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Offer my life to the service of humanity. Really?

September 22, 2010

By Ex-Ashramite

The lifestories counter-blog, initiated by SriSri’s nephew is really struggling. In spite of repeated requests to teachers to come forward and share their “AOL good experience life stories” to justify and promote a life of slavery to SriSri/AOL, and cover up every kind of fraud and abuse in AOL or in short to perpetuate AOL Original Sin (see: ), so far only around 30 paid full time AOL teacher have come forward.

Even Alex’s form, sent to all AOL teachers to fill up(See:, didn’t make much difference. Considering that Sad Swami was boasting about AOL having 10,000 teachers worldwide, this is a very poor turnout indeed. On top of this, AOL further claims that 300 MILLION people have done AOL courses worldwide!! In that case, for every TEN MILLION people who have done the course, only ONE person has come forward to talk about “how wonderful AOL/SriSri are” and it is just too bad that majority of these have their livelihood dependent on AOL!!

The situation has been so dire that Alex (AOL Web admin) himself had to come forward, taking time off his most important Wiki project (what an embarrassment that was Alex!  Even Bhanu Didi’s secretary had to contribute to the blog (things getting really desperate, ha?!). No doubt we will soon hear from Dinesh too, once he is released from hospital, to tell us how good Kriya is for one’s health and how “the Grace of the Master” paid the expensive hospital bill!

In the mean time, the latest eminent contributor to the blog is Vasanti Iyer, Teachers coordinator (India). Very humbly (or deceitfully, depending on your viewpoint) she introduces herself only as an AOL Teacher. I knew Vasanti from the time she was the coordinator of IAHV in India. If you were so unfortunate to observe her work in her Ashram office, as I was, you could only marvel at her ability to lie and deceive, while putting on the most innocent face. SriSri and his sister found a perfect protégé in Vasanti. In many ways she even excelled her masters. Her talents in deceiving people, didn’t go unnoticed or unrewarded by Ravi and Bhanu. Vasanti climbed the ranks very quickly in the Ashram and as a reward for her excellent contribution to SriSri’s coffers, was promoted to be Indian Teachers coordinator (a very high rank in Ashram), replacing the previous office holder, Swami Sadyojathah (yes, our very own disgruntled Swamiji).

While working in IAHV, Vasanti mastered the art of deception and channelling the money from charity projects to SriSri’s accounts, as per SriSri and Bhanu’s instructions of course. How this worked? Well, all visitors to Ashram, esp. Internationals at the end of the advanced, meditation, etc. courses would be told of a range of AOL charity projects that needed funding and would be asked to not only donate funds then and there but also run fundraising campaigns once back home and send money to Ashram. Vasanti was too happy to give you the account number and stay in touch! Her specialty was collecting money for natural disasters like Tsunami or for children’s education (Ajay’s perhaps?!). She used to tell the gullible internationals how Ashram was planning to adopt so many orphans or build orphanages and schools in Tsunami affected areas and would ask them to run big fund-raising projects in their home countries and that each country to take on raising funds for building at least one orphanage or school. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were sent to Ashram this way and of course we all know by now that AOL did not build any orphanage or school for Tsunami orphans, nor did it adopt any orphans!! Vasanti was simply a master piece in action while answering enquiries as to what happened to those funds or where these imaginary schools/orphanages were situated. She would even happily collect school supplies and further donations for the imaginary kids.

And of course there was always ashram school to be show cased for AOL “charity work” and for each child funds thousand times over were collected. On top of these, from time to time, there were genuine charity projects run by AOL teachers on their own initiative and from their own resources. These teachers would be asked to come to the Ashram and talk to Adv course participants about their work. These would be presented as AOL projects (even though AOL had not contributed any money toward them) and participants would be asked to raise funds for them and send it to Vasanti with the promise that she would pass it on to the teacher involved. Of course, Vasanti would never pass any such funds and those funds would get stuck in VVM accounts. From time to time the teacher involved would get an email from overseas, asking “did you get that few thousand dollars we raised for your project?” Of course the answer was no and a visit to Vasanti wouldn’t help in retrieving any of the funds either. And when Internationals wanted to give directly to those projects Vasanti would strictly prohibit them from doing so, forcing them to donate through VVM accounts only!!

