understanding the guru-tatva by virtue of not being Indian by birth and upbringing. Then what about all the Indians who bring up the same issues regarding AoL? Did they all fail, unlike you, to understand what is really happening? Let’s say that’s the case as well. Then how about the Shree Shankaracharya Swaroopanand Saraswati? Surely, he ought to be well-versed in the tradition of gurus in India. How come then, this is what he has to say about TM whose practices and behavior are to a large degree present in AoL and are the focus of the criticism expressed on this blog?

      I don’t know if Ramana removed the ego from all his disciples. What I do know is that he invariably pointed the attention of his disciples to the practice of self-inquiry rather than perpetuate their illusions by creating a circus of dependency around himself through stories of magical powers, taking credit for healing, etc.

      You say many people have been helped by AoL. How were they helped? Are they really better off? Or are they now just more hopeful because they perceive themselves as being under the wing of a space daddy who wields the greatest powers in the universe? Are people really becoming freer as a result of AoL involvement or are they just replacing some dependencies with others? Are they really becoming spiritual adults who are firmly grounded in what the scriptures expound on or are they turning into functional infants who are confusing the comfort of the “Sri Sri” crutch with spiritual benefit and growth?

      I have answered these questions for myself after I observed what was going on for a few years. Therefore, I have taken the side I have taken. AoL is not a productive spiritual path. That is the main thing for me. That it may be a complete fraud as well is somewhat secondary for me although it is important in itself.

      And a word of advice, my dear friend. Do you recall a certain meeting at the Graduate Student Senate where a group of “leftists” questioned the propriety of the Senate’s backing of the AoL symposium we were organizing on campus? This groups objective claim was that RS’s unwillingness to condemn Narendra Modi’s actions during the Gujarat riots and his readiness to appear on the same stage with Modi during some event placed a big question mark on RS’s claim to represent human values. From our side, we didn’t muster much of an objective case. Instead, we exhibited the typical reaction of people whose most intimate beliefs are questioned. We became defensive, claimed lack of understanding in those other people who dared to put our great Sri Sri to task and so on. The result was that the Graduate Student Senate withdrew their backing of the symposium. Think carefully how we came across that day and see if you are not presenting yourself the same way here on this blog. You should not expect a different outcome here to what happened that day.

      Take care, Harshal. I hope we can be on the same page some day again. Let the truth prevail.

    • Abhilash Shastry permalink
      September 13, 2010 1:06 am

      >>How many of you are here? 10? 20? For each one of you there are 100′s of AOL teachers and 10000′s of devotees who can attest how beneficial AOL has been in their lives.

      This reminds me a joke.

      A thief was put on trial. He was in a tight spot as someone had actually seen him entering the victim’s house. The thief defended himself, “My Lord! There is just one person who claims that he saw me entering the victim’s house. I can produce hundreds of others who did not see me entering the victim’s house.”

      Thankfully, on this blog there is not just one person who saw the thief. Even by your own estimate there are about 10-20!

      • WhistleBlower permalink
        September 13, 2010 1:36 am

        Abhilash you are too good! Brilliant reply! I really enjoy reading your witty replies to AOL lackeys.
        I can assure Harshal that for every 1 AOL teacher on this blog, there are 100s who have left AOL but haven’t started blogging yet!! Not to mention 10,000s of members/volunteers who have left AOL because they found out it was a fraud from A to Z!!
        PS. I suggest Harshal to go to aollifestories blog and share his good experiences there as they are desperately seeking contributors and only a dozen or two of AOL full time teachers (read paid-teachers) have come forward!!

      • goneagain permalink
        September 13, 2010 2:46 am

        That was brilliant indeed. There is only one thing left to say to Mr. Harshal, Good luck.

    • Prakash permalink
      September 13, 2010 12:17 pm

      In Dilbert comic Strip

      Dogbert: Welcome to Dogbert’s Anger Management Seminar. My goal is to transform you from angry nuts into angry nuts who have paid me.

  6. coward permalink
    September 12, 2010 2:30 pm

    This is what these blogs trying to say all along, one is commander of his/her life till he join these socalled spiritual courses. But again, its compulsion, no idiot can understand this.

  7. anonymous critical permalink
    September 12, 2010 7:33 pm

    People vulnerable to cults like AOL are max 20% of population( which includes unstable, neurotics, histrionics and other personality disorders)
    In 80% good sense prevails.
    You can do very little about 20%
    BUT rest 80% must be prevented from being brainwashed and exploited.

  8. his unholiness permalink
    September 13, 2010 4:04 am

    you must understand harshal has already wested lot money with ravi shankar following him all across the glob. it gives him sense of identityto continue with aol and it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to swallow the fact that it was waste of time .

