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The Lawsuit is Over… and We Won!

June 19, 2012

The Art of Living Foundation US and the Does of the lawsuit filed by the Art of Living have reached a settlement agreement. Although Klim and I believe we would have prevailed in this case, the settlement agreement is so overwhelmingly favorable to us that there was no purpose in continuing to litigate.

What did I agree to give Art of Living under this settlement agreement? Two things:

  1. I agreed to freeze this blog, something that I have been wanting to do for a while anyway. That means that every single word will remain as it stands now, but it will be closed for new posts or comments. Nothing prevents me or any other person from starting up a new blog critical of AOL, as my old Master Obi-Wan has already done here. I may leave a comment or two on his new blog, but I choose not to be a part of it. I want to move on, but it makes me happy to see the important work started by Klim carried on there.
  2. I agreed to publish a “joint statement” on my blog that informs readers of the settlement agreement. (See below).

So what did I give them? Basically nothing. What did they give us?


AOLFUS agrees to drop its lawsuit with prejudice. That means they can NEVER again prosecute me or any other person associated with either KLIM’s blog or this blog for anything that was published on those blogs. Nobody’s identity was disclosed as part of this litigation (or settlement), despite all of Art of Living’s efforts. AOLFUS also dismissed with prejudice a related case they recently filed against another ex-aol teacher.

They pay their own attorney’s fees. And they pay my attorney’s fees.

What has AOL gained?


No doubt they will try to spin this as a victory, in that I agreed to freeze this blog. It will be painfully obvious to anyone except the most die-hard devotees that they have in fact lost this litigation. There is nothing in the agreement that prevents me or any defendant from making any comments, or publishing anything we wish to publish, on other blogs, or to create new blogs. I am done blogging -of my own free will, mind you- but I promise to drop by Obi-Wan’s blog and comment once in a while. And should you wish to contact me for any reason, I will check my e-mail regularly.

Why did AOL decide to sue us? Was it because we published the Kriya Notes? I think that was just an excuse for them to go after us. I think their primary goal all along was to silence the criticism of Ravi and AOL. They sued us for defamation and for “trade libel,” i.e. disparaging AOL’s “product,” the teachings of Ravi Shankar. They not only sought damages, but they sought a court injunction that would shut down the blogs entirely. The Court threw out the defamation and trade libel claims early in the case, and quite clearly indicated that it would not be appropriate to issue an injunction shutting the blogs down entirely.

A self-proclaimed enlightened master claiming to be the embodiment of human perfection cannot tolerate anyone criticising him, and neither can his devotees. Now it seems they will have to anyway. What will he tell his teachers on the next Teacher’s refresher Meeting? I am sure we will know soon, from a comment on Obi-Wan’s blog. Someone always sees through the BS and lets us know.

Below are the most important documents of this litigation, documenting how seven of the original eight causes of action in the Complaint were ultimately dismissed by the court, until only the trade secret case against Skywalker remained. It also shows how the Court refused to allow AOL’s attempts to use subpoenas and legal discovery to learn our identities.

Having won the right to bring the trade secret case to trial, why has AOL decided to settle now? For one thing, the Court declined to allow the disclosure of my identity. Thus I would have gone to trial anonymously. This was an important precedent for the freedom to speak anonymously. It also made it very difficult for Art of Living to intimidate me into closing down the blog.

Second, maybe they finally realized that they would likely lose a jury trial on the alleged trade secrets. Should that happen, the Kriya Notes – a mix of cult mythology and self-explanatory banalities – will be released to the public domain. Then the whole world will see the Emperor with no clothes on.

AOL has made up a myth that these Kriya notes contain “sacred knowledge” and thus should be read only by the chosen few. That is just a way to lure people to Teacher’s Training, promising them secrets untold to the public, and afterwards a way of controlling them. Through this blog I believe I made my point that ‘the Emperor has no clothes’, and that I have been vindicated in that position by the outcome of this lawsuit.

By settling, the question remains open whether the Kriya Notes and other documents that were briefly published on this blog in the summer of 2010 are entitled to any legal protection as “trade secrets.”

Well, enough of that. Let it be known, that in the battle of Guru’s Grace versus Common Sense and Law, the latter wins.

To all of you who expected the Guru’s Magical Powers to overcome this Evil Attempt to Obfuscate the Light of Truth: He failed. His Powers are limited. Maybe even imaginary? Maybe he is just a dude, charismatic and with some wisdom -and with a huge need for power and adoration?