Many times the teachers involved with those projects would complain to SriSri about the funds not being passed to them, only to be told by SriSri to go and raise their own funds from outside sources, and not to expect anything from AOL sources! There are even outrageous stories of AOL usurping funds raised from outside sources, leaving teachers involved in very uncomfortable position to explain to their donors what happened to their donations!

Most other contributors to lifestories blog have sent a photo of themselves, but not Vasanti. Clever move on her part, of course, but what a shame that our readers cannot see her angelic face. Not only her angelic face doesn’t give any hint to the huge deception ability of her owner, nor does her softly spoken voice, combined with her diplomatic language. Unless you have worked with her, it would be inconceivable to believe such a seemingly nice person can be so deceitful and so good in Art of lying; but then she has had perfect mentors to teach her this art.

Reading her deceitful piece in lifestory blog, I could not keep my silence. Many other teachers genuinely do not know where the funds go, but Vasanti not only knows, but also has been personally instrumental in diverting money from charity causes to VVM accounts and so an active player in this fraud. Is that what she means by saying “offer my life to the service of humanity.” ? Really? Only if one defines humanity as SriSri, Bhanu, her family and few lackeys. One time she even let it slip by mistake that the Divine Shop building in Bangalore city is in the name of Bhanu Didi and Bhanu Didi rents it back to AOL and takes rental for it.

Vasanti of course doesn’t tell us how much she gets paid for her services to SriSri, (OOPS, I meant services to humanity), but I am sure with what she knows is not cheap! She of course continues to serve her Master in her capacity as teacher coordinator with the same zeal in deceit and cunningness. She suffers the same sociopathic attributes as SriSri. I have quite often witnessed how much she relishes hurting others and backstabbing them and spreading rumors behind their back while smiling sweetly in their faces, all the time keeping an angelic composure and reciting knowledge from SriSri!

Vasanti has even the audacity to preach to us in her usual deceitful but diplomatic manner (just like her masters SriSri and Bhanu):

 “Sometimes when I see people’s outburst and criticism, I feel they have not digested the wisdom of the teaching. It is not their mistake but more so the nature of the monkeying mind which doubts. This world is made up of only two things – Love and distortions of Love. Hence whatever someone says should be viewed with total compassion and love. I wish I could help them to see beyond. It is faith in this beautiful creation and the divinity that helps us get in touch with ourselves. They need to understand that they create their own world. Hence if today their monkeying mind is making them doubt it is their own creation. It is therefore also easy for them to move away and replace it with faith in the divine and they will experience the bliss within. All we require is awareness of the play of the mind.”

Well Vasanti, you want to help me “to see beyond”? Great, tell me how much is your salary? How much you have diverted to VVM accounts from the funds which were meant to go to various charity projects? Can you get us Bhanu Didi and SriSri and family’s list of businesses, private accounts, etc? And yes, my “monkeying mind” would be so much happier if you would return all that money raised in the name of Tsunami victims, education of children, orphanages, adopting villages, organic farming, this and that project, to its rightful owners. I know you don’t have a “monkeying” mind (read conscience), but some of us do!!

I leave it to our readers to analyse Vasanti’s distorted logic, equating the faith in the divine with the faith in her crooked guru!

  1. WhistleBlower permalink
    September 22, 2010 12:48 am

    Breaking News…

    SriSri asks for forgiveness:

    • September 22, 2010 3:49 pm

      I wish he talked about making amends. It is one thing to ask for forgiveness and it is another thing to go about and correcting one’s error by making real amends. Asking forgiveness in one’s meditation only goes so far. It just makes you feel good, but it doesn’t correct the mistakes made. Living the amends to ones’ error’s is much more powerful and healing.

    • Peaceful Warrior permalink
      September 22, 2010 9:07 pm

      I beg forgiveness from all the people I introduced to Art of Living, and particularly those whom I encouraged to become teachers. You all trusted me and my integrity, but I was myself caught in the web of this charlatan. Also apologies to all the vendors, whose discounted services we availed by claiming non-profit status, while the money was used for profiteering. And to the temples and community centers who let us do free workshops assuming we were a non-profit spiritual organization – while in reality spirituality was a convenient mask to peddle a workshop to make money for SSRS & co. In future I hope you treat AOL like any other for-profit corporation.

  2. goneagain permalink
    September 22, 2010 1:09 am

    After asking forgiveness, if one continue to follow exactly same thing – you can only call that as lip service not genuine attempt? He didn’t say he is going to change anything or accepted anything – it looks like another ploy to get more gullible.

  3. Ex_Jaigurudev permalink
    September 22, 2010 5:01 am

    All he is asking for, is to be left alone to enjoy his wealth, fame and luxury.

    Don’t bother me and my family with the negative blog.
    Leave me alone. Will this be enough to win over his adversaries and continue the game?

  4. bistander permalink
    September 22, 2010 6:03 am

    Guruji asked for forgiveness from you guys?

    • Kitapati permalink
      September 22, 2010 6:21 am

      Forgiveness is a wonderful spiritual practice. There is another which Patanjali mentions which is asteya – which means non-coveteouness. Not to steal other’s wealth. I hope there is a festival where all the stolen charity money of AOL can be given back to the intended recepients.
      Jai Kapil Dev

    • caipirinha permalink
      September 23, 2010 4:10 am

      I think he is truly and sincerely asking for forgiveness to all those hurt by him and his organisation. I also believe that he intends to change AOL and who knows maybe it will become an honest transparent organisation. Whether he is planning to compensate those who have been hurt, abused and exploited it’s up to you guys to find this out. I never felt cheated by AOL but was never among the inner circle crowd. The courses are very good and I would just recommend to do them and to stay out of all that crazyness of the organisation. I also never believed that the funds were going to charity projects but was rather seeing the courses as a service for which I payed. AOL will probably have to pay for unpaid taxes…. Hope you guys will be compensated for all you work.
      Much love and salam

      • Prairie Princess permalink
        September 23, 2010 6:16 pm

        Change I can believe in coming from AoL..Ravi ravi announces he is retiring to a lovely cave in the Himalayas, all money collected as charity is given to the Red Cross or Red Crescent (or split between the organizations) or to true established charities. Bahnu and her family go back to being unknowns. All senior teachers get mental health help if they need it (and a number of the ones I meet need it). The organization is totally disbanded with some compensation to those who dedicated their lives to the organization so they can get some training to find real jobs. That type of behavior will show true understanding and would be a real attempt to achieve forgiveness. Anything else is just a lot of words.

  5. Abhilash Shastry permalink
    September 22, 2010 6:57 am

    >> She would even happily collect school supplies and further donations for the imaginary kids.

    I give full marks to Vasanthi. I have had worse experience with Manisha Mehta, AOL teacher in Mumbai.

    I had organized a course for her at my place in Mumbai. At the start of the course she told the participants about the various charitable projects undertaken by AOL and educated them about virtues of “daan” (donation). She told that AOL was doing work among underprivileged children in slums, so anything one wanted to donate was welcome. It could be used school supplies, used clothes, books, shoes and of course money. Many participants brought used supplies and cash over and above the fees to contribute for slum kids. Manisha kept the money with her and stored used supplies at my place – presumably to take at the end of the course. After the course, she never even looked at the used supplies. All those things were abandoned at my place. I, in my naivety, called her couple of times reminding that she had to take the supplies for distribution among slum kids. She never came.

    Then it dawned upon me that all along she was never interested in used supplies. All she really cared about was money. Asking for used supplies was only a ploy to give legitimacy to her demands of more money.

    >> And when Internationals wanted to give directly to those projects Vasanti would strictly prohibit them from doing so, forcing them to donate through VVM accounts only!!

    At one time, a few energetic volunteers from our group decided to raise funds and directly help the people living in Dharavi slum. We were prohibited from this by no less an authority than Bawa. The usual excuses “they will simply drink it away”, “they will not value the things they get for free”, “they won’t put the money to good use” etc. were given. We were told that if we really wanted to help them we should give the money to AOL for “systematic work” among slum people.

    And of course, since “daan” of “knowledge” was the highest form of “daan”, we could always give the slum people “daan” of knowledge by teaching them to sing bhajans etc.

    • anon permalink
      September 24, 2010 1:09 am

      is this the same manisha who is on the bigger side? if it is, i can’t believe she is still there. ravi would make so much fun of her weight problem behind her back!!!

      • abhilash shastry permalink
        September 24, 2010 5:51 am

        Yes. Same Manisha.

        Last time I checked she was still with AOL and very happy that guruji had made her “international faculty”.