  9. RacialProfiler permalink
    September 13, 2010 5:23 am

    i would make a bet that Harshal has invested a lot of time/life in AOL already and cannot see anything wrong with it anymore.

    I would make another bet that he is indeed an Indian male based on how he writes. He is probably a YES!+ teacher given that he might be a youth from the anger in his comments.

    Quite likely, that he has decided to attack this blog either
    1. he is indeed highly motivated. but this guy would definitely tell other teachers that he is commenting on this blog, given that he makes no attempt to hide his real name (unless he is lying abt that)

    2. or, Bawa has asked him to comment on this blog. also, bawa might have told him that he himself wont show up on this blog because he finds it too offensive to read.

  10. Former YES+ Plus Gal permalink
    September 13, 2010 9:25 am

    Harshal Jadav is a YES+ teacher from Pune. He is one of the web seva warriors on the internet. Usually he is on the look out for any anti aol news or articles and he attacks them through multiple IDs. You get a feel of many people but it is just one. Usually he comments as a neutral observer not related to AOL. A typical AOL lackey ploy which has been so thoroughly exposed in this site.
    Bawa is pretty much tuned to what is happening in this website. But since his return from the switzerland holiday (from stolen charity money), he is now totally preoccupied nursing his lover dinesh. Dinesh is admitted to the cancer unit of the Shaw-Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital and is staying in a posh hospital room. You can see his travials in their blog. Incidentally pitaji, Guruji’s father was admitted to the same hospital and was in the same room a few weeks ago. This hospital treats through scientific medicine. No ayurveda and all that stuff here. Doctors are still trying to find what caused Dinesh’s fever. I wish he gets well soon, he is been sick for a month now.
    I also wish that Bawa, Dinesh and the rest of the AOL criminal gang stop advertising AOL, Ayurveda and sudarshan kriya as a cure all for everything. They have no qualms resorting to modern medicine when it comes to their personal needs. Even Guruji’s mom was treated by the Apollo hospital for almost four months before her death.
    Guruji’s healing and all the miracle’s they talk about in public platforms are not working.

    • Peaceful Warrior permalink
      September 13, 2010 1:09 pm

      Ayurveda has it’s place in medicine – though definitely not as a cure-all elixir that AOL sells it as. Just because AOL is corrupt does not discredit Ayurveda or holistic healing practices.

      • freethinker permalink
        September 13, 2010 4:27 pm

        No medicine is cure all, some work exceptionally well for some diseases not for others. Modern medicine identified the real reasons for many diseases to be microbes and developed many cures/vaccines to deal with. However still alternative medicines provide cure for many which can’t be obtained from modern medicine. While it is true AOL preaches that Ayurveda is cure all, when it comes to them (AOL big shots) simply go to modern medicine, what it says more about the AOL folks than commenter. I suppose “Former YES+ Plus Gal” calling out the difference between what they preach and do.

  11. harshal permalink
    September 13, 2010 9:50 am

    @Shastry: 20-30 was an overestimate to account for the possibility that many of you guys have multiple personality disorders.

    @Zhoro. I wil further your logic. Shankaracharya has no great liking for TM. OSHO did not have any great liking for Sankaracharya, while Krishnamurthy did not have any affection for OSHO and Ramana both. Do you think they all are fraud? Guru’s and saints are like the branches of banyan tree , they come in all sizes shapes and forms for different needs. They are free souls and if you were try to judge and understand each every action of theirs, best luck to you. You give me a Guru name zhoro, and I will show you a anti-blog(or I will make one for you).

    People have differnt needs , expectations from Guru’s. Not all of them want to be ‘free’ like ‘you’ want to be. Some of them want crutches and they need them for a while, for obviously , not everyone is as advanced as you are. Why are you generalizing? You are laying down rules of how a Guru and spiritual movement should behave based on what your ideas and perception are.

    You don’t know if Ramana removed the ego from all his disciples, however you are convinced that some other Guru should do that? Why Zhoro? You did not answer that. You have always wanted answers,many have tried giving you those, but you cant see them. You are so convinced already. Just like you are so convinced about my identity. This other guy is so convinced that I am HJ, he keeps calling me that. Both of you are convinced in opposites. No amount of unconvincing can convince you. Both of you cannot entertain any other possibility! Same with AOL. You have already made up your mind. Both of you think you are right.Nothing can be done now unless you start having a clearer and broader vision ,we can be on the same page my friend , only if you stop reading the wrong book.

    • Peaceful Warrior permalink
      September 13, 2010 12:26 pm

      Shankaracharya not liking TM is one thing – but in TM’s case it claims to be part of a lineage of enlightened masters. The Shankaracharyas outright rejection of TM means that the lineage does not endorse TM claiming itself to be part of Advaita guruparampara. Same is true of Art of Living. You can fool yourself that you are learning about sanatan dharma and are part of tradition of enlightened masters – but the truth is that AOL/TM are only money making businesses and any claims regarding being part of sacred tradition of enlightened masters are bogus.

