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Scammed by Sumeru Realty

December 9, 2011

by Money Lost

My intention of writing this post is to educate people who are interested in investing with Sumeru Realty, to think before their hard earned money is invested in this venture.(though I wouldn’t recommend it at all)

The Realty Company launched by RS is purely to build flats for the benefits of his devotees, but their prices were so exclusive (High) that only his NRI devotees could be fooled with those rates, a commoner would never buy the flats knowing the rates. The rates on Kanakapura Road, (15kms inside) were nowhere near 3000/sft , but it was Sumeru realty who were the first to price so high.

However, after all the large amounts of money collected by them, they have not even delivered the project in time.

I booked a flat with them in the year 2008 and have paid almost 80% of the money, now the building is still to be completed. The promised dates have all been continuously skipped, and not a single schedule has been maintained so far, and now they say they ‘ll be handing it over by July 2012, which also does not seem to be happening form the information I get and the way in which the work is in progress. It would be a miracle if the project finishes by 2013 Navaratri!! Now I can’t even take back my money and book else where as I would lose large sums of money (thanks to the strange contract they fooled us in to signing as, we customers have no benefit and all the benefits go only to them) . MAKE US PAY, DELAY WORK, AND USE RS’S NAME TO GET AWAY!!. Wonderful scheme to loot people!

The next best thing is that, Sumeru Realty claims that the building is vastu compliant, but the land has the poorest vastu I have ever seen, and several of the apartments have nothing called vastu at all in it. The vastu story is all but a pack of lies and a selling gimmick used by Digvijay (CEO) who himself dosen’t know the difference between plastering and painting. He is all talk and No Work. And RS keeps on encouraging people to invest in such projects.

On digging deeper, I got to know recently that this Project is a “LEARN AS YOU BUILD PROJECT” handled by inexperienced people like Digvijay and his PS Ruchika and a few other Ashramites who aren’t professionals at all. People like us who are investing our hard earned money, for their learning are the only major losers. Delay the project and play double money with our money. BRILLIANT SCHEME!!.

They terminated their contract with Aluwalia Contractors, who were working in the project, and then for months the site was dead. On questioning about this, there is no clear reply from Sumeru. After months of repeated mails and follow-ups, the Sumeru marketing gives us the next finishing date, which is also not met. The people who are handling this project are totally incompetent and are unable to answer any of our queries. I even hear that all the staff of Sumeru has left them due to unethical practices. Starting form irregularities in sanctions and delays in decisions to improper handling of project and funds, to extreme irregularities, the project is yet to see the light of the day.

Enormous amount of Bribes have been paid for this project and RS claims in his satang that he and his organization are very clean and have not paid a rupee bribe in his tenure of 30 years .Such BIG FAT LIERS!!

First let, SSRS Correct the corruption in his organization before he goes around correcting the same in the country. RS turns a blind eye to all the corruption inside his Organisation and is busy playing Political games to correct corruption in the country. Ha Ha ….Such a Do Gooder!!!

  1. fake-harshal permalink
    December 10, 2011 1:32 am

    Don’t worry. Guruji will take of everything. Let go of your attachment to money. Just continue your regular kriya, seva, satsang. You should go for some expensive advanced courses. That will automatically solve your worries.

    • Kitapati permalink
      December 12, 2011 8:41 am


      Scamming again is part of guruji’s grace and it is meant to remove your karma. There were much worse things which could have happened to you. You could have been killed in a plane crash. But Guruji’s grace has ensured that you only get a small hole in your pocket. You should not be negative and accept all this with a smile. You should practice kriya and seva (do some thithing instead of complaining). The money you give to good causes like art of living get registered as good-money-karma in the akashic records and one day you will end up as rich as Bhanu didi and Narasmihan. Do not fall a prey to the llluminati and surrender to Guruji.


  2. Saurabh permalink
    December 10, 2011 9:04 am

    Sue them in court for breach of contract… they cannot indefinitely postpone construction like this.. force them to pay you compensation….

  3. stupidseeker permalink
    December 10, 2011 9:19 am

    Isha foundation, founded by jaggi vasudev, ravi shankars colleague in “enlightenement” is offering 10% discounts for HDFC bank customers on their flagship ” Inner Engineering” program the equivalent of the AOL Part I course. So are the customers of other banks not as spiritually qualified as HDFC customers.

  4. December 11, 2011 10:26 am

    Btw I have heard that Jaggi Vasudev is a TTC1 grad? Any body has any news about this?