Read the case files, and judge for yourself. Having gone through those, and this blog… if you are still having faith in the Guru, I suggest you watch this movie and read this book.

One question still haunts me: how come it took me so long to see Art of Living for the cult it is, Ravi as cult leader? I take pride in my intellect. I should not have been so easily fooled. One answer to that question is obvious: blogs like this one didn’t exist back then. I actually remember googling ”Art of Living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar critique scam” back then. Nothing came up.

Today, people can make informed choices.

These are the highlights of the lawsuit:

It started with this notice from the Indian AOL.
Later, AOL in USA filed an official complaint, and subpoenaed Google and WordPress to reveal our identities, in order for them to prosecute us for defamation, copyright breaches, trade libel and for revealing ”trade secrets”.

Following are the highlights of the case:

Here is the Court’s decision (Doc. 83) in June 2011 in which the Court threw out the Defamation and Trade Libel claims, but kept the Trade Secret claims. As well there are the Motions to Dismiss and Strike and the Oppositions and Replies to each, that preceded that Court decision.
Doc 26 Renoticed MTD
Doc 27 Renoticed MTS
Doc 37 Opp to MTD
Doc 38 Opp to MTS
Doc 66 Reply MTD
Doc 67 Reply MTS
Doc 83 Order re MTD MTS

Here are the pleadings leading up to the Court’s November 2011 decision (Doc. 129) protecting Skywalker’s anonymity.
Doc 62 2d Renoticed MTQ
Doc 64 Opp to MTQ
Doc 73 Reply MTQ
Doc 90 Order Magistrate MTQ
Doc 92 Motion for Relief  NDPTO
Doc 96-1 Amici Brief
Doc 109 Opp MFR
Doc 119 Reply MFR
Doc 129 Order Granting MFR

Here are the Motion for Summary Judgment and 2nd Motion to Strike, culminating in the Court’s order of May 1 2012 (Doc. 162) knocking out the Copyright Claim and all claims against Klim. Note that doc 138 was actually filed much earlier, but because of issues about how to publicly file sealed documents it shows up later in the docket.
Doc 111 MSJ
Doc 116 Opp 2nd MTS
Doc 121 Opp to MSJ
Doc 125 Reply MSJ
Doc 138 redacted 2nd MTS
Doc 162 Order on MSJ and MTS

The latest efforts to learn my identity are in these ”letter brief” motions to compel, and our oppositions. These motions were denied by the Court in the “Minute Order” at the end (Doc 165).
Doc 148 MTC Rog RFP
Doc 150 P MTC SW ID
Doc 154-1 Exh A Redacted Letter Brief sw id
Doc 154-2 Exh B Redacted Letter Brief responses
Doc 165 Minute Order CMC Striking 4th ATSD

Comments on this post can be made here, at Obi-Wan’s blog. My lawyer, Joshua Koltun, may also post further information concerning this litigation on his website at Thank you Joshua, for your tireless efforts in this case. You are the true hero of this saga, together with Klim, the original Guruholic. Read his final post here.

And thank you Doc, Peaceful Warrior, Whistleblower, The Prosecutor and all other contributors to and readers of this blog. Thank you too to Beacon of Reason, Anne, Harshal, Doreen, Dr. Pete and all other pro-AOL commenters. Some, if not all, of your input has been intellectually stimulating, and has brought depth to the discussions on this blog. As well, you have had the courage to disobey your Guru and follow your heart, by reading the blog -Shankar actively discourages this. That speaks well for you.

I invite you all to continue your discussions at Obi-Wan’s new blog.

May the Force (of Reason) be with you!


Joint Statement of plaintiff Art of Living Foundation and defendants Doe/Skywalker and Doe Klim:

The parties have resolved the case ofArt of Living Foundation v. Does 1-10, (N.D. Cal. 10-5022 LHK) by a settlement agreement. Pursuant to this settlement agreement, the blog entitled “Leaving the Art of Living,” located at <> and the blog entitled “Beyond the Art of Living” and located at <> shall be frozen as of June 19, 2012. However, nothing in the settlement agreement restricts the rights of Defendants to create new blogs, or to comment on other blogs. Nobody’s identity has been or will be disclosed in this litigation, or pursuant to this settlement agreement.

