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Lies, Damned Lies, and even more Lies

October 12, 2011

by anonymous

Forget the ethics, principles and values. You are the whole and soul and master of a large business. You made friends in high places that helped you acquire prime government real estate at throw away prices / terms to run your so called educational trusts. In the process many documents and deeds had to be signed. These are hidden and secret at the present time but then nothing can also be undone about some of these. Fortunately or unfortunately, when the government is not very well computerised, the documents are lying all over the place in different places (Village records, sub-urban development offices, Land registrar, lawyer’s office, volunteer’s homes, and so on). There could be clear trails (or lack there of)…both of which are damaging if and when they come out.

Thieves in arms. Is Yeddy is innocent of any corruption… one has a doubt on this. Now when Yeddy visits SriSri as below

What do you think issued as a conversation. Were they alone or were all the hang outs also there ? Do you think their discussion was around the following

a.  The present moment is inevitable ?

b.  Accept situations and people as they are ?

c.  Don’t be a football….

d.  Forget politics Yeddy, look at me, its enlightenment that is important, remember ?

Now the man takes the movement in his own direction. Another link to substantiate the above book launch bit.

You are not in a position to allow your dear fellow brother in crime to suffer. Because then he may talk. He may be sued in a criminal court. He may then cough up and expose everything that has happened before.

SriSri tactics will follow some basic guidelines. They are

1. Create uncertainty and doubt (this he does with everybody……). The Master is unpredictable.

2. Go where some more publicity can be had (read free advertising)

3. Create masterful diversions so the real issue is lost in a spaghetti island. He is now telling all AOL BW devotees not to support the Anna Hazare movement because too many right wing elements have been let in. Ha Ha….who let them in ?

4. Vindictive, it is my guess that Arvind, Anna and co figured out the devious man. They all used each other at launch time. Over the course of the next 6 months up to the time of the recentDelhievents it became clear who and what SriSri is. Afterall Anna and Co are not wet behind the ears. So they masterfully eased SriSri out. The indication was clear when SriSri was the only one to appear for a team Anna meeting. Arvind and Bhushan abstained from the meeting proclaiming that there was too much media presence. Then later on the same day, on TV SriSri himself proclaimed to the media that team Anna will be represented by Arvind and Co, and that his job as mediator is over and he is heading back. (Read to lick his wounds). Who gave him that job description ?. Who authorized him to represent team Anna. These are all self proclaimed statements of  a devious mind. He has access to media and he gets a statement out first. He will even furnishes data that cannot be validated and his BW devotees will get creative about spinning the stories to justify the Master’s statement. You need to exercise your thinking a little….if you can that is. Here are some egs

1.  We had 2.5 Million people come for Silver Jubilee ( Pl go to google earth. Check out Jakkur airfield’s dimensions. The perimeter at its maximum best will be 2.65 km. The usable area needs to be calculated after minus-ing  parking, stalls, toilets, stage, perimeter fencing, any other vacant unused areas. So length available for SJ function would have AT BEST been 650 m x  350 m. Area is 227,500 Sq m. Assuming it was packed FULLY with only people. 1 Sq m per person (thats seriously cramping it) on an average.That’s 2.3 Lakhs people (Max). It was the same set of people that came on all 3 days. So SriSri simply multiplied this by a factor of 10 and claimed 2.5 Million people.

2.  May 2010 – The Assassin tried to kill me. I know it was an attempt on my life. Oh!!, it was a farmer who was shooting at dogs. Which version do you believe ?…when there so many interesting ones ? ( ). Common Dear Godman since when did Dogmen start hitting on you ?

3.  AOL has adopted 25,000 villages ( ). Anybody seen at least 250 fully adopted village or even 25, or even 1 ? Any idea what it would cost to adopt a village. Lets say 1 Rupee per person per day for a 1000 people village (thats the Indian average). Thats 30 million rupees every day now since the year 200x ?.

4. We love the environment. We will plant a billion trees. ( ). If each tree costs at least Rs 10 (20 US Cents say at that time) that is a cool US$ 200 million and then the costs of planting each tree will be at least another Rs 10 (actually much more since its a very dis-organised distributed volunteer setup and not at all mechanized). Thats 400 MillionUS$.  The cost of maintaining these trees over their life time. Each of the Billion trees will need at least US$ 1 worth of water every month ? No ? Thats a recurring US$ 12 Billion every year from the AOL treasury. WOW !!!! Whatever happened to this stuff.

And there are tons of such examples.

The poor average AOL devotee is fed stories after stories after stories and they still do not see it coming ???.

When a man can fib about all this. What else could he be lying about ? Anyone within the AOL camp knows that these numbers originate from him and him alone. When he can lie about trivial things….and furnish such BS numbers……what else is he BS-ing about.

There is only one clear conclusion that one can arrive after all this….in he AOL parlance, becoming a good zombie is an important step towards becoming enlightened.