  6. Albert permalink
    September 22, 2010 7:05 am

    Taken from:

    RIDDLES OF SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR”S PARASPIRITUALITY My all friends, you must have seen Sri Sri Ravishankar pulled and ridiculed (not intentionally) by Prabhu Chawla in Seedhi Baat on Aaj Tak in June 2008. This is a charge sheet on CHARLATAN Sri Sri (Shri Shri) RAVISHANKAR. This man has spoiled the idea of spiritualism and has upheld hysteria in the name of spirituality. There are some riddles of Sri Sri Ravishankar”s extra-spiritual activities that I have befallen to. Most of the riddles are over and above the questions raised by Prabhu Chawla. 1. Ravishankar started AoL (Art of Living) as a spiritual movement. Why did he diversify to social leadership and ventured into education, hospitals, agriculture, reconstruction (as in Maharashtra) and many other things? 2. If he justifies his foray into education, social work and politics, then can he remain a Guru or Guruji? What kind of Guru is this who is attached to the same things with the same fervor and ambition as a non-Guru is? Isn”t a non-Guru better, who at least says, “Yes, I am attached”? If this is not attachment, then what should the inner driving force behind his entry in extra-spiritual domains be called as? Whatever he calls it as, will that be different from “attachment”? 3. I have been to his campus called Ashram in Bangalore. His AoL is based on Bhakti Marg. Why isn”t there a single temple in his ashram of even a single Hindu God or Goddess, when his path is Bhakti Marg-based? Even non-idol worshipping churches have Christ”s idols! Isn”t this a lame attempt to attract the intelligentsia by exhibiting a non-idol-based “scientific” path? Then what about the Bhakti path that is actually taught by him? Can there be Bhakti Path sans idol worship? And he is not against idol worship as such. Then why no idol or temple inside AoL campus? Isn”t this a dichotomy of his preaching and his practice? 4. He doesn”t earn anything and he is not an industrialist. That means the charity he is doing is out of charity of others. Why should there be a free food for all in most hours of the day in his ashram? Is it to impress the masses with charity? What kind of charity is this which is not his own? If he is using others” donations for this free food etc., then isn”t this an unjustifiable extravaganza (on others” help) that has nothing to do with spirituality? 5. Why does a spiritual Guru color his hair? If it is because of his chele-chapate (disciples), his disciples” desire to see his hair black renders the Guru a failure. Why does he have to be in agreement with the thought of his disciples about his hair color? 6. His ashram has a shop named “Divine Shop”. Can a shop be divine just because it vends some so-called spiritual merchandise? Isn”t AoL itself a divine shop that sells spirituality for fee? If he can give free food to hundreds or thousands of non-course-takers each day, why can”t he give free spirituality? Why can”t he trade off food for spirituality? If he is not in a position to give spirituality, his prime business, without fee, why is he making that unsolicited charity in secondary business of giving free food to any visitor in the campus? Does he feel compelled to do the same as his rival Gurus are doing in their premises? 7. He had to be apologetic about the book on Islam. Doesn”t that reveal an untrustworthy Guru? Doesn”t that suggest a lack of coherence of thoughts? If he is apologetic, he was wrong. If he is wrong, then how can he teach and claim to be a Guru. 8. He convened a meeting of Hindu leaders in June 2008 for AIDS and Swami Agnivesh attended it. Why was it called caucus, a term that has never been used in this context? Was it to impress the media who were talking of American caucuses at almost the same time? Wasn”t that a blatantly unacceptable term, nevertheless? 9. It is a mentality of common man or good man or a naive man to say, “We should take what is good in him and leave bad”. Isn”t he taking an advantage of common man”s condoning ability? 10. There is a lot of spirituality merchandising going on in AoL. You name an object (scarf, key chain, dhup, agarbatti, etc.), and they have it available with imprint of “AoL” on it. This is unbecoming of a SPIRITUAL Guru. 11. People who have low self-esteem (divorcees, criminals, sociopaths, anti-social personality disorders, failures) are seen taking recourse to AoL. Is it to learn spirituality or to take a recluse in the fold of AoL to save themselves from the onslaught of society? Isn”t there an evaluation process as to who is coming for what? If this was for spirituality, it was OK; but what about those who hide in the fold of AoL to escape societal criticism? Is the Guru turning a blind eye to this for creating a mass base for his own career? 12. Why does a spiritual Guru have to start a marriage bureau? Does the Guru have a statistics of how many people are coming in AoL for getting married? Is the Guru giving these “Value-Added Services” to widen his base? 13. If the marriage bureau is fo….