  5. stupidseeker permalink
    December 12, 2011 4:11 am


    Must be a rumour put out by the AOLites to show the competition in poor light. Both Jaggi and Ravi Shankar have common roots in Rishi Prabhakar of the SSY.

    • Kitapati permalink
      December 12, 2011 8:58 am

      Jaggi was a student of Rishi Prabhakar and was heading the coimbatore section of Siddha Samashi Yoga. I have met him when he was an SSY and Bhava Samadhi teacher. But later Jaggi realized he is much smarter than Rishi prabhakar and he got the Tirupur textile barons as his patrons and started his own holy business. His programs like Ravishankar’s AOL has borrowed heavily from Rishi Prabhakar. His enlightenment in chamundi hills where he claims to have been ‘stoned’ at the age of 25 was a later creation. In his mysore days he was running a poultry farm, drive around an ‘yezdi bike’ and used to smolke marijuana regularly. Although Jaggi peddles lot of bullshit stories about his past lives and his association with famous gurus (like malladihalli ragavendra swamy) atleast he is more intelligent and articulate than gurus like Rishi PRabhakar and Ravishankar. Case in question, just compare how Jaggi handled Javed Akthar during the india today conclave.

      In the same conclave the previous year Ravishankar was shaking under his dhothi.

      Ravishankar also stole a lot of SSY techniques into AOL in the 90s. Initially he ws close to rishi prabhakar and later he started bad mouthing him. Ravishankar has claimed that Rishi Prabhakar is not enlightened like him the one and only his holiness sri sri.

      • Anonymous permalink
        March 2, 2012 4:23 pm

        Dude Sadhguru’s SSY is Sahaja Stithi Yoga… not Rishi prabakar’s Sidha Samadhi Yoga.
        Wonder where did you get this info. on his association with Rishi prabakar.. Pls share?

  6. Original Anonymous permalink
    December 12, 2011 5:46 pm

    SSRS seems to have learnt from everywhere … I have heard from students of Vipassana that he used to learn here, and I have heard from YSS that he used to learn out there, is this to show him in bad light or did he actually do a deep research, SSRS seems to be very well and deeply researched with his fundas, because he does speak a lot of knowledge on the lines of other enlightened saints.

    When I told my friend who does Vipassana that where ever I see a path I find that SSRS has been there.. he told me when a author has to write a book he reads many more books to see how they are written, so definitely SSRS has done a lot of research for sure ..

    he has a fairly good product . [ i wont say the best products .. coz I have recently seen that the Kriya Yoga of Paramhansa Yogananda ( actually Babaji’s kriya) is much more powerful and blissful.. experience is mind blowing .. ..] only his marketeers seem to be too much into diluting the stuff. Even if the aol marketeers follow modern marketing techniques which are based on customer feedback, pull marketing rather than mindless push marketing they would do much better… for example mercedes has an excellent product, and hence they sell, if AoL focuses on providing better customer service then they would do so much better than what they are doing now . i mean not in terms of numbers but in terms of retaining their customers. mercedes, rolls royce, etc all sell without having sales people go around door to door telling people to buy .. because their products are amazing ..

    If AoL actually tells the devotees that they are customers and not devotees, then how less complicated things would be, people would happily come again and again to do the courses, since they know they are not disciples to a Guru, they are part of a good man doing good work.. no burden of disciple ship, no fear of trying out other techniques, so much more freedom so much more goodwill for AoL.. people would happily recommend this as a product.. and I feel it would spread more … by spread moret I mean people would tend to buy this product again and again … for example a good actors movie people will watch again and again for they know that after they movie they are not his disciples . .right now not many people stick around to do AoL courses again and again … they may do a Yes!+/Part 1 and go ahead and do a Part2/yes!++ but after DSN I m sure most of them drop out .. becoz the image of the organization goes for a toss.. people feel that this organization is only into getting more registrations. modern marketing techniques focus on improving the business techniques .. and companies focus on things like customer satisfaction etc etc .. AoL does not follow any of these modern day marketing techniques.. teachers/volunteers are artificially polite or naturally rude.. no care of the customer at all .. modern businesses do not follow such tactics..

    Read any book on marketing say Philip Kotler and you will see the main focus not on satisfying the customer but delighting him, which may be through a complete money back policy if customer dissatisfied, or may be a complimentary product if they have a no money back policy.. etc .. Also if they increase the salaries(proper salaries followed by other NGOs such as Green Peace) of the full timers things would be much better, the full timers will work really professionally … giving their 100% and not sucking devotees/customers, which in turn would lead to happier customers/devotees.. Btw Green Peace an NGO which works totally on funds raised by its staff from the people and does not accept grants from anywhere pays its employees at par with the corporate companies .. and in turn does a lot of good work too.. everybody is working there and also doing service..