Joint Statement of AOL vs. Does

June 19, 2012

Joint Statement of plaintiff Art of Living Foundation and defendants Doe/Skywalker and Doe Klim:

The parties have resolved the case of Art of Living Foundation v. Does 1-10, (N.D. Cal. 10-5022 LHK) by a settlement agreement. Pursuant to this settlement agreement, the blog entitled “Leaving the Art of Living,” located at <> and the blog entitled “Beyond the Art of Living” and located at <> shall be frozen as of June 19, 2012. However, nothing in the settlement agreement restricts the rights of Defendants to create new blogs, or to comment on other blogs. Nobody’s identity has been or will be disclosed in this litigation, or pursuant to this settlement agreement.

SriSri’s Petty Deception and Lies…Why every devotee should always question what he says !!!

June 15, 2012

by IO

Pay special attention from minute 20:56 to 21:20

SriSri openly claims on BBC that he graduated in Science (Physics, Maths, Chemistry) when he was 17. This means that it was the year 1973, since he was born in 1956.

Now follow this closely….

The Karnataka Education System —-

In the 1970s Schooling upto 11th standard, 1 year PUC, and then graduate (3 years).

School joining – Need to be 6 years to be admitted to the 1st Standard in School (As required by law)….And, a normally progressing child graduates 10th Standard when they are 16.

Hence for SriSri his 1st standard admission would have happened in 1962.

In India school admissions happen in April-May. With him being a May born child there is no way he could have joined 1st standard in 1961, as he would have been barely 5 years at that time.

Okay, he claims he got ONE “Double promotion” in school (this bit, as I was listening to it.. I felt he was lying…and it was made up…it was based on the body language…Anyways I suggest that we lets give him the benefit of doubt…….following on in almost the same breath he also says that he was never a rank student…then how come the double promotion ??… BTW Double Promotions are given only to academically brilliant kids who perform exceptionally).

Following this logic, assuming that he did get a double promo, then he would have graduated class 11 @ Age 16 (1 year lesser than other normal kids).

There were 2 prevalent systems and models of schooling and PU in the 1970s:

  • 11 year schooling and 1 year PU. (Previous to 1977)
  • 10 year schooling and 2 year PU (as is common these days)

Just know that either way he finishes PU @ 17 years. So, that’s 1973. However he claims he had already completed his Graduation by that time. Hmmmmmmmmmmm !! ?

Graduation, ie BSc has always been 3 years…or sometimes 3+ years program. Hence, he must have actually been at least 20 when he graduated and not 17.

So the million dollar question: Which year did he really graduate ???

  • 1973 (When he was 17, as he claims), or
  • 1976 (based on his explanation on BBC including Double Promo etc), or
  • 1977 as per WIKIPIDIA:

    Ravi Shankar was born to Smt. Vishalakshi Ratnam and R. S. Venkat Ratnam, who was then active in the automobile business. He was named “Ravi” (a common Indian name meaning “sun”) because his birth was on a Sunday and “Shankar” after the 8th century Hindu saint Adi Shankara, with whom he shares the birthday.[2] He received a Bachelor of Science degree at the age of 21 from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore University.

  • or any other year?


So, why then does he claim that he graduated at 17 ????? This is very important for each reader to ponder over. What was he trying to achieve ?

Just look at this glaring 4 years gap between the self CLAIMED fact on BBC and the published data in Wiki.

Now, look at the St Joseph’s Alumni website….it confirms that SriSri graduated from there (Look under Religious leaders section in the distinguished Alumni listing) . But, it does not say which year !!!

Bottom line:

Is SriSri is really a Master. A Master @ what ?… well… is it in the art of living or lying ?. You decide.

He publishes deceptive content in his books. OPENLY. He continues with his business as usual, even after he has been called on his lies Publicly. Judge for yourself.

If you are an existing devotee and you are on this blog now, then please know that you are lending your support, energy and strength to a leader that has got a very questionable character and is habituated to making things up on the fly.

Small kids make up things for fun….for play….however, as human being matures, one of the things we recognize as a necessity is that we share the truth in the best possible form and that there is no need to make things up unnecessarily. Is this what the Master meant when he said “I am child that never grew up !!!”….your guess is as good as mine.

If your child was a habitual liar what would you do ? Would you continue to be in denial of this fact or would you look into the matter and see that the child gets adequate counseling and help.

Dear AOL devotee and blog visitor, your child / master / buddy needs your help !!!! If you can’t help him, then leave him. Because, it is a dangerous game you are playing here. When the world realises what kind of a liar he was /is you will be tarred with the same brush. Doubt this ? Check with Nityanand’s devotees and teachers.

If you don’t have the courage and the guts to leave him…please know that he will most definitely drag you down with him….directly or indirectly…

I believe that you have been alerted enough. Now it is your call and yours alone. These above are clear hard facts. Not pieces of knowledge that can be twisted to mean anything at anytime. Surely, your Buddy/Master can be open and transparent with you on this one and for once would share the whole truth with you ??.

One could say …Let him produce his graduation certificate…..but then he is a world renowned Spiritual Master….I would expect his word to be more binding than some piece of paper.

This is yet another indication of how petty his thinking is…..If you have been around with him at those times…..the game was instantly up. I have personally experienced many such instances.

Dear AOL devotee : If you have dedicated your life to the Master, you have every RIGHT to ask questions and demand answers of anyone…especially your Master……otherwise why choose SriSri ???

Voicing your doubt/question is a matter of truth and dharma. To express sincere doubt is actually High Prana….. But, not doing so and burying it altogether is ADHARMA.

I have a question for all of you die hard AOL devotees ….if the man, without any qualm can in the face of millions viewers (BBC) lie without any remorse…what makes you think the rest of the time he is actually acting with any great integrity? He did the same thing with the assassination attempt in 2010. Dig deeper and you will find 1000s of such petty instances. If you choose to stay, you have surrendered your life and soul to a petty gangster.

Ignore the warning and message in this post @ your own peril.

Would You Put Your Life in the Hands of People Like This?

June 11, 2012

Doctor: The following was left as a comment in response to Sudarshan Kriya and Bipolar Disorder. I have updated that post to reflect the information which “ex teacher” has provided in the comment below, however I feel that the comment provides so many invaluable insights into what is wrong with Art of Living teachers and the TTC that it ought to be published as a separate post.

by ex teacher

Doctor, correction to your article: please note that it has always been the case that people with bipolarity should NOT take SK. It’s been in the SK notes since the first day and it is still there.

However, as a former teacher, I can say that the problem has to do with control, and lack of critical thinking and professional training. Teachers rely too much on “guru’s grace” and magical thinking, and TTCs are about “guru stories” rather than real training. Thus, at the time of interviewing students, details are overlooked, plus, with the ambition of recruiting more people, less or no time is given to reviewing the contents of the registration forms, and giving personal attention to those who need it.

Also, teachers are air-heads themselves with a hype that is almost suspicious and unsettling. Then there is no way one can tell if a student is writing the truth in the form or not. And, nowhere in the form, or in an intro talk, or in the course, does a teacher tell the students there could be a problem if (there are many ifs) …. for example, people with high blood pressure, cardiac problems, epilesia, pregnancy, glaucoma, schizophrenia, also cannot take SK, to name a few. Including (in the early days), people who consumed recreational drugs and/or alcohol (of course, this had to change since otherwise he’d lose numbers!). Not only that, people with certain thyroid problems cannot do bandas and bhastrika, and so on.

However, none of this is informed privately or publicly in a course. Most teachers probably don’t even remember, because they are too caught up in magical thinking, air-heads, and because their only training relies on more magical thinking! To make it worse, in the last years, anyone is made a teacher. Thus, there are many people who themselves are unstable and suffer of untreated psychological disorders acting as teachers.

On the other hand, as a former teacher who discussed these issues many times with him, you must know he himself does not understand why people with bipolarity cannot take SK! He has MANY times “authorized” me and others to teach it to people with severe bipolarity disorders. People I know who have been hospitalized for it, heavily medicated, who have had severe psychotic breakdowns. At some point, for him, numbers/income is more important than well-being. Sadly, I also have seen people dragged straight from course to psychiatric hospital because they had a psychotic outbreakdown but were not bipolar or psychotic prior to SK.

The scientific research he and teachers grab on to are not even complete. If you show them to any serious professional, they will tell you it’s kindergarten stuff: incomplete and immature. The professionals who contributed to the papers are brain-washed devotees seeking for attention and blessings, and not doctors I would visit myself!!!!! (would you?!). I have seen his arguments used negatively in some scientific researches as well. Bottom line: before one engages with practices and groups like SK and AOL, one must inform oneself A LOT. Fortunately, there is internet today. What looks nice could be hell. Isn’t that how the devil paints it when it tries to cajole a “client”? Noone would tell you, “come it’s great, it’s hell”, on the contrary.