  7. Albert permalink
    September 22, 2010 8:05 am

    13. If the marriage bureau is for the disciples to marry among themselves, are his disciples so weak that they cannot get along well with non-AoL spouse? If he advocates such marriages for growth in spirituality, how many such couples have grown to become saints? Isn’t he denying “spiritual” spouse to a non-AoL bride or groom by this idea of intra-AoL marriages? Is spirituality taught by the Guru so effete that a disciple requires only an AoL spouse to practice it?

    14. If his disciples are so strong in art of living, why are so many getting separated? If the art is not contributing to even keeping the marriage, what exactly are they learning? Are they learning how to separate and not have remorse? Are they learning how not to suffer and how to chill in spite of separating?

    15. In Gujjar issue, the Guru went to Rajasthan to solve a problem. Wasn’t that an attempt to make a foray into “peace politics” after “Hindu politics” with LK Advani? Didn’t he go there because of ease and acceptability in a BJP-run state? Was or is that the only problem in India? What about naxalism in Bihar? The Guru wanted an extremely red hot problem to solve, and not a simmering one like naxalism. In actuality naxalism, like many others, is a far more complex problem that requires mediation; but it is not amenable to getting resolved easily, there is no instant reward, and the Guru is not acceptable to non-BJP-run State politicians. Moreover, the Guru requires an absolute peace problem, not something related to communism as in naxalism. The Guru this year took up the issue of his sons of the soil i.e. Tamils in Lanka. He told Jayalalitha (Amma) but not to Chief Minister that Lankan Tamils are in trouble and asked the Lankan government to give him an opportunity to broker peace so he could somehow get a Nobel But the Lankan Govt, having known this healthy “sick man”, declined his offer. Isn’t this longing for brokering peace repeatedly, because there is no Nobel for pure spiritualism and non-peace-making politics? Even as I write this, there’s a news that he has demanded immigrant status to the Lankan Tamils who have taken refuge in Tamil Nadu. He is consistently going away from his core specialty of spirituality to hunt for the Nobel through peace brokering. Why doesn’t he solve the problem of his own mind that is so passionate, runs incoherently and pines for Nobel or Magasaysay?

    16. He will, in a year or two, five at maximum, get a Magasaysay for social leadership because of his work in extra-spiritual field. But the real question is, will the prize not accrue to Art of Social Work and be wrongly credited to Art of Living?

    • Genuine Seeker permalink
      September 22, 2010 10:48 am


      I think it’s high time now. We have to expose Ravi & AOL and help poor and sincere devotees to come out of this cult.

      Any ideas how to request any media house to take up this and investigate. ( Tehelkha is famous in India in exposing scandals).

  8. OMG!! permalink
    September 22, 2010 10:37 am

    Guruji is sooooooooooooo gr88888888!!!
    Asking forgiveness even to THESE EVIL PPL, soooooooooo humble wat a noble SOUL!!


  9. Preethi Sagar permalink
    September 22, 2010 11:03 am

    Ya Guruji is so great na.. when terrorists tried to kill hmi he forgave them..

  10. Peaceful Warrior permalink
    September 22, 2010 11:56 am

    “Wise people don’t blame others for their suffering” so says RS – wise people also do not credit “guru’s grace” for the material and spiritual growth they get from their sadhana and/or hardwork. It is wrong for the guru or his organization to assert otherwise, and to guilt people into giving their time and $$ to a charity with bogus accountability.

  11. Story2Reality permalink
    September 22, 2010 1:02 pm

    Apart from all this story telling, a real discussion should happen with in AOL regarding two key aspects. I think so far no body was able to explain these points convincingly

    1) Why AOL is not funding any service projects via Local centers/efficient teachers (probably for projects after an approval process) which will result in better social service projects? I knew lot of centers/teachers with great project ideas, but couldn’t find any support from Bangalore. I’ve seen some one else also stating this somewhere in this blog.

    2) Why there is no transparency in funds collected, funds used etc? As a lot of these funds are raised from public (in the name of social service projects), the information about how they are spend should be available in AOL website. Any NGO should have proper accountability to sustain the trust.

    3) About Mr. Narasimhan – Some of my friends were with Sumeru (very close to the core), and they always described Mr Narasimhan as a very arrogant and manipulative character. One of them already left Sumeru long time back, because he was unable to cop up with the financial manipulations there. He also mentioned he had ample evidence to beleive that Mr Narasimhan used to demand commissions from some of the suppliers and contractors (especially for Ashram construction works).

    Another guy in Sumeru complained directly to SriSri about the issues he found there. He got kicked out after that. Narasimhan called for a meeting and threatened everyone not to go and complain to SriSri (and event told He’ld slap them if they do). A lot of guys there felt very bad after that incident.

    4) Apart from all these financial irregularities, I personally like SriSri, and I think a lot of these manipulations happen with out Guruji’s knowledge.

    I hope some of these allegations from you guys will be taken back if AOL can come up with a clean balance sheet and a list of service projects executed so far + expenses that went to each service project.

    • freethinker permalink
      September 22, 2010 3:48 pm


      You seemed to start where @Doctor was at few weeks back, it’s good read if you want to save AOL for what is worth?

      But you may just end up with where most people in this blog are that is – deciding there is nothing to save.

    • zhoro permalink
      September 22, 2010 5:24 pm

      Dear Story2Reality,

      One of the points I made in my resignation letter to RS was about the lack of accountability for the raised funds. In his reply, he chose to ignore all other points and said that everything was accounted for. Well, claiming that it is so and it actually being so are two different things. I replied back that I would stand corrected if he were to please point me to detailed accounts showing the implemented projects with all the related outlays and the funds that were flowing in in the name of charity.

      Needless to say, I received no further reply. I guess it was beneath “the divine” to be held accountable by such a lowly figure as myself.

    • Shallow waters permalink
      September 22, 2010 6:09 pm


      Your contribution to share facts about Narasimhan is praiseworthy.

      But dont stay in any illusion that the all knowing God personified doesnt know of things going on in his own ashram. every news reaches him.

    • abhilash shastry permalink
      September 24, 2010 9:13 am

      >> Apart from all these financial irregularities, I personally like SriSri, and I think a lot of these manipulations happen with out Guruji’s knowledge.

      For a long time I also believed this.

      Even after my honeymoon with AOL was over, I continued to believe that SSRS was innocent. With the help of hindsight I can say that I believed this because I wanted to believe. There were enough signs that he was himself sitting at the top of his empire of deceit, however admitting this would have been a major jolt to my ego. How could I admit that an educated, reasonably intelligent, professionally successful man like me could be taken for a ride by a semi-literate charlatan? No. SSRS must be genuine. He had to be. Only the caucus around him was corrupt. It takes time to realize that in AOL nothing moves without approval of SSRS.

  12. zhoro permalink
    September 22, 2010 1:21 pm

    “It is therefore also easy for them to move away and replace it with faith in the divine and they will experience the bliss within. All we require is awareness of the play of the mind”.

    Dear Vasanti,

    It is exactly with faith in the ever-present divine that I walked away from Art of Living. You see, I really took to the message of the Yoga Vasistha and the Ashtavakra Gita. So much so that the circus show that takes place in Art of Living became unbearable at some point.

    • September 22, 2010 4:10 pm


      I like your point about taking the message of Ashtavakra to heart and finding that it was difficult to reconcile it with AOL. This is my experience with ‘the knowledge’. I found AOL not living up to the basic course points – which is fine in one sense, since we are all doing our best and can’t live up to the highest. But when things become official procedures that don’t live up to the knowledge then something is off. For example: the DSN course is such crass manipulation and peer pressure that it goes against accepting people and situations as they are. It takes someone really grounded in the basic course points to walk away from the pressure of DSN and live by their own light and not be a football of others opinions. DSN uses people’s tendency to be footballs of others opinions to manipulate them into doing things they do not want to do. It is really crazy.

      Thanks for the point Zhorro, it really resonated with me.

  13. Media/Press Contact permalink
    September 22, 2010 2:55 pm

    I have read some very interesting information here. For me to publish it or expose Ravi Shankar and AOL I need some proof, video/voice recordings, documents, accounts, witnesses, etc.
    The news channels like Aaj Tak have sent undercover agents into various Swamis/spiritual orgs. and exposing them. So many have been busted recently.
    Proof is needed to really bring someone to justice.
    As this blogger mentions, funds being diverted from IAHV/AoL Trust to private accounts of Ravi Shankar and family, we need proof of that and other claims made here.
    If you have access to bank transfer, accounting, documents, recorded conversations, etc. and are still within the Art of Living with access to such info. then would be good to collect for bringing them to justice.
    I believe a lot of people have been deceived by Ravi Shankar around the world. In taking they behave like a non-profit, collecting donations and fees and in giving they behave like a corporation, e.g. selling Sri Sri Realty property.
    Now with Navratri check to see the biggest revenue grosser. How much will be collected in the name of pujas. Last year I believe they grossed several crores (1 crore = 10 million).
    They are using donations/collections to invest in ashrams, properties around the world. In India some of the property comes from Govt. at a negligible cost. Like a lot of the projects are funded by the government, corporations, or donations, and a lot of these are not executed or a token execution takes place with zero cost. I am doing investigation in one of the states of India on this scam.
    They have a lot in cash and gold as well. They are using donations/collections to invest in ashrams, properties around the world. They have a lot in cash and gold as well.
    It is very easy to contact Deccan or Aaj Tak or Tehelka and tell them how to come and collect such info.
    Get in touch with the blog owner who can forward me your info.

  14. Guru-ouch permalink
    September 22, 2010 8:06 pm

    Where is your sorry to the people here?

  15. Guru-ouch permalink
    September 22, 2010 8:09 pm

    ok… looked like September was a less busier month for AOLers and they invented the Day of forgiveness and would hype it up to a festival next year where people gather and just ask sorry to each other…

  16. Svetana permalink
    September 22, 2010 10:27 pm


    “About Mr. Narasimhan – Some of my friends were with Sumeru (very close to the core), and they always described Mr Narasimhan as a very arrogant and manipulative character. One of them already left Sumeru long time back, because he was unable to cop up with the financial manipulations there… Apart from all these financial irregularities, I personally like SriSri, and I think a lot of these manipulations happen with out Guruji’s knowledge.”

    Don’t be misled by Sri Sri outfit and humble appearance. He knows everything, he is not a fool. In fact, HE is behind all these financial irregularities. He is a genius of cunningness and manipulation, and he plays Guru role to succeed in this most perverted kind of business.

    If you observe Mr. Narasimhan and his descendants , you can clearly see that rotten root produced rotten tree with poisonous flowers. Flowers smell well and attract travelers, but once they are under the tree, they fall into oblivion and the tree sucks out all life juices from pure souls.

    You continue liking Sri Sri, because you are still under the influence of the flowers.

  17. taking the road less travelled permalink
    September 23, 2010 8:37 am

    Spiritual teachers now have their very own fan pages!

    “This is the FAN page of Sangeeta Jani – A Senior ART OF LIVING Teacher. This forum is meant for any queries & updates on Spirituality.This is not a page for making Friendships.Please NOTE – Sangeeta Didi does not access this page directly.She is given updates by a volunteer managing this page on her behalf.”

    Crazy stuff…and a volunteer does service by maintaining the page – i wonder what lesson in spirituality that is?

  18. For ... what? permalink
    September 23, 2010 11:48 pm

    What about he asks for forgiveness in written form and correct himself to the people he defamed in that infamous letter and post it in his sites, blogs and email groups? hmm … maybe he does not meditate, thus may not have time or mindset to ask for forgiveness. “Do as I preach not as I do”. What a pitiful way to manipulate people! Poor Ravi! How great thou art! Attacked yet forgiving! What BS!

  19. Sonya permalink
    September 24, 2010 12:13 am

    Vasanti, we use your very same words to express what we feel about you all. Interesting, isn’t it? At least my mind is now FREE, ALIVE and THINKING – ALONE. No srisri bullshit and more shit. By the way, orange does not suit him. Can someone tell his fashion consultants?

    “Hence whatever someone says should be viewed with total compassion and love. I wish I could help them to see beyond. It is faith in this beautiful creation and the divinity that helps us get in touch with ourselves. They need to understand that they create their own world. Hence if today their monkeying mind is making them doubt it is their own creation. It is therefore also easy for them to move away and replace it with faith in the divine and they will experience the bliss within. All we require is awareness of the play of the mind.”

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