      “Some of them want crutches and they need them for a while, for obviously , not everyone is as advanced as you are. Why are you generalizing? You are laying down rules of how a Guru and spiritual movement should behave based on what your ideas and perception are.”

      Because Art of Living exploits their position of power – keeping people dependent on them through lies and manipulation for financial gain. Many lost souls come to places of spirituality and worship. These people are vulnerable and can be easily exploited – especially given the nature of guru-student relationship. Which is why it is imperative that gurus and spiritual movements be held accountable. Moreover, from what we’ve seen AOL not only fails to meet even fairly reasonable standards of transparency and accountability, but also uses people’s feelings of gratitude as a weapon – by constantly harping about how much AOL has done for them (which is quite inflated actually), and guilting them to keep doing seva and donations. If a doctor cures you he does not constantly demand that you pay him money, or do work for him long after the patient has been cured. But AOL is different story. In the long run they take away far far more than the little they give.

      This is not just my experience, but the experience of most people in AOL. If it were not so, this blog would not have existed, and nor would people be reading these.

      “You have already made up your mind. Both of you think you are right.Nothing can be done now unless you start having a clearer and broader vision ,we can be on the same page my friend , only if you stop reading the wrong book.”

      Mind has been made up after many years of observation and careful study. It’s not a knee jerk reaction. Which is why the conviction is strong.

      About having a clear and broad vision – what makes you think we don’t ? It is precisely because one has a clear and broad vision that one can say these things with conviction. Only AOL followers have narrow vision limited to their guru and Art of Living. The world is much bigger than Art of Living. To turn your eyes away from the world and live only within the confines of “knowledge” and “satsang” is having narrow and dogmatic vision. I hope Art of Living people reading this wake up from their slumber and delusion and embrace the much larger world that is beyond “Art of Living”. Only when you are there will you have broad and clear vision.

    • Girish Gupta permalink
      September 13, 2010 1:43 pm

      Harhshal baby, you’re so spaced out with your hollow and empty you’ve forgotten yourself? Let’s remind you again.

    • Shallow waters permalink
      September 13, 2010 5:41 pm

      Oh Times of India has officially included Sri Sri ravishankar in the list of tainted Babas!!

  12. Anonymous permalink
    September 13, 2010 5:34 pm

    Hershal@Shastry: 20-30 was an overestimate to account for the possibility that many of you guys have multiple personality disorders.

    Now I understand about 2.5 million people attending the Silver Jubileee Celebrations. I was present all the 3 days and it did not appear to exceed 200 thousands (combined for all 3 days). None of the local dailies had reported attendance even closer to half a million. I have personally heard Ravi Shankar many times bragging about 2.5 million people present during the celebration. It is also a part of the introduction video shown to new recruits.

    I thought that Ravi Shankar was lying as usual but he was not. He must have taken into account the people having multiple personality disorders.

  13. Deepak permalink
    September 13, 2010 8:12 pm

    Almost all the people posting against AOL sharing their negative experiences and views dont have a face. Their name is unknown, just fictional names: skywalker, peaceful warrior, yes+ gal, princess etc. No facebook links. Nothing behind it. For all I care its just some disgruntled people spamming. No truth behind it. It could be one person with different names. Or just people making up stuff. It could just be some jobless bored people sitting at home depressed looking for something to blame. Having found some thing to blame its like there is finally a purpose in life to save the world from AOL. Save people’s money from going to a corporation that poisons people by asking them to breathe :). Its going to be really bad for people to learn breathing techniques that has helped many. They are on a crusade to “HELP” people from doing service. In places like haiti where they are teaching people to help themselves. That can have a really bad affect on people. There is no purpose or any good in such writings. Forget the GURU for even a minute and see the work that is done. See the children faces. the prisoners experiences, the course participants experience, even in an intro talk after a meditation a person thanked me for leading the meditation, the peace she received. There were tears in her eyes and it brought tears to mine. I was so grateful. That cant be sham. You can leave aol if you want. but just go and serve. Go help others. serve in a soup kitchen. Serve in any way possible. Ask some one “How may I be of help to you?”. You did not like the knowledge you received in this path fine. Go find some other path why are you still stuck?

    • Abhilash Shastry permalink
      September 14, 2010 1:38 am

      @Deepak: You are seeing too many intentions behind others’ mistakes. Time to repeat your part 1 course.

    • Peaceful Warrior permalink
      September 14, 2010 4:49 am

      Is this the best you’ve got ? Your best response to this blog is “that people are anonymous” ?
      FYI google “deep throat” – the guy who exposed watergate was anonymous too.

      The only face we need to see is our own – and we are pissed at having been conned by this charlatan.