    Just a suggestions for AoL if they really want to implement.. and help themselves and the organization ..

  7. Anonymous permalink
    December 13, 2011 6:47 pm

    I think Harshal would like to see only what he wants… he will not reply to this post

  8. Anonymous permalink
    December 17, 2011 5:16 am

    Hmmmmm we are now talking about the Bangalore Realty Shows……

    Hoodwinked investors ideally should to go consumer court. That is if you do not like being screwed this way. And in court, unless the consumer has fabricated and falsified data, in most cases (95% +) are resolved in the consumer’s favour and it gets done in less than 6 months. Also, in consumer court your lawyer can represent you. You do not have to appear in person.

    Before you go there, with your lawyers help, get all the necessary documents using the Rights To Information Act Channel…. Do this by by yourself. Sumeru Realty must also have furnished you with a set of such documents prior to purchase in 2008. This includes the Deed Of Declaration for the Property, All the approved Design Documents (Structural, Electrical, MEP, all these documents must be the current versions as the builder often changes them and makes amendments), Government clearances (Electricity/power, water and sewage, Pollution Control, Civil Aviation, Fire…and so on), By laws, Original Land Ownership documents.

    Much of the land in southern parts of Bangalore are often disputed way after the complexes are built and handed over. Better make sure that your documents are in order. As you may be aware, there have also been recent court cases against AOL in this regard.
    You could maybe speak to the same lawyer that filed against them. He should be able to help your case.

    However, here is what I think you will find. Most of your fellow/investors colleagues will hesitate to join you. Even perhaps your own family. You will be considered a heretic even for thinking what you are thinking. However, its better you lose that crowd rather than hang in there. It’s strange when you have willing zombies in your satsang who are just unwilling to change and being truthful. They are most definitely unwilling to “Accept Situations and people as they are”. Secretly, many of them will be happy that you are the scape goat and will be silently egging you to do the journey alone. Eventually, you will win the case, and they will get all the financial benefits as you do. You can meanwhile get all the bad karma and be exposed for going against your guru (ex?).

    There is no disgrace in fighting for justice. When you stand for dharma the grace will flow. Ironic isn’t it ?

    • Original Anonymous permalink
      December 17, 2011 8:53 am

      One should fight against the Guru also if one is fighting for the truth, in Mahabharata Arjun didn’t want to fight his elders and Guru Dronacharya, but his friend Krishna urged him to fight for the truth, to fight for righteousness,

      Therefore in the fight for justice and in the fight for truth if you have to fight against the Guru don’t be caught up in two minds. Just fight, if you are not more powerful than your Guru then your Guru is not a true Guru since he did not teach you properly and if you are more powerful than your Guru and your Guru is a true Guru then you will win.

  9. Kitapati permalink
    December 18, 2011 7:42 am

    The Karnataka government told the high court on Wednesday that the Art of Living ashram on the city’s outskirts has encroached upon 6.53 hectares of land of the Udipalya Lake.

    A city-based advocate, N Sriram Reddy, has filed a PIL in the high court, alleging that the Art of Living Foundation has encroached land belonging to the lake, in survey number 46 in Kaggalipura, Bangalore South. He said construction on the encroached land must be demolished.

    In the petition, he pointed out that the Supreme Court had held that lake bodies cannot be used for any purpose other than irrigation. Further, he contended that the Art of Living Foundation has built buildings on the land without permission from the authorities.

    He has alleged that the department of irrigation, too, did not take any action although it is their duty to demolish illegal structures that come up on lake bodies.

    During the previous hearing on November 15, the high court had ordered a status quo until December 13.

    The case came up for hearing before the high court on Wednesday. A division bench headed by acting Chief Justice Vikramjit Sen heard the petition.

    The petitioner submitted five photographs to the court to show that the Art of Living Foundation did not maintain status quo.

    The government’s counsel submitted that the preliminary inspection revealed that the foundation had indeed encroached 6.53 hectares of land of Udipalya Lake.

    The division bench observed that since the photographs were allegedly taken on December 8, it was easy to tell if the status-quo order has been violated.

    The bench observed that the court did not want to waste time to ascertain if the Art of Living Foundation violated the order.

    The foundation sought three weeks to file objections, which was granted to it.

  10. stupidseeker permalink
    December 18, 2011 10:34 am

    Thanks kitapati for that link.

  11. Anonymous permalink
    December 19, 2011 8:28 pm

    one should also check up this link/thread –

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