Hmmmm…..When-lightened of your wealth, your family and friends, your self esteem, and your brains……. there would be just one thing left…you become an honorary member of the un-enlightenned club. But you will need to reserve your seats in advance…..we already have a waiting list of a 30,000 villages (About 30 million people), 2.5 million people from 2006. So even if  we take a 1000 members every working  day that is going to take us the NEXT 100 years to do. We hope you got the cue….otherwise its going to be a one long queue…..

  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 12, 2011 4:17 pm


    What a beautiful time this Navratri..Guruji did not go into Maun..he took 2
    powerful meditations for all advance course participants everyday.. and the
    best part was that HE made everyone do open eyed meditations…some of the
    participants that did the Advance course said everything that they had read
    in Shiv Sutra…Guruji gave them the experience….one batch he kept in 6
    days silence and the other batch he kept in silence for 10 days! 1300 forign
    nationals and an equal number of Indias did the Navratri Advance course.

    Guruji was in a great mood and gave darshan twice to every devotee on
    Ashtami…On Navami day, he called all the teachers to Vishalakshi. He asked
    each one of us to give ideas on “How to improve Navratri pujas…He
    said…9500 people were staying in the ashram…every place was full of
    people except Vishalakshi!!!(laughter) he spoke of the homas and this was
    the first time when 5 Homas were performed together on the 7th day…beacuse
    of pitaji’s death…he said…”amma organised the pujas for 16 years and
    then bhanu has been doing this for the last 11 years…he said…”paanchon
    kalashon ke paani ka swabhav alag alag tha…one kalash was so hot…and the
    other was ice cold…the densities of water in each kalash was
    different…even the fragrance of water in each kalash was different…the
    water was so heavy…very high density…like liquid mercury…when it was
    poured from one foot on my head…it seemed like i was sitting under a big
    waterfall…so much was the intensity…we are the only place which revived
    this beautiful tradition of pujas…34 pujas happened all over the country
    this time…so many children have got trained in our vedic school and they
    went for the pujas…today we invoked the 7 rishis and it is a thanksgiving
    day….the tradition of being grateful to the past present and future
    sadgurus..the effect of the navratri pujas reaches at least 3 generations…

    Someone asked about the kalash on chandi homa and how difficult it was to
    lift it…he replied…kalash mein chaitanya shakti badh jaati hai..aur koi
    use utha nahin sakta…then guru comes to control the energy…only the guru
    can handle this energy…can kriya be conducted without the presence of a
    teacher?? …No….similarly this special puja cannot be conducted without
    the presence of a perfect master…even the pundits who come from all the
    different traditions come here only on the condition that I will be there…

    “two years back i said after navratri…something new is going to come…and
    then the Blessing course came…i will again this year something new will
    come….(everyone claps)….”

    “Now all teachers need to reverse roles with me….you all come to me with a
    problem…and expect a solution…now i will share problems and you give me
    solutions(laughter)…someone said..Oh Guruji you never give us
    problems…to which he replied…”whenever i have to come to a city..ask the
    organisers…you will know(everyone in pits of laughter…)

    Finally when someone asked what is the sewa we need to do? to which he
    said…next year we will do something very BIG in Delhi Mharashtra and
    Gujarat together and *for now each teacher needs to focus on taking more and
    more courses and nurturing volunteers….2-3 teachers need to take courses




  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 12, 2011 7:20 pm

    I received this email today. Look where the pressure is coming from for more courses.
    Touching so many peoples lives or touching their purses?.

    Dear All,

    This morning at around 10:40 EST, the AOL inception team got a call from Guruji. It was the best gift that any of us could have asked for. Even though the call ended a hour ago , the excitement of being there with him is still fresh in our hearts. When xxxxx mentioned to Guruji that we organized 103 people Part 1 courses in Sunnyvale within the last 30 days , Guruji said “Good Good” and then he immediately responded by saying , take it to 1000 people part1 course and subsequently take them to Part2.

    In short the Master has given us a DIRECT instruction that we can’t afford to relax…. We should bring as many people as possible to this wonderful knowledge.

    On behalf of the inception team , I just wanted to share this with you all because the only way we can have Guruji in the bay area is by organizing big courses.I am sure if we all take a strong sankalpa, then it is certainly going to manifest.


  3. Dont permalink
    October 13, 2011 4:27 am

    I have been an antagonist of Art of living in the past. But, I have come to realize that there are other more harmful cults out there which are violent and intolerant like Mainstream Islam which is spread out on this planet on a massive scale.

    Only one cult can take on another. Therefore, it is best that at least a psychologically harmful cult like Art of living takes on a rabidly violent and psychologically destructive cult like Mainstream Islam which was invented in 7th century. Since, it is so widespread, people both in it and outside it have actually lost the realization that at it’s core, it is a cult. Feel free to examine it’s core and discover it for yourself.

    Art of living still is infinitely better than than mainstream Islam. So, from now on, I am going to leave Art of Living to it’s own destiny and not create any further opposition to it.

  4. Dont permalink
    October 13, 2011 4:33 am

    Also, If you think my comment above is worth posting it and emailing it around. Please feel free to do so in all anti-cult communities.

  5. Dont permalink
    October 13, 2011 2:43 pm

    That is why Art of Living folks who are reading this would be best advised and encouraged to go recruit orthodox Muslims and leave normal people living their daily lives alone 🙂 I think all orthodox/fundamentalists/passionate people share the same temperaments. Therefore, they will find great disciples amongst orthodox muslims if they really try.

  6. October 15, 2011 3:57 am

    Muslims are not all that bad, some great Sufi saints have come out from amongst them. But yes Islam is also definitely a cult and a violent one indeed. More ever they think that violence in the name of religion is good and legitimate thing to do.

    Christianity is better as they use social service to propagate their religion, and restrict their marketing efforts to pamphlets, seminars, and all legitimate marketing skills. Though it has its fall outs too as the religious propagators usually are unable to rein some urges :).

    • anonymous permalink
      October 15, 2011 12:40 pm

      I’ve long been a fan of the idea of a separate country set aside for those who wish to fight over dogmas of various types. It never occurred to me that there could be a separate country just for the “idea” people to sit and talk each other to death! LOL What a great idea that would be — Just take all the extreme Madrassas, all the AOL fanatics, any and all right wing Christian types, you name it — if it’s extreme, it’s welcome! And they get their own little country, where each fights to make their own idealistic mish-mash into the WAY! And if one group doesn’t like it, they can argue with the other, etc ad naseum. What fun! 🙂 In this corner we have AOL singing their hearts out! The guru is swaying on the stage! Louder! Louder! In that corner, we have extremist Islam, chanting the Koran, especially the passages about killing infidels! Louder! Louder! And over there on the side we have a Bible thumping Christian with his masses, screaming about Hell-Fire and Brimstone for those who don’t repent right now! Repent! Repent! LOL! This would really be hilarous. I think we should recommend it.

  7. v s s permalink
    October 15, 2011 1:02 pm

    . mr. yeddyurappa was arrested a short while ago … … it seems (from reports on television) that it was a case of illegal land acquisition … i hope investigation leads authorities to RS …

    • anonymous permalink
      October 16, 2011 12:14 pm

      Great Thinking, vss, however it appears that this time SSRS paid the right politicians to leave him alone. But it’s a matter of time, as it always is, before that politician is replaced by someone who didn’t get paid off by AOL. Just a matter of time………

  8. Anonymous permalink
    October 16, 2011 12:33 am
    BANGALORE: The High Court on Friday issued notices to the Department of Minor Irrigation and Art of Living Foundation, following a public interest litigation by Bangalore- based advocate against spiritual guru and Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar alleging illegal encroachment of tank land and construction of illegal buildings.
    The petitioner, N Srirama Reddy alleged that the AOL foundation grabbed three sides of the Udipalyakere Tank in survey no 46 of Kagglipura, Bangalore South Taluk and constructed a structure, which disturbed the ecological balance of the tank.
    Reddy further requested the court to direct the Minor Irrigation Department to demolish all illegal structures constructed on the tank bed area spread over 14.8 hectares and on the length of the canal — 1.6 meters on the left and 1.8 meters on the right.
    The court directed the petitioner on August 12 to furnish relevant documents in this regard.
    On Friday, the petitioner produced documents on the encroachment of tank land and construction of illegal buildings by the AOL. After checking the documents, the court ordered notices to Department of Minor Irrigation and Art of Living Foundation.

  9. freeagaiin permalink
    October 16, 2011 1:06 am

    and hinduism? are they not propanagists of war too? go back to partition when trainloads of muslims were raped and killed? go back even futher to the mahabarata – when gods had to fight brother gods, when wives slept with their husbands brothers. No one is any better – there are bad apples in every bunch.

  10. freeagaiin permalink
    October 16, 2011 1:18 am

    which brings us back to the point therefore that spiritualism is cultivation of the soul and human values – religon is not spiritualism
    there is a subtle difference!

    • anonymous permalink
      October 16, 2011 12:12 pm

      Really Right, Freeagaiin,

      By putting AOL, I hoped people would mentally include groups such as the BJP, RSS, all “hindutva” groups who are as fanatically as any other religions. Basically, my idea is just have a separate country for all of the top people in each, who put out all the ideas, to talk each other to death :-))

  11. October 26, 2011 4:23 pm

    Some breaking news: IBNLIVE showed Sri Sri Ravi Shankar defending the Anna Team. He said only the courts can say they are guilty!!!

    My blog is campaigning against Anna. So his support to the indefensible came as a big disappointment. Some posts that should interest you:

    Audited’ accounts of Kejriwal’s NGO – PCRF, is a sad apology for processes of audit, transparency and accountability!

    Read more:

    Inflated Invoices: Is Flywel Travels a front business of Kiran Bedi?

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