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Mind Share gives you Mind Control

January 6, 2011

-by Independent Observer

Mind Share gives you Mind Control….For this you have to control the platform

The micro and the macro work in similar ways. An individual human cell does everything that the body does (respiration, metabolism, excretion, immune system, reproduction…all of it). A cell is 70% water, the human is 70% water, the planet is 70% water. This universal system is otherwise also known as fractals.

In many local AOL chapters here is what I noticed. The lead volunteer’s house typically amongst the first families to be indoctrinated) is where all the meetings happen. Soon I found that the biggest houses were amongst the richer volunteers and since the volunteers were growing the meetings shifted there. Initially everyone gravitates to this naturally because of the comfort factor….”There is more space”.

Interestingly, guess who eventually gets chosen to be the Apex body members and where travelling Sr teachers from the Ashram will come and stay ? YES, you guessed right, the inner circle, the ones with the biggest houses or those that displayed wealth openly and those that had strong political affiliations to power bureaucrats (read govt) .

Externally (media/public), the perception develops that all the seva and visible AOL activity originated from that house. The owners of the house typically bask in the glory, get media coverage and so on. However, the real drivers are the few volunteers ie the passionate ones, the ones with the ideas and so on. They come from all walks of life, their driving force is typically that of goodness, reach out and compassion. Their attitude is …”there is much work to be done, let us get on with it” These were actually a few in number and the same few that would turn out for all major AOL/IAHV events. The others were all typically one off or casual….simply leg workers for a project when it suits them (they were most happy following and not driving it or asking questions or being creative).

For those that got used to taking the credit, they needed to make sure that the passionate volunteers (the real bee workers) were in their camp. Guess what, the other figureheads also wanted the same thing. The fundamental driving force behind the power struggle (volunteer control).

Soon many figure heads (also read Apex body Member) realised that it is where you hold the meeting that matters. Aha what a realisation REAL ESTATE is important. Hence a jockeying started for that. I will host the satsang followed by a volunteer meet on all the important days (Diwali, Janmashtamai, Onam…etc)….I found this does not happen or shape up during Eid, Easter or Christmas.

The struggle often became more complex when there was a common centre for a town or city….because here it was not clear who owned the real estate. Hence jockeying started for the power follow-up slots where multiple teachers competed for that slot.

The bottom-line was those that controlled the real estate got away with the credit and the glory. Interestingly for a spiritual organisation, this focus is totally on the exterior and not what is within. Over a period of time this did not sustain. If a key volunteer left for another city or changed jobs and left country, that void could never be filled with any great real estate. The fetish and the drive to own more real estate comes from this I believe. The Orissa Univ, the expanded Bangalore Ashram. More real estate you can cram more minds into them and subsequently control them for your personal gain.

Essentially, if you read into it, AOL falsely believes that if you control the platform you can grab the credit and the power. The Women’s conference is a classic example and so are the TTCs and everything else that happens. The fundamentals of such a game are simple.

1. Find the pretext and create the platform for a meeting of many bright individuals.
2. In this meeting create a certain aura and mysticism about SSRS.
3. Create a greater fictitious landscape
a. We are working directly for God,
b. After ,several generations our descendants will say my great great grandparents waked with the 2nd Jesus (Alias SSRS). These are such blatant manipulations, you don’t have to necessarily state them in an open forum where everybody is present. You whisper it over a cuppa chai in the corridor to an enthusiastic volunteer and the Chinese whisper takes over after that….clusters and clusters of adulterated whispering.
c. More Guru stories galore, and since I am linked to the Guru, Glory to me. How am I linked ? Well I work closely with teacher X and this teacher has been personally chosen by God/The Master and in fact they have even travelled to many other countries on important assignments (Indirectly, World peace). I have done my TTC1 and soon I will be a chosen one and will officially be apart of the Guru parampara and tradition. We don’t believe in being the government, however it’s the Raja Guru concept, we advise the rulers.
4. While all of this happens, a few bright individuals bring the creative ideas and resources to get some major projects done. The AOL facilitator will applaud, there will be a lot of hooing and haaing and the volunteers will go away re-charged to execute the project with their own money or monies they directly helped raise, their ideas, their resources..and so on. AOL hardly contributes with anything except for the Guru’s blessings of course and then there is the GRACE without which nothing would have happened.
5. On the culmination of the project the figureheads are waiting to stand in front of the media to show how great the AOL chapter is. Since there is also a jockeying between the figureheads, the project culmination (and press meet if there is one) is again TO BE HELD AT A REAL ESTATE that is associated with A FIGUREHEAD. You see those who own the real estate own the credit. After this ABC in bangalore will do a write-up for the archives. Now SSRS gets ALL the credit. AOL has now perfected this whole parasitic method, NOW Volunteers pay (Big time $s) for even the party (ie TTC, Womens Conference) and so on so that SSRS gets the final credit and power in eyes of the world.
6. Hmmm. You should also notice, as the event concludes there is this rush to send the digital pictures or the press clippings to Bangalore. After all what does Bangalore know ? they also brightly choose to believe that the originator of the email or the Apex member that signed the cheque is the cause and reason for all of such good work.

I had to share this long winded story to point out why the BLOG is so threatening to current day AOL. The BLOG is a piece of electronic real estate which they do not control.
Some of the awakened minds are meeting on this real estate. Ideas are being exchanged. Exposure is happening. And many existing false notions are being dismantled. These new ideas are extremely detrimental to the OLD power structure . This is not to say that there are no genuine AOL teachers or Apex members (While they are few and far between). In any case they would be unfettered about this because they are only coming from a place of wanting to contribute and not from an intent to exploit or credit grab.

