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Business Lessons from the Master

October 6, 2011

by anonymous

My partners and I were looking to buy land for commercial reasons (We are in Agri processing business for over 20 years). We are all devotees of Guruji. So we decided to visit Bangalore for Navaritiri and do land survey and if possible acquisition. We can then get 2 fruits with one stone (you see AOL made us vegetarian, we dont do birds anymore).

I am a great admirer of Guruji. He had nothing in the beginning. No money, No land, No Guru….and see where he is today. He still has no Guru but see how many gurus he has created from just thin air. And they are all working towards bringing in world pieces to him. By taking care of the individual. and ….it has a multiplying effect. More peace in individuals, meaning more peaceful world. While the peace is multiplying abundance manifests in our piece (more land, more money, more power…etc).

Also, you see its about Vasudeva Kudumbakam. Anyone of us can use all of these ashram land and buildings for our own use. Its come from all our contributions. Guruji himself says, all of this belongs to you, treat it like your home. I know Guruji I told him, but its so risky to own all this, I cannot pay the property or the income taxes, for now you only keep it, on our behalf. Just manage it as you have been doing it for the last 30 years. The last thing I want after sending all my donations to you is also to pay tax for something I legally do not own. He laughed at my fear. Anyway, what I did not tell him was that renting Visalakshi mandap for a day is really expensive for me. I thought he might think I am being very money minded.

The ashramites were so busy and so beautiful during this Navaratiri. I was happy so see such brisk business. So many poojas. So many opportunities to donate for good causes. So many foreigners getting married. And the billing per wedding I was told running into lakhs of rupees. I look at it 20 years back….we did not have so many products, only Sudarshan Kriya. And now….wow.

Seeing all this I decided I should get some land driving distance from the ashram. This way I can get some real time lessons in doing good business and methods to do them paying as little tax as possible. Also, I think I can get some volunteers, from the ashram, in case they are bored with what they are doing. I found that many of them are bored doing the same thing everyday. In fact they are very busy only when Guruji is there. Whenever he is travelling, they are quite free and there is no work pressure. One should not work under pressure….especially when you have to bring in world peace. Since Guruji blessed my project, I can say this is also Guruji’s work and I am sure I can get volunteers for work in my business. That way my overheads are less.

I looked around and I saw that Guruji had a lot of land on both sides of the road and I was told that Sumeru realty had some land interests too. On checking with them, I could get not much help or direction, They were very keen to sell me land at commercial prices for Villa or even an apartment but they would not tell me how to get Agricultural land. So I inquired myself and I came to understand from the authorities that if you are not from Karnataka and if your ancestors have not been farmers, the Karnataka government does not allow you to own agri land. Similar rules apply for companies. There its even more complicated. However, that is not true, I know that the government was lying, after all Guruji is not from Karnataka, Guruji’s father is from Papanasam TN. So there must be a way around this…I know this. So, I prayed to Guruji for answers.

The master always hears a devotee’s prayer. Mine was sincere. I got the below email. Today. Wonderful. His grace is boundless. Silently, with just the click of the mouse, I realised the solution through my blackberry.

Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

You are invited to attend / watch live webcast (open for All) of the talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on ‘Ayurveda – An Ancient Treasure for Global Health’ on the occassion of inauguration of Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research Hospital.
Date: 7 October 2011

Event/Webcast Timings:

5:30 pm IST (Inauguration function of Hospital)

6:30 pm IST (Talk by Sri Sri at Art of Living International Center, Bangalore)

Link to watch webcast: OR

Note: The link to watch live webcast will be activated on 7 Oct 2011 as per the schedule

All are welcome to attend this event! Please share with all!

Art of Living Webteam


Now I know what to do. All I have to do is start an educational organisation and I will get Agri land I need. Just clever documentation is needed to make my Agri business look like a education business. Hey, maybe I will even set up an NGO that for free will propagate some knowledge from my business. Volunteers can do this and that is also free marketing for me. I can feel that one day I will also be famous. Today, every lamp post in the south of Bangalore is adorned with AOL posters for the last 1 week announcing the Hospital and AOL Ayurveda Hospital and other initiatives. Guruji is an expert on strategy. Once when interviewed and asked how come he never made hospitals, he said, I am in the business of keeping people healthy. I dont need hospitals. But today, you see, he is forced to make a hospital. he realises the need for it. If you do not make your devotees feel better how can they continue to work for you for a longer time. ? Any good businessman will realise his mistakes and make amendments. My Guru is great.

Now, I have seen what you are all posting on this Blog. Baap re, you all seem to know a lot about what is happening behind the scene. So, I want to make friends with all of you now itself. Please please do not write about me and my ventures, it could hurt my business. You are all welcome to my land/ashram/business when it starts. You will know it is me when you see me.

Our secret code word is “jaigurublog”….just whisper that to my security guys at the gate and everything else is taken care off by me. And…….pssssssstttttt…..keep this our secret…this is just between me and all you nice bloggers.

  1. v s s permalink
    October 7, 2011 6:55 am

    . i’m amazed at what’s going on in the name of the art of living … inside and outside the ashram … thank you for this rather insightful post … i hope that people who are getting manipulated by AoL are able to see through the tactics being deployed to manipulate them as well as to manipulate the state government …

  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 7, 2011 11:47 am

    Comes this time of the year and I shiver …. but, there it goes, one more year and … did he not win the NPP??? Is it still the “stress” of the planet and its bad karma that does not let Norway see through really who deserves this prize? Or is he still “gracing” us by protecting his devotees from winning it because they are not ready to handle the consequences? Well, as he said often, “the world is not ready for so much ‘light’.” I am happy the world is not ready yet. The day it is, it’s doomed. In the meantime, there are people whose lives and legacy are worth remembering and a true inspiration of real change: Thank you Steve Jobs for changing our world.

  3. freeagaiin permalink
    October 7, 2011 11:28 pm

    May not be the appropriate place to add this comment, however when you look at the calibre of Nobel Peace Prize Winners who really work towards peace and improving the quality of life for all of humanity, without gimmicks and schemes and the intention of making money, how on earth did this charltan get the idea that he could attain a Nobel Peace Prize. Peace is not about money. Peace is not about conversion. Peace is not about publicity. Peace comes from within.

    • Shankar permalink
      October 8, 2011 6:34 am

      The Nobel peace prize is a farce. Terrorists like Yaseer Arafat, war criminals like Henry Kissinger, and people with questionable contributions like Al Gore and Obama get it. People who really contributed to peace like Gandhi don’t.

      I don’t know which one is more crooked – the nobel prize or SSRS.

      • freeone permalink
        October 10, 2011 1:51 am

        No questions there, THE ONE wanting the NPP desperately.

  4. v s s permalink
    October 9, 2011 2:28 pm

    . it is baffling to see … that while Anna Hazare is frantically trying to deny any links with the RSS and the BJP, SSRS is praising and recommending the RSS and the BJP … not only did he release a book by the BJP President, Nitin Gadkari, he also shared the dais with a senior RSS functionary (Suresh Soni) … here’s a link to a report on that event in the web edition of india today …

    . here’s an excerpt … from a report on the same event … featured in today’s indian express (the sunday express) … (print edition; it’s not in the web edition yet) …

    “Even as Team Anna is fending off allegations of RSS link, another founder of India Against Corruption, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on Saturday shared the dais with senior Sangh functionary, Suresh Soni, for the launch of Nitin Gadkari’s 24 speeches, and said they had sought BJP’s help over Jan Lokpal.

    When I met Nitinji (Gadkari), I had asked for his help towards Jan Lokpal. He told me he will look into it (the Jan Lokpal Bill) and will extend his support if he found it beneficial for the country. Ultimately he honoured the promise he had made to me. We need people like this to provide leadership to the society.”

    . even the staunchest critics of Anna hazare … don’t deny the fact that Anna Hazare is a simple man who leads a spartan life … he lives in a temple … and doesn’t even have a bank account … let alone millions … he hasn’t made a business out of anything … let alone spiritualism …

    . i’d really like to know from the members of AoL why they serve someone who is openly discrediting Anna Hazare … one may not agree with Anna Hazare’s tactics … but how can one justify this kind of dilution of what Anna Hazare stands for … he is not pro-BJP … he recently went all out to criticize the Modi government for its biased actions against Sanjiv Bhatt … and, he has always been critical of the RSS … constantly condemning their attempts to claim any sort of credit for the success of the anti-corruption movement …

    . i also want to know if all members of AoL are pro-BJP and pro-RSS … and, i want to know how the link between spiritual allegiance and political allegiance is explained in AoL circles ? … how does “guru dharma” apply in this context ? … does the “guru” decide who you vote for ? … and, if he does, then how is that a democratic practice ? … what exactly is the point of living in a multi-party democracy if we can’t exercise our freedom to select which party we want to vote for ? …

  5. anonymous permalink
    October 11, 2011 2:19 pm

    “What you put your attention on grows strong in your life.”
    “What you see you become.”

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

    I think I’ll start ignoring Shrew Shrew Raving Shennanigans…. :-))

  6. canon permalink
    October 17, 2011 4:09 am

    Nowadays Apple is called a religion. Apple computers!!! Check it.
    Politics is named political science!!!
    Those who have no spirit or courage to face life be it medicine, problems, your own sickness or a few visits courses at AOL better not speak about spirit-uality with the duality in their mind.
    I have seen many Baba’s, Sanyasis, Swamis fake Gurus in India abroad ranging from white westerners to people of Indian subcontinent and stringent life of Lamas in Monastries!!!
    May me that’s what the initiator of the blog is like.
    Be it advocacy for something or criticizing something got till the end of the road. May be end your life and then speak a word like “Hey Ram”- Gandhi.

    • Pankaja permalink
      October 17, 2011 9:36 am

      Will the blog owners also go to hell and become an earthworm or chicken in their next life. Surely Guruji does control all this right.

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