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Update from Skywalker on the Lawsuit

June 1, 2012

It has been a while since I wrote a post on the blog. I do check in once in a while to read the posts and some comments, and I am amazed at the activity going on here. Soon the blog will have 700.000 hits, and 10.000 comments. I never expected that much interest, when I started it two years ago. Amazingly, the posts are still covering new angles and thoughts on AOL. Thanks Doc, for doing a tremendous job editing the blog.

The lawsuit that AOL has filed against me and the other Does is still ongoing. With the help of our amazing lawyer Joshua Koltun, to date we have defeated most of the claims against us, save one. You can read the highlights of the case here. Note that we have managed to protect our anonymity. Apparently that is an important precedence in US internet law, potentially benefitting many future bloggers.

If not for the lawsuit, I would have left this blog long ago, finally taking my last step Beyond. I am confident that I will be able to do so soon, and I think I will do so without ever looking back. Life is rich and sweet post-AOL.

I got past my bad experiences in AOL by reading Klim’s blog, the books recommended on this blog and by writing posts. And every time someone writes a comment that this blog has helped them think for themselves, and trust their own judgement regarding AOL, I get the feeling that it was worth it: the sleepless nights, the anxiety and the countless days spent working on my defence. If I have managed to help someone, then it was all worth it.


A Deeply Disturbing Story

May 28, 2012

The following letter was sent to us by a very concerned husband. To protect the identities of those mentioned in the letter, all names, dates and places have been redacted.

To give some background to those who are unaware, the DSN is one of Art of Living’s supposedly more “advanced” courses. However the reality, as many of us here have already experienced and can attest to, is that it is a course in which Art of Living employs a number of brainwashing techniques to turn course participants into more willing servants of the organization. Sleep deprivation is heavily used during this course, which is known to induce a state of psychosis and thus makes subjects a lot more susceptible to for example the many “Guru stories” – stories about SSRS and his alleged magical powers, “grace” and so on – which are related by teachers during the course.

It is also during the DSN that participants have to undergo one of the most infamous Art of Living brainwashing processes, the so-called “hot seat” exercise, which involves each person in a group taking it in turns to sit in the “hot seat” and be criticized by all other members of the group. Many times this just turns into a deeply personal insulting contest, and has result in people breaking down into tears and developing complexes. It is an unnecessarily cruel exercise, and in fact is based on a brainwashing technique which was developed by the in Chinese during the Korean War in the early 1950s to break down the identity of an individual and bring about a change in their core beliefs. Which seems to be why it is used in Art of Living.

Dear Sir,

I would like to share the my wife’s experience with you. She did her basic course around ***** years back from a center in *****.

Since the last 2 years she devoted a lot of time in AOL classes and follow ups.

The incidence that I am writing below happened on *****.

Her teacher at the ***** centre *****, suggested to her to attend the DSN course. She attended the course at their center in *****. The course teacher was someone by the name *****.

She got so involved in the proceeding that she lost all sense of time and surroundings. She became a total mental wreck. On the final day of the course, donations are collected by repeatedly instructing to the participants that if they give X amount they will get back 10X from the Nature.

My wife committed *****, which she didn’t have. She picked up the money lying with us as a safekeeping from someone and gave it away. She was not in her senses then and on the next day she picked up all the money lying in the house and picked up a big suitcase , filled it with her clothes (even new unused ones), our child’s saving box and many other things and gave it all to a maid working in our house.

In the evening I was in my office and I got a call from her friend that she is with her and there is some problem. I rushed there and found her to be in a very bad shape, Crying and shaking and not in her senses. I took her to my brother’s home along with the children and stayed there for the night, as she refused to come home. According to her there was some negativity in the house as her instructor at AOL visited our house and said so.

In the morning of ***** I decided to consult a Psychiatrist and took an appointment for the afternoon. I suggested to her to come home with me and the children and get ready. When we reached home she became totally hysterical and behaved like she was possessed , for 15-20 minutes it was very hard to control her and we somehow picked her up when she was a little exhausted and carried her to ***** Hospital, which is near our house. At the hospital she was given a sedative and was reffered to ***** ( a speciality hospital for psychiatric problems) . She was in the hospital for 4 days. She is well now but is on short term medication.

The way there [Art of Living] people played with her emotions and influenced/hypnotised her is totally wrong and unethical on their part. How can you ask for donations in a course in which you are participating after paying a good amount as Fee. And there people did not give any receipt for the money that she gave away.

I emailed at the AOL HQ , and there centers around one week back , but there has been no response. Even her teacher/ instructor said that we cannot do anything.

I request you to follow this up and share my experience with everyone, and try to expose them.

Yours Truly

When I heard stories like this, it really causes me a great deal of pain and misery. To learn that someone has been so badly abused and exploited in this manner by an organization which claims to want to rid the world of stress and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

If you are in Art of Living and you are a sincere, well-meaning person, please share this with everyone in Art of Living that you know. This sort of thing has to be stopped. If you don’t help to stop it, then you are a part of the problem. If you turn a blind eye while this sort of thing is going on, then you are only encouraging it to happen and it will continue to happen in the future.

Those who follow and support this blog stand against these things. If you are in any way sincere, then you too will do whatever you can to help put an end to these abuses.

Debunking “Guruji’s Grace” – Part 3

May 27, 2012

by Venkatesh, The Doctor

by Venkatesh
So many senior teachers in the AOL are seriously physically ill. But SSRS is happy making his money through his remaining teachers. What does he care as long as the cash register is ringing?

So many senior teachers are suffering from diabetes and hypertension. One teacher named Ravindra Prasad is suffering from diabetes and now has been diagnosed with tuberculosis and is staying in the hospital. A senior teacher Vinod Menon suffers from uncontrolled hypertension. He also has had several attacks of chest pain and has several blocks in the heart.

Another advanced course teacher Mrs Shenoy has severe problems with her legs which started after a particular advanced course and was unable to move around for one and half to two years.

A teacher named Sanjay Bihari who has done so much for the organization and has worked in the naxal affected areas is down with severe back problems. Swami Pragyapad (aka Prashanth Rajore) had a severe heart attack.

Dinesh (of Bawa Dinesh) pair was hospitalized with some major illness.

I know of another senior teacher who is no more who died of a severe illness.This is just the tip of the iceberg.( I am just giving out names because I am sure many on this blog and others in AOL can recognize them)

If SKY is cure for all illness, one wonders how all these people ended up with these ailments. Aren’t those practising yoga supposed to be healthier and happier when compared to the rest of the population?

Has the guru not promised to take care of you at every step of your life? He says openly” you do my job; anyway I am doing your job”. Is this the care he offers?

When you ask SSRS he completely ignores such questions.

When you ask the other AOLites they claim as usual that it is their KARMA.

One explanation given was that these teachers having taught so many courses have been affected by the negative karma of their paticipants. If a teacher is getting affected by such negative elements then he/she then is teaching these courses a seva as SSRS claims?

Interestingly neither he nor his sister Bhanu or brother -in-law teach SKY or the advanced course (his way of protecting them?)

Most of these disillusioned senior teachers feel that these illnesses mean that their guru is taking away their bad karma .

What a mess this maniac SSRS has created? Does he even realize this?

by The Doctor
Isn’t it more obvious now than ever that this whole idea of SSRS possessing any special powers aka “grace” is the biggest load of BS at the heart of the AoL brainwashing machinery?

We have previously heard accounts (see links below) of SSRS being able to bring people back from the dead, as well as Dr Peter telling us that he (SSRS) was able to cure a terminal illness which Dr Peter had. If that was really the case, why has he been unable to cure any of the above senior teachers, Swamis, people who are supposedly so close to him? Why was he unable to cure his own sister who had to have a particular operation not too long ago? Doesn’t this show that even SK doesn’t have anywhere near the seemingly miraculous properties attributed to it by Art of Living?

I’m not asking these questions rhetorically, however it is fairly certain that no one in Art of Living will come forward and provide answers, because they have previously and will continue to ignore these revealing questions.

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to read Parts 1 and 2 of this series, and then to make your own mind up.

See also:

Debunking “Guruji’s Grace” – Part 1
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Why Teachers are Unqualified to Teach Sudarshan Kriya

May 26, 2012

by IO

Adyut, May 25, 2012 9:39 pm

Doesn’t AOL make course participants sign an agreement when they sign up that absolves AOL of any consequences? If this is the case, then no one could sure them for SK related damages.

Well that is true and that may be so. All participants sign something similar to the below.

“I am participating in the AOL part-1 course of my own free will. I will not make any claims on AOL and I absolve the teacher / helpers…and organizers of any blame as far as the program outcome is concerned. I will also not teach what is taught in the class without being certified and trained by AOL.”.

However, this is potentially invalid as a legal agreement due to the following

  1. Who and what is AOL ? Is it the volunteers ? Who do these volunteer’s report to ? The owners ?
  2. If so, who are the real owners of AOL ? Yes it is a volunteer run organisation and its they who put the course together. So, is it the local manager ? But then, none of them would be on the payroll of any organisation called AOL ? So who then is AOL ?
  3. Who is then legally accountable for these sessions and teachings ? Now we know they dont even have a copyright.
  4. I would think, the final entity that collects the money… right ? Now that money trail varies from state to state and country to country. Individual entities in each city/state/country are franchises with the Master AOL…but none of them will have a legal and binding agreement that says this, which they can produce in court.
  5. The transfer of monies to AOL in India are treated as donations. There is no strict accounting trails that can lead to clear audits (PLUS there is no legal relationship between the Chapter and the Principal).

What will further stand-out on closer scrutiny is the following

  1. The Group that calls themselves AOL did not fully disclose/educate potential participants about the potential pit-falls of SK.
  2. On investigation, most of the group will fall under the category of an unqualified doctor (read quack) ….as they will not have a medical background, and YET will openly will claim many cures and miracles….as told to them by others in AOL.
  3. On further investigation any published medical research on SK will easily seen to be AOL sponsored or would have a conflict of interest as the lead Researcher would have also been an AOL teacher (Dr Vinoda Kuchipillai, ex Head of Oncology, AIMS-New Delhi).

Side note : When I was an active volunteer I would recruit many of my colleagues in the office. I remember one colleague that developed some major crazy symptoms while doing SK. My colleague had not declared on their form that they were once taking medication for bi-polar activity. The sickness post SK caused them to take leave of absence for many weeks. My colleague’s boss, a foreign national then called me to directly check how qualified I was to even talk about such a subject and recruit people for a unproven program. He wanted to know, how could I talk about stress, mental health, physical health and so on. He even called me a quack and warned me to stop my recruiting activity within the office. He was right. However, my life was filled with the Grace. I continued to recruit. Then I became a teacher. Then I started to teach it.

What is interesting is the following. My own body started to reject SK within a year of me becoming a teacher. I was in a interesting quandary. I was teaching the stuff, but could not do it myself. That was hypocritical. I continued to teach though. The other good things far outweighed the few uncomfortable things I felt. I realise now, that maybe I was very very lucky and I still had some sanity intact at that time, that I managed to actually respect what my body was telling me and to not be guilty about not STAYING with the popular hype (There is nothing beyond SK, which I was also selling heavily at that time).

I remember, I sometimes had some pretty spiritually advanced people (those that had been working on themselves for very long periods… their own ways and were proficient in other paths). What I found strange at those times was that these people for most parts, did not have positive experiences with SK and would struggle to even finish the class.

Later on I figured out that every system leaves its miasms on participants. Some are planted deliberately…for control purposes. For AOL it is hingent on the 20-40-40 and the belief systems they propagate. These miasms are effective protectors and the liability is that the same protecting mechanism also inhibits you. Nevertheless its an energy signature. You will notice that its easy to identify an regular AOL practitioner. Its kinda evident and you know it instinctively. It is again because of the AOL miasms.


if you want to learn more about miasms.
From what I have been able to witness from the behaviour of many many participants over many years who I know did SK regularly……they invariably seemed to end up being very weak on the “remembering things side”. (aka memory loss).

The following is my take only

This above is a very interesting thing. If your body/mind system is collectively weak on memory so are the individual cellular memories. And the body cells reproduce frequently to keep the system going. Hence when it reproduces it is not able to carry forward corrections and learnings from before….due to the memory loss. This is how our physical health actually gets impacted over the long term.

As we navigate through life, memory is important. We typically need are not very well served by the emotions that some memories bring, but we do need the memories for the learning that it brings us. We need to make comparisons and take decisions based on past experience. Imagine having your computer hard disk being wiped out little by little everyday. The document you saved yesterday, you can’t find it today. Soon, you cannot even remember that you made it. This will make your overall system slow and sloth like.

I do not have instant recall (due to the memory loss). The same knowledge now has to be repeated to me many times a day for it to take impact. Hence the need for repeated courses, year on year !!!! The dosage has just increased. And when you attend the courses it is not just the universal truths that get repeated (Such as expectations reduce joy, Accept people and situations as they are, opposite values are complementary)….bit also cleverly planted untruths and misleading data

  1. Guruji is enlightened
  2. He is Krishna
  3. Our overheads are 80%
  4. We are going to win the Nobel peace Prize
  5. We are doing seva projects all over the world…
  6. One bi-polar girl started the blog….don’t go there, its bad karma

The same thing repeated again and again mindlessly becomes you reality and the truth. Afterall, many different people from different groups and regions are saying the same thing.

Before long the following happens……

How AoL Brainwashes Its Teachers and Volunteers

May 22, 2012

by IO

Saleem Rizvi, May 9, 2012 9:48 am

One of the Comments that the guru is spreading these days in Maharashtra is that the new year is going to change the face of this country. Revolution is comming soon and it will start in Maharashtra. Also I heard a teacher from Bangalore say that Guruji was saying that “there are going to be so many people asscociated with AOL in the near future that the I wont have time to even meet people and all I can do at that time is just wave to them from the top and greet them”.

Rayster, May 9, 2012 12:39 pm

*sigh*. Still using the same classic cult techniques, Ravi. No originality, eh? Always dangling the carrot of imminent worldwide takeover in front of the brainwashed members. Nothing new to see here, folