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A Message to the Common AOLer: Wake up and Make a Change

August 23, 2011

by Independent Observer

At exactly this time (a week or 2 after this incident), SriSri had planned to run an international TRM at the Ashram. When this protest happened he hastily moved the TRM to Malaysia. (Vague reasons given).

Also, do you think

1) That the protestors are Jealous of SriSri’s success ? Or perhaps are they in deep pain.
2) Do you think, that unless you had a real cause you would be able to generate these 100s of people who came to protest ? Would you be to generate this protest using false pretenses ?
3) Do you think this has been brewing for a long time ? or Agni Sridhar did it over night by paying some money to the local villagers (like our politicians do for votes…but for much smaller stakes).
4) All it takes is to visit the many of the nearby villages that surround the Ashram and find out the following

a) All the villagers there….how come they are not devotees to the living God just across the fence. (Why does AOL have such big walls…when the key message is ALL ARE WELCOME ?). Once when I was visiting Bangalore last year I did. I could see the fear in their eyes. They are paranoid that the Swamiji in white will usurp their land someday. When they look at Vishalakshi Mandap from a distance, this is what they go through.

Perhaps this explains the paranoia behind the fabricated assassination story that had no witnesses or physical evidence of any sort whatsoever.

Elementary question to the reader here : Do you have any idea how much of an effort it takes to buy contiguous land in Bangalore that too many 100s of acres and that too around an existing enterprise (AOL enterprise). Do you even have a clue ???. And with Yeddy’s totally corrupt BJP govt, running rampant until recently, do you think that all the land acquired by the ashram over the last 5 to 10 to years have actually been gotten by legitimate means. Common, if you give this a more than 1% probability, then the world you live in is a false Utopia….maybe even very naive.

For me—The reason I ever wanted to be in AOL, was because at one time it represented to me the epitome of goodness and balance. It helped me recognize, acknowledge and express the innate goodness in me and provided me a platform to be catalyst for others that were seeking the same experience… the tough competitive often cruel world with limited ethics where we lose track of ourselves and miss the opportunity to explore our own silence, compassion, spontaneity, and even develop a sense of grander/larger then life purpose. From the periphery AOL is perfect for all this. Go deeper, and you find out that its just another greedy business that exploits an average person’s lack of relaxation, loneliness, confusion about life, self doubts and insecurity by lacing some finely woven spiritual messaging around a fast moving ponzi MLM business. In the process, they are actually saying “We know everything”….trust us to take charge of your life.

The key here is that the ground level volunteer is FRESH and PURE. They are un adulterated. They are the ones who do the recruiting. Also most part-1, Art Excel teachers and so on are so focussed on the goodness that they are helping to propagate that they have neither had the time or the opportunity to look at the GRAND Deception. Even if they did see it……they would simply brush it aside or bury it under the carpet rationalizing it as just a small aberration. This is what I did. Hence, as long as you stay in the periphery….you are actually OK. ie you dont go deep, just stay on the surface, volunteer whenever it suits you, have limited curiosity and are not spiritually ambitious, not get into any more serious seva but one off volunteering. As long as it as this level… is still fine.

Then you start getting deeper…..more seva projects, more hard recruiting, fill up the class, fund raising, money management (or lack of it), TTCs….then then conflicts start to appear clearly. At that time you are given lessons on how Krishna himself was a communist and an innate politician (you are supposed to make the connection now —- hence by association or even as a reincarnation….who is Sri Sri). The tough times you are having are because of your Karma. All the full classes and big funds raised are HIS GRACE. I lapped this all up. After all I was ambitious. I wanted more. However, after many years into this, I missed simple things like integrity and companionship amongst my fellow companions. And yet, I was on this most perfect path. Perhaps something is wrong with me…..spiritually wrong? How come I am not able to generate all the love that I am capable off when I am with my peers and colleagues who are also seniors like I am now. The only true happiness came when I was teaching….because the class was still innocent. The rest of it made me want to run. Until one day I could stand it no more and I started to voice my suspicions about the money management. And guess what ? no one slapped me back. Many even echoed my doubts. I investigated further. Saw that this mismanagement was the case with AOL everywhere in the world. The same politics and management style has been played everywhere. It became clear that this lack of accountability was arising out of lack of information …lack of proper systems. Think, that a person of SriSri’s intelligence does not understand the value of having proper systems (especially with regard to finance). What does it take for AOL to generate a team of 2 CAs per chapter and ask them to financially clean up every chapter where they are operating ??. Just 1 word from the Master…..that is all.

When was in the inside, I volunteered to lead this many times for the organisation. I was told every time, Yes you are right…it needs doing. It did not happen for 7 years. Then I left. The point here is that SriSri is not unaware of any of this ….nor can this always be goofs in the process. The intent is deliberate fraud (especially when he has all the knowledge)….I know, because I have bought it to his attention many times myself. And then you still did nothing. In which case… are accountable for everything you do and everything you dont do. Hence it will manifest. There is accountability…..

Its time the common AOLer woke up and roared. You have been taken for great ride. If you are totally enjoying it….thats great. If not, get off and make a change.

  1. SoSoGuru permalink
    August 24, 2011 3:46 am

    //The intent is deliberate fraud.//

    Well. This explains why IIT grads who could make lots of money in a corporate career volunteer for this guru and make a career out of it. Quick and easy money.

  2. Jagat S. permalink
    August 24, 2011 5:03 am

    Guruji is fighting day and night against corruption with Anna. He is too busy for haters like you. Get a life, what have you done for india. close this and join Guruji in his mission.


    • Anonymous permalink
      August 24, 2011 6:39 pm

      I would think he must be fighting against himself by joining Anna Hazare. What a parasite your fake guru is!

    • stupidseeker permalink
      August 26, 2011 5:55 am

      I pay my taxes honestly, unlike SSRS asa “spiritual” person gets his work done by his army of “volunteers” in the name of “seva” and uses the millions earned to make millionaires of his nephews and other relatives and at the end of the day doesnt pay a cent in tax under the guie of being a not for profit organisation

  3. ex-cultie permalink
    August 24, 2011 8:58 am

    As much as I dislike AOL’s corruption and despise their methods, relying on Agni Shridhar, a known corrupt gangster and mafioso for unbiased action is like reading the Daily Mail for factual news, both are the wrong sources. Agni Shridhar has a lot of political and underworld connections, and any action by him should be viewed with suspicion, as we would view AOL’s fundraising or so-called charitable activities.

    To me it looks like some powerful gangsters and politicians want a piece of the AOL pie, AOL forgot to pay them off or some AOL higher ups offended said gangsters, and now they’re facing the heat. Politics / gangsterism / business as usual in India.

  4. v s s permalink
    August 24, 2011 12:11 pm

    . no one can doubt the veracity of this blog or the current post or any of the posts … (i shall follow up with a detailed comment soon) …

    . i logged in just now … to report … that in an interview with rajdeep sardesai (just a few minutes ago) … ssrs just said that anna hazare is known in maharashtra but he is known in 151 countries … if this is not megalomania, then what is ? … if this isn’t arrogance, then what is ? … if this isn’t delusional, then what is ? … there is no doubt in anybody’s mind about the iconic stature of anna hazare (whether or not one agrees with him) … and there can be no doubt about the fact that it cannot and should not be compared with that of any so called “spiritual guru” … ssrs also abused the opportunity to attack aruna roy of the NCPRI for not joining IAC because of his presence …

    A. that’s a narrow view

    (whether or not one agrees with her version of the bill, it is distinctly different from that of the IAC version, so this is again a case ssrs thinking that it’s about him because he thinks everything is about him)

    B. that also reflects on how disrespectful he is towards women

    (the fact that she is a respected social activist–whether or not one agrees with her views–only makes it worse)

    . to women in aol: please leave aol … your so called “guru” has no respect for women … he abused air space … he attempted to falsely discredit a respected social activist by referring to her as someone who is prejudiced … this is alarming … the state and status of women in aol worries me … forget being positive and compassionate … he was outright negative and disrespectful …

    . additionally, when rajdeep sardesai said that one of the reasons why anna hazare is a hero is his simplicity … ssrs said the reason was anna hazare’s “intent” … ssrs was not just sounding irrational and disrespectful … but also bizarre … rajdeep sardesai actually ended the interview with a tongue-in-cheek smile saying … “so materialism and spiritualism can co exist says ssrs” …

    . to the owners of this blog: please upload the video of the interview as soon as it is uploaded on … it’s extremely insightful … it validates the essence of what this blog has been expressing relentlessly … (thanks in advance) …

    • Meditator permalink
      August 26, 2011 8:13 am

      Here’s a link to the interview. Watch from 19minutes and 20 seconds. The entire interview exposes the self proclaimed guru. He claims that the Silver Jubilee function in Berlin was organised by Europeans and he just went to attend it. Liar Liar Liar. All of us know the mails that Bawa and co were sending out to rope in more people. Teachers were asked to personally call up people to like the facebook page that had been created.

      SSRS’s arrogance clearly shows in this interview. Great work Rajdeep.

    • Anonymous permalink
      August 27, 2011 7:44 am

      How does calling Aruna Roy prejudiced make him disrespectful to women. Aruna Roy reports directly to Sonia Gandhi as Sonia Gandhi is the chairperson of NAC, so with all probability she is prejudiced.

  5. v s s permalink
    August 29, 2011 12:57 pm

    . is it your view that everyone who reports to sonia gandhi is prejudiced ? … or, is it the art of living foundation’s view that everyone who reports to sonia gandhi is prejudiced ? … is it also the art of living foundation’s view that everyone’s views are the views of those they report to ? … do all members of the art of living foundation believe that everyone who reports to anyone has the same views as those they report to ? … are you saying that everyone all over the world who has a boss has the same views as their boss ? … is this line of thinking and perception of the world endorsed by the art of living foundation ? … are you encouraged to think exactly like your boss ? … are you saying that everyone in the art of living foundation has the same views on everything that ssrs has ? … are you saying that diversity is not respected in the art of living foundation ? … are you saying that it is a cult which does not in any way encourage individuals to have their own views ? … are you saying that according to the art of living foundation, the whole world is made of cults in which the boss is the cult leader and everyone who reports to him or her has the same views as the boss ? … is this what has been indoctrinated in the art of living foundation ? … well … then … that’s precisely the point that this blog has been trying to make … the art of living foundation is a cult that does not respect individuals and their inalienable right to their own views … it controls minds as cults do … for more information, please read the following … … and i sincerely hope that you will be able to regain control over your mind soon … for your own sake … truly … your comment is distressing beyond measure … if only you could tell … take care …

  6. stupidseeker permalink
    August 30, 2011 6:43 am

    ravi shankar has always been prejudiced towards those who have seen him for what he actually is, a business man selling spirituality.

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