More importantly, it’s not just whether there are papers that support the SK or not, or whether there are diplomas/prizes for RS. We should only look at the actions of those who have been with him for a long time. Even to his own behaviours when he is not in a public satsang “on stage”. Do devotees look and behave themselves better with the practice of the SK? Or do they act with aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity? Do they have a tendency to lie more, saying one thing in public, another in private? to be fanatic? to assault anyone because they don’t agree with them that AoL is the best? to disregard values in order to achieve their goals? Do they seem to have lost their own decision-making power? Do they seem to be brain-washed? Are Harshal and company, for example, people who transmit peace, love, joy, compassion, spirituality, stability? Does Ravi transmit that himself or the contrary? Are the people who claim to have been “rescued” and “transformed” really seem equanimous or restless? Sick or healthy? despite their discourses?

As to the swami defaming a teacher for being bipolar, the nasty point is not that the person is bipolar and they ruined her by letting her do SK. The nasty thing is they (alleged spiritual people) accuse someone of being bipolar as if it was something criminal, only because they suspect this person started a blog and had the courage to speak up, and that this person is NOT bipolar at all. It also shows they have no understanding of bipolarity or in fact, any disorder, and that they are after money and not well-being.

Many people today suffer of bipolarity and many great people have it. One should ask oneself how sincerely spiritual are these people if they persecute someone using an illness in a cruel way? Would you put your life in the hands of people like this? Would you put your mind, your health to people who act this way when they feel threatened? Further, it is an offense to all people who really suffer of a psychiatric illness! Why would then one seek refuge in the AoL? They have absolutely no compassion nor care for anyone!

If the teacher would have been bipolar, this is how they treat her? If the person was and they let her do SK knowing it is not good, then, who is criminal? The “bipolar” or the bipolar guru who not only let her do it but exploited her for many years? Cuz, after all, for many years RS bragged about her and used her as a model in TRMs. Is that the best argument and accusation he could come up with just to lure people away from the blogs? From criticisms? The letter in itself should make everyone wonder what he is made of and what moves him for real. The law suit should make one wonder too. Not only does he owe an apology to this teacher and her family for the defamations, but also to EVERYONE who suffers of a psychiatric disorder. And of course, to everyone who sincerely had a quest for spirituality that he exploited for his own ambition.

Ravi is the Kadafi of “spiritual business”.

(Read Sudarshan Kriya: Freeing or Frying the Mind posted on KLIM’s blog. That helped me understand many things).

Sudarshan Kriya and Bipolar Disorder

June 9, 2012

For those who continue to challenge a key concern raised many times on this blog that practicing Sudarshan Kriya can produce harmful effects in the practitioner, and for those who in the same breath claim that sufficient research has been done to deem it to be safe, let us consider the practice of SK with regards to those who suffer from bipolar disorder.

The following accounts are taken from Art of Living websites, and represent the current views regarding bipolar disorder:


Q: Can people diagnosed with bipolar condition do Sudarshan Kriya or the Silence Course?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: I don’t advice them to attend the Silence Course, but they can attend the Basic Course and do everything except Sudarshan Kriya. Simple meditation, pranayam and some yoga is very good for them. They should do Sri Sri Yoga.


Comorbid psychiatric illness. Yoga breathing—particularly Bhastrika and rapid cycle breathing—may trigger manic episodes in patients with bipolar disorder. Those with type II bipolar disorder whose mood swings are well-controlled may do yoga breathing under supervision if they avoid Bhastrika and rapid cycle breath forms.

Now, consider that in his defamatory letter (which is reproduced here on this blog) Swami Sadyojatha named a former AoL teacher who he claimed was a bipolar sufferer, it is evident from reading this letter that Art of Living encouraged this former teacher to practice SK in spite of her allegedly suffering from SK. Indeed, the Swami makes it sound as if SK was the one thing which helped her to control and compose herself, and that when she wasn’t practising, that’s when her troubles were at their peak.

What this tells us is that at least up to the time the letter was written, August 2010, Art of Living were unaware that SK can be harmful to those who have been diagnosed as suffering from bipolar. In other words, this clearly shows that insufficient research had been done between 1982 and 2010 to determine at least one of the harmful effects of SK, and that this only came to light subsequently. Because since 1982, Art of Living have been publicly teaching this technique to anyone who attends their Basic Course – without taking into consideration if they suffer from bipolar.