  14. Anonymous permalink
    September 13, 2010 9:22 pm


    True, Almost all the people posting here have fictional names. That includes people posting as AOL agents.

    Following are some of the reasons for hiding one’s identity.

    1. Risk of being hounded by AOL goondas
    2. Emphasis will be shifted on the person instead of the issues he or she is raising.
    3. Not able to receive information from importance sources
    4. Unable to know what is going on in AOL Circles
    5. Risk of notifying the family and friends
    6. Difficulty in catching the thieves as they become alert and take precautionary measures to evade detection.

    This is how the law enforcement and other detective agencies work till they catch the culprits. You cannot ask them to reveal their identity when they are at work.

    Keeping the identity a secret has some reasons and not an act of cowardice as taunted by Raghu alias Swamiji. So many processes and techniques are hidden by AOL from the public based on some reasons.

    If someone is resorting to lies like your master, remember the false falls away. Lies cannot stand, especially in a forum like this where everyone is given an opportunity to have their opinion.

    Have you forgotten that ‘Secret is Sacred’.

  15. wasssup permalink
    September 13, 2010 9:37 pm

    @Deepak – what a fool you are. You need to read up on the attacks from swamiji, she she and gang again. Then you just need to remember that the people leading these attacks have done Kriya for many years (not to talk about there claim of enlightenment).

    Then ask yourself,

    -could there be a reason for people being anonymous?
    -does kriya really create peace, harmony and love as announced?

    Your perception of this blog, is the mirror of your life in the aol cult.

    This blog is not a unified movement with a unified goal. It is the pure expression of the right to disagree with the aol. And the freedom to be different and view things different.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    Aol and your personal need to eradicate voices that disagree with the aol, is authoritarianism in its purest most basic form. A very clear indicator of the cultish nature of aol and your personality.

  16. ANON permalink
    September 13, 2010 11:46 pm

    Skywalker: Please use your discretion in posting this as the response is full of profanity.


    If you would like to sample the kind of response expected from AOL Police ( or should I say …. Gang), please go through the following link where ” Trishna Ghatage” has just posted SSRS as one of the tainted ‘Babas’.


    Shri shri Ravi Shankar
    Description: The founder of Art of living too was involved in cases like illegal acquiring land, his sudarshan kriya was too into controversies for misleading people.

    on Sep 14, 2010

    Diwakar Deshpande: Trishna Ghatage teri m****a ki ch****ut

    Diwakar Deshpande: maa******dar*****cho****dddd

    Sukumar Kavanoor: This is the most unscrupulous allegation. Is there a shred of evidence? Has it been established is a court of law. Where is the standard for reporting? How come TOI is publishing this garbage?

    Diwakar Deshpande: teri aukat kya hai ssaaalle

    Diwakar Deshpande: Madar chjod photonikal abhi k abhi b8888 vhod

    • goneagain permalink
      September 14, 2010 3:10 am


      You could add this link under “CON-AOL”, will help to keep the link easily accessible, many might add comments there as well, probably link back to this blog.

      I have seen couple of links to this blog already.

      • ANON permalink
        September 14, 2010 7:14 am


        Tainted Babas blog is on fire. SSRS page is already reaching to 10,000 hits within a day.

      • Former YES+ Gal permalink
        September 14, 2010 10:13 am

        They have finally managed to shut it down. The blog was too ambitious and took on all the big wig gurus from Saibab, asaram to Sri sri. No wonder it was attacked by all the webseva warriors. These people are terrorists.
        I very much appreciate the blog and the intelligent people behind it. You have managed to survive and get so many visits. It is really picking up pace and AOL’s think tank is at a loss as to what to do.

      • goneagain permalink
        September 16, 2010 12:14 pm

        Looks like iTimes removed RS photo from Tainted babas, other babas remain.

  17. goneagain permalink
    September 14, 2010 12:57 am


    So what will AOL do if the people posting here are known to them? Why does it so important to you? Real issues with AOL are what is posted here not who is posting and why don’t you deal with issues raised? If things posted are false why would anyone believe? What people here posting are simply their experiences with AOL corporations and it’s many malpractices, and if that matches with other readers experience then it simply confirms their belief/understanding of AOL.

    if you are open minded and willing to see the truth, read post like

    Like Doctor, many people really felt AOL is something saving for before understanding the true AOL.

    If you are lackey you already know these are true, just there for your personal benefits as you don’t have livelihood outside of AOL.

  18. Anon permalink
    September 14, 2010 1:07 am

    Save people’s money from going to a corporation that poisons people by asking them to breathe

    yes, Save people from paying huge amounts of money just to learn worthless hyperventilation techniques copied from TM. Then do DSN and TTC where material copied from EST is used to turn them into unthinking robots to fill coffers of the leader.

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