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How Sri Sri Uses Knowledge to Enslave Devotees

September 25, 2011

by anonymous

Originally posted in response to this comment:

Quite frequently when I was teaching, I witnessed spontaneous healing manifest in class. At that time because I was brainwashed I would insist with all my participants that it was only because of the grace of SriSri. However, in actuality it had been happening even in those times when I had not been introduced to AOL. It continues to happen after I have left AOL. And, if anyone wants to understand better how this works and how you can make it work for you…. please find Bruce Lipton and/or Greg Braden on youtube and listen to their videos. This is about being fully informed and educated.

Also, you may want to read Herbert Benson’s books. He is an American cardiologist and the founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. You will be exposed to much scientific evidence that most of the human body’s ailments are psychosomatic. Switch your belief system and your body changes (instantly). Dr Bruce Lipton makes easily understandable, scientific illustrations as to how this actually works and how spontaneous healing is effected by change in our belief system / attitude. His style is also very passionate and speaks from his heart. Great viewing actually.

The point is that none of the formal education systems teach us about the magic and functioning of our own human systems (mind and body). All of us mostly take our bodies and minds for granted and do not bother to study or investigate them. Our curiosity about this has never been allowed to grow (especially amazed that it happens within AOL when it is supposed to be spiritual school…..Imagine a debate in Visalakshi Mandap between the world’s best Pranic healers and AOL practitioners). That will never happen, because AOL has to keep its current audience in control and keep them together like a herd. My God….if this audience realises that the magic exists elsewhere and all over the place and that they are not necessarily tied to AOL to experience it…..WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ?
Can’t milk them and tax them anymore can we ?

A little bit of a wild example…just to illustrate a point. It is like this… have never seen a car in your life. Even if you see one you would not recognize it or know that it is a vehicle to move things around. And now, you have come to me seeking something. Your life is stressed, dull and difficult…or so it seems, you seek answers and solutions. You need some magic to re-enter your life. You filled out an application form, so I know you live with your grandmother and your home address. I blindfold you, walk you a little, sit you down, and drive the car for 1 hr, all the while playing you music you love. Before long you are in your grandmother’s house. I slowly guide you out of the car and then remove the blindfold. And for you its sheer magic, after all you were just sitting down and listening to music now you suddenly materialised your Grand mom’s house. Amazing. And since your only interaction was with me you attribute the special powers to me. I also know about aircrafts, spaceships, the structure of the fractal universe, the various energy systems that drive the human body, the relationship between these energy sources and the human mind, and many of these principles apply strongly to all other subjects that interest humans. Now, I can do 1 of 2 things. Share them all with you provided you want to learn and then you are free. But, the risk here is that, if I shared all of this with you and educated you about all of this, I will lose your adulation. After all I am not the one that made the car or the aircraft or the spaceship. I just happened to stumble on them (or somebody else showed them to me). I did not create these things. Hence to not lose your adulation, I have to keep this hidden and make it more mysterious as if only I can reproduce them.

Now you go around tom tomming and proclaiming to the whole world that I am God and that I moved you some 40 km in a very short time which is impossible for us human’s to do. I don’t stop you….AND am happy with all the adulation/admiration I get. A crowd starts to follow me wherever I go. In fact, soon, I get addicted to it. Its like a drug. I like the adulation so much, that I never want to lose it. Then I start to live in fear that I may someday lose it. I fear this, because I have been manipulative. I engineered this situation, knowing fully that I was not the creator of the car. My insecurity forces me to develop systems that nobody, yes nobody ever figures out how the car works. So I camouflage it. I hide it. I disguise it. I make sure that none of you is ever exposed to another car from another car maker. If any of you find out the truth, which is bound to happen, in secret I make you my partner in business. However the hidden understanding here is that I am still head honcho and you play 2nd fiddle to me. After all you too for many years created this branding of me being the ULTIMATE savior. After some time some of you partners suddenly awaken to the fact that you do want to be a part of the scam anymore and are unhappy about misleading innocent people. I cant let this happen. This will expose my whole game. So, I badmouth you and do my very best to keep the rest of the herd from following you or even questioning your move. Soon I observe that other scam artists like me have developed other systems and are doing very well. I get jealous, I want them to fail, so my supremacy is not threatened. Its all about timing and when each one of the scam artists started. The earlier guy always feels threatened by the newer entrant. They are eating into his pie. I hope you can see the parallels here. (Nithy, Ramdev)

Now, lets take the case of the reported miracle of the dad being cured of his lung cancer. It could also be any one of the following

1. The doctors goofed and were reporting on somebody else’s Catscan. This happens all the time. However once you plant into someones mind that they have cancer, they start suffering immediately because they trust the doctor, do not question the bad news and most importantly their own mind now starts to panic. Obviously you will feel unwell.

2. The healing (if at all it was needed) could have also have very well happened because of all the prayers of the loved ones. And prayers work…all the time. Thats a whole subject in itself. How to pray and what to pray for. How not to pray. Much of it can be learned from the movie “The secret”. If we notice we will see the relatives were completely sincere, did EVERYTHING they could without holding back on intent, money, effort for dad. For those few days and hours their one and only intent was hat dad recover and become well. They manifested it.