Now AOL is hurting…and they are asking themselves….

a. How can we control this when its 24×7 (We cannot deprive them of sleep anymore, and brainwash them…these guys seem to work whenever they want) ,
b. When anybody from anywhere can contribute (I cannot restrict them from sharing, I cannot tell them anymore that other spiritual paths are inferior or irrelevant, these people will not listen) ,
c. Can do so without being seen, and say what they wish without political backlash. How can we threaten them with punishment when don’t know who they are.

That is the challenge that they are facing. Hence this attempt to subpoena and bring things down to a more earthly level from being virtual. At an earthly level, real estate matters, money matters, ideas, ethics and principles get thrown out of the window. Its comfort Vs Discomfort. And comfort wins. They simply do not want to deal head on with the discomfort. If they had, and made the corrections, those would have been the signs of a true spiritual entity.

What is real is what is within. It is not in the real estate (Electronic or otherwise). The side with the truth is powerful. Why we do what we do is important (our intent is true liberation and freedom I believe). Why they do what they do is also important (to control, to exploit and be parasitic, grow at any cost).

The work that this Blog is doing is important. It will never die, only take new forms if required. Let us see what form it takes.

  1. Kitapati permalink
    January 6, 2011 12:55 pm

    Excellent post. This blog has really brought in good insights into a typical mind control cult like art of living. I am sure this dissemination of information and expose will go on in some form or the other. AOL would like us to like in Orwell’s 1984 world, but internet has brought some degree of liberalization and all these control freaks are screming hoarse.

  2. Doreen permalink
    January 6, 2011 3:08 pm

    I know this isn’t going to win me any friends here, but if I were in charge of an organization (whether it was a business or any other kind of group) and someone set up a blog trash-talking it, I’d probably exercise my legal rights to try to shut that blog down too.

    I’m not saying that this blog has no purpose or value.
    I’m saying that I don’t think AOL’s desire to shut down the blog is surprising, unusual, or that complicated to understand.

    • The Doctor permalink
      January 6, 2011 11:37 pm


      In all honesty I am little surprised by their action, and also somwhat perplexed. As PW has alluded to below, there is so much contained in these blogs which exposes Art of Living that it has the potential to damage them beyond all repair. So this is actually a very foolish action on their part.

      I can only think that beyond it being a scare tactic, they don’t actually have any other options available to them to recover from the damage these blogs have already done to them and particularly to their revenue. This is clearly an act of desperation, and not one which has been thought through at all. Perhaps those behind it have convinced themselves that Guruji’s Grace will somehow win the day. Maybe even Guruji has deluded himself into believing he can somehow win this, and somehow missing the complete obvious, that it has the potential to ruin them.

      They should also realize that shutting this blog down will result in many, many more blogs springing up, and will most likely lead to more and more of their followers leaving. But I think their thinking is so skewed that they can no longer see the obvious.

  3. Peaceful Warrior permalink
    January 6, 2011 5:11 pm

    Actually with the amount of fraud, and deceit, I’m surprised that AOL has not been sued. Now they bring the lawsuit themselves – opening themselves up to be scrutinized. Just like AOL can subpeona documents from google, the defendents can subpeona documents from AOL too. The arguments that are on the blog, will have to be put forth in court (and AOL/VVM will have to furnish accounts). I’m not sure they want a real lawsuit – they just want to scare people.

  4. Dayalu permalink
    January 6, 2011 6:19 pm

    We should leak this out to the media. Indian media will be very much interested for the juicy details of lawsuit involving AOL. Any one has contacts there?

  5. AOL _is_ LOL permalink
    January 6, 2011 11:48 pm

    Very nicely written post that should be read by everyone pro and anti AOL and make decisions on their own. Subpoena is intimidation tactics to suppress negative comments.

    Nearly all thinks started via TV or media for “Get Rich scheme” for material wealth are criticed in the US but why not for spirituality and religion. This helps in buyer be aware and protects the consumer.

    The bery fact that AOL is goign for sub-poena needs to be exposed across the world to the media.

  6. profhughakston permalink
    January 7, 2011 5:36 am

    “After ,several generations our descendants will say my great great grandparents waked with the 2nd Jesus (Alias SSRS).”

    Took place when i attended bhagwadam with rajima. i left in feb 10

  7. February 5, 2011 11:26 pm

    I am loving this BLOG. So much to criticize and so little time!!! I feel like a kid in a candy shop! Like GOD on Sunday and like Elvis in Vegas! Yeah Baby Yeah!!! Why so serious everyone? I know what you need… An enema! Do you actually realize that one day you will die???! Do you want to spend the rest of your meaningless life doing this???! For me I wish you do because then I can continue to have such fun! So much Blah Blah Blah Blah in this post! Shorten it, make it crisp and then maybe one might actually read this garbage. It seems you have spies everywhere and maybe I am one too??! But whose gonna spy on you? A group of ten individuals bitching and biting and bitching some more does not constitute a movement… just a little burp from some unnecessary GAS!
    MIND IT OKAY… Rajni Rulez!!!

    • Chamiyaar permalink
      February 6, 2011 12:56 am

      ” Rajni Rulez!!!”


      We are not discussing your favorite actor Rajnikanth here.

  8. February 6, 2011 10:56 pm

    Well you should be!!! Rajni Rulez!!! MIND IT … Rascala!

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