I can further add to this that during the entire time I was with Art of Living, I had (and still have) a friend who suffers from bipolar and who I was trying to convince to do the Basic Course. I told many teachers about his condition, and they all urged me to bring my friend to the course because they strongly believed that SK would help to treat bipolar.

Yet now all of a sudden we are being told that SK is not suitable to those who suffer from bipolar. If this is the case, then one cannot help but wonder, with all this purported research Art of Living claim to have done on this technique how on earth did it take them nearly 30 years to discover this? And if it took 30 years for them to discover this one thing, what other harmful effects still remain to be discovered? Can they honestly still claim that “side effects, if any, are only positive”?

ADDENDUM 1 (June 11, 2012)

Q: Specifically, why should those who suffer from bipolar not practice SK?
Q: Can someone show the scientific research which has been carried out which concludes that SK is not suitable to those who suffer from bipolar?

ADDENDUM 2 (June 11, 2012)

After reading “ex teacher’s” comment (which became the following post, Would You Put Your Life in the Hands of People Like This?), I wish to acknowledge that “ex teacher” is in actual fact CORRECT about what the Sudarshan Kriya notes say with regards to bipolar disorder. Specifically, the notes mention that those who suffer from manic depression (which later came to be known as bipolar disorder) should NOT practice Sudarshan Kriya.

Based on this information, Art of Living have actually presented us with TWO conflicting views regarding the practice of Sudarshan Kriya. On the one hand we are told that “officially” those who suffer from bipolar disorder should NOT practice Sudarshan Kriya (see quotes above and now the SK notes), whilst on the other hand one of the seniormost teachers in Art of Living, Swami Sadyojatha, has told us something radically different in his letter (link above) where he defames the former teacher which he accuses of suffering from bipolar. A letter which must have been sanctioned by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar himself otherwise it would not have been allowed to be published. So was this really means is that RS is contradicting himself on something which is an extremely serious issue. In other words, he is lying.

All of which still doesn’t help us, because we still don’t know the truth about SK with regards to bipolar, and most likely we will never know.

Just to be clear on this, all other questions raised here still stand.

Questions Sudarshan Kriya Practitioners Should Ask Themselves

June 6, 2012

by anonymous

In the year 1999 – 2000, the Master had declared that by the time he turns 80, every house will have a picture of His. The whole world would have done the AOL course but only a small segment of the world population would not practice SK (despite having done the course), for religious reasons.

We were made to believe that those who did SK would be liberated and those who didn’t would be doomed. “We have waited for many, many lifetimes to be with Guruji and receive SK”, we were told by teachers.

I am not sure about many, many lifetimes but I’m sure that after many, many years of SK practice, I know which section of the population is doomed.

It is really unfortunate that some of us were manipulated by AOL.

If there are any new / old AOLites practicing SK, reading this blog, then here are some questions that you need to ask yourselves & the appropriate authorities.

  1. Is this technique working for me?
    How do I feel at the different levels of my existence i.e Body, mind, memory etc..after doing sadhana?
    You may remind yourself that : It may have worked for someone but that is their experience, not mine. I have to respect my experience.
  2. Am I experiencing any benefits from this technique NOW?
    When you are on the path of truth you don’t need to wait for a decade or more to experience the benefits.
  3. Do the teachers who teach the technique practice it themselves? If not, why not?
  4. Is this technique Harming anyone? If it is, then its definitely not universal as its touted to be.
  5. Do you understand the technique so that you practice it correctly?
  6. Do the Master and the organisation allow you to discuss the technique / Problems related to the technique in an open forum and answer the questions directly, taking ownership for what they?
  7. If the technique IS Working for You and Not for Others, why is it not working for them, especially if its done under a teachers supervision?
  8. How long might it take before the good feeling fades away and You start feeling the negative effects? If you have been practicing SK for some years, then are you alert and aware of how the technique is working on you NOW or are the initial good experiences propelling you to continue the practice?
  9. Look at the list of benefits that AOL propagates will come with SK practice. And, check –
    How many benefits you are experiencing and how many you are not. For those benefits that your not experiencing, lets say, Good memory, ASK the GURU / SR teachers in an open forum as to why SK is not helping you with your memory. Open forum, so that the answer benefits all.

    And, Lets understand, IF the medical reports say that you are fine, then you don’t need any medication to improve your memory be it allopathic OR AYURVEDIC. Why is SK not helping then? After all, AOL says that SK will help improve your memory, right? not to mention that with SK there won’t be any need for hospitals!

  10. Always check how you felt before SK and how you feel now, after practicing SK and being in AOL. After 1yr, after 2yrs, 3yrs and so on. Do the realty check for as long as you continue there.
  11. If SK works differently on different people, depending on their karmas,
    Then How can the long kriya / RS’ rhythm be the same for all the different people? Breath is a common tool for all , nature of the mind and feelings are the same, agreed. However, each person’s body-mind complex is so different based on their karmas?.

We think and feel differently about different things. We look different and have unique finger prints. So, My rhythm is unique to me based on my body-mind complex. Its for me to observe and find out.

OR Does this mean that AOL insinuates that RS is Enlightened and hence can give the Whole World One Liberating Rhythm?

Even if RS was enlightened, how can our rhythms be the same when there are varieties even in enlightenment? (as I vaguely remember Him saying.)

And if long kriya was to take us back to the source, why should it be so tiring to breathe in that rhythm? (at least it was until the SK tape was revised). Was the tape revised because / after he acquired all the 16 gunas ? (something that RS shared with the chosen few about 4yrs ago when he, as claimed by himself, had JUST acquired complete enlightenment with 16 gunas.)

If its all about 99% grace and 1% technique, then there should be no negative side effects.
The Sr.teachers, of all the people, should have been practicing the technique with the benefits reflecting in their behavior and health. The Guru should acknowledge his devotees’ questions about the technique and explain how 99% grace cannot let any harm happen to them.

If you are a sadhak doing sadhana or a sevak who enjoys seva, please understand that Spirituality, charity, service etc starts with you and then extends gradually to your family, friends, city, country and the world. So, please dont ignore yourself thinking about the world. You, who are a very tiny part of the world are still very important to yourself, your loved ones and also to the world!

So, what’s important is – How peaceful you feel within yourself and How compassionate you are towards others. And, that’s where the WORLD PEACE begins – From You.

Good Luck to All.

Control Strategies Employed By The Master

June 4, 2012

by Freedom Found

As you go closer into AOL and RS you see a lot of unpleasant things which leaves us with a bad taste and also wondering whether RS is really spiritual, leave alone enlightened.!!!

I have noticed several patterns that RS uses constantly to Keep his business going.

  1. He constantly criticizes people for the work/seva that they have done, and creates a sense of worthlessness in people, so that they can forever keep working harder to please him, which is never going to happen.
  2. He constantly leaves people in a state of confusion/flux with his decisions. At the end of his decisions, people have understood things differently and each one feels the other will work hence creating conflict and chaos.
  3. He also gives different decisions to different people regarding the same issue and causes conflict, later while the fight between people has gone out of hands, then RS intervenes and creates an act as though he’s is resolving issues, (which actually he isn’t) and gets away with this image that he is so good and holy and people around him are villains.
  4. He loves soo much attention, that in one of the satsang organised form him, the organizers had gone out of their way to organize a special entry and exit way for RS so that he could leave without the crowds bothering him, but guess what RS did in that satsang? He left the stage after the program through the exit and when he saw that no people were there to see him, he turned around and ran towards that crowd to show his care and love for people (which actually his need for attention and money and power camouflaged)
  5. He conveniently surrounds him with brainwashed devotees who don’t stand in the way of his decisions, irregular accounts and other malpractices.
  6. if anybody around him is found questioning his actions/decisions or the happenings in Trusts or AoL, they are then removed from their posts without any reason and the person is left in a state of shock wondering whether it is good to be truthful or not, because RS is surely not being truthful.
  7. He makes sure that no policies or procedures are created, so that he can do anything at his convenience and keep his family business going while people around take the blame for all the irregularities, while he gets away scot free.
  8. He systematically tracks down rich and influential people and gives them personal attention, so that he can use their money and influence in the time of conflict resolution between countries, rescue work during calamities, to promote his products, lobby for the Nobel Peace Prize, run his non-existent seva projects and then finally get away with telling people that RS has saved the world. What a load of BS !!
  9. He hires cheap labor in the from of, asking a lot of well-placed top professionals and qualified youth to give up their careers and work full-time for him. These brainwashed people think RS is God and he will take care of them for the rest of their lives and make themselves sacrificial goats. After a few years when they are quite frustrated with the Organisation and realize the above truth about their beloved RS, they can neither leave the organisation as they are no longer socially fit for a career, nor can they remain as they are frustrated. They continue to forcibly be part of the Organisation, while RS’s money is ticking.

Brilliant strategy!!!