How many of the relatives know and have faith in the power of their own prayers ???

3. The point is that if these people should do the same to another person (other than dad) that is needy with the same intensity they will find that their will manifests again. And it will work again….and again…..The process is the same. Existence has to re-arrange the furniture to suit your will. It works for you, so you can discover your own creative genius. And there are rules that you need to use to communicate clearly to existence what you want. That is all.

4. Take the art of living blessing course for eg. It has been working or not working for you way before you put yourself through the course. You were not aware of it thats all. That, IT is made to look like some major transference thingie is happening from the source (Sri Sri) thru his Blessing teachers and then onto you and NOW you can finally bless someone… just a scam process utilized by some twisted minds playing with your low self esteem (Yes low self esteem…..hiw so ? Well, afterall it is you who subscribed to the philosophy that only the AOL teachers and Guruji could bless and you could not since you were not pure enough). Now, do not get me wrong. Deciding to go to the blessing course is in itself a great step. You got out of the rut, decided that its time you have more of yourself to the world…..which is beautiful. That itself will make it work. The rest is just symbolic and irrelevant. It is your readiness that makes it work. However, at no time take the credit away from your willingness to start, to explore, to see, to experience, to transfer and importantly to connect and acknowledge the love and compassion in your own heart. This is what makes things really work, not the 1000s of Rupees you paid or the so called guru grace as is attributed to within the AOL circles.

5. Forget about how sad your past has been. Forget about any guilt that you may have ever held within you. Right at this moment, just go sit next to another human in need. Just be there for them. Listen to them intently and wholly. Bless them (you don’t even have to touch them to do this) with all your heart and pray to existence to deliver the best results to them so they can be peaceful and happy……..

Be completely alert and alive to what happens next (the less you doubt yourself the faster the result) and once you acknowledge to yourself as to what has transpired …simply enjoy every moment of the rest of your journey. Its time….

  1. September 27, 2011 3:56 pm

    Sri Sri & Deepak Chopra: Should spiritual saffron sup with political saffron?

    • Meditator permalink
      September 28, 2011 5:50 am

      A comment posted on the same article

      This guy, RaviShankar…..resides and practices his profession in Bangalore…..When Anna hazare took to protesting in Delhi, he went there to show his support to him. Instead, he could have done the same dharna in Bangalore against illegal mining and corruption in Karnataka, instead he opted to Kar…..naatak…. The problem with these guys is, they are selective when it comes to spirituality or fairness….they are not the fair lot….these are opportunistic type of kalyug swamis, they are into this as a profession, and it is a great paying profession Man!! This guys has taken favours from so many politicians in Karnataka, he owns large swathe of very expensive lands, he cannot dare annoy them…. Rishis and Munis are non-existent now…and comparing these fakes with the Rishis of yore is “ghore Paap”. Being surrounded with luxury and talking God and spirituaity is very easy and I will quit my engineering job anyday for such an easy profitable job! If this guy travels in third class trains and travels in Bangalore BTS busses and still goes on with his good work, then only his work is commendable! Jai Rational Thinking Indians…Jai Hind

  2. Amit Bhat permalink
    September 28, 2011 1:32 pm


    Good elaborate post to prove a point however it could have been more objective rather than focussing only on Sri Sri I feel. In fact all the healers have been capitalizing on your inherent but dormant capacity to heal yourself…

    Yet for a serious thinker the more important point to ponder would be whether the phenomeon of healing fits the law of Karma.. The action and fruits thereof? Whether interveing in the suffering of another person (it is his karma payback) is of any value and virtue?

    Masters and healers would always be there casting spells of miraclous healing however the one who makes you responsible for your action is THE Master in my opinion for he gives you a method to create a life which is free of sufferring. The healing at the level of body is not the only thing to look at.. there is more to it, only if we dare to look beyond. This is what I have learnt being in company of Acharya Agyaatdarshan. He prefers to gives the magic wand in your hands instead..


  3. stupidseeker permalink
    September 28, 2011 3:32 pm

    @Amit Bhat
    “Yet for a serious thinker the more important point to ponder would be whether the phenomeon of healing fits the law of Karma.. The action and fruits thereof? Whether interveing in the suffering of another person (it is his karma payback) is of any value and virtue?”

    So if intervening in cases of sickness isn’t good for a persons karma then a physician who heals a patient of his ailment has actually done his patient a disservice?????
    So also If a child is vaccinated against, say, polio it’s actually doing the child a disservice since if the child developed polio later in life it would be good for his karma?? Modern medicine today does not have a cure for cancer yet.

  4. stupidseeker permalink
    September 28, 2011 3:34 pm

    So those dying of cancer today are merelyy suffering the fruits of their past karma. No point then of doinng any kind of intervention then since that might not be good for the pateints karma??

    • Anonymous permalink
      September 29, 2011 6:24 am

      stupidseeker please watch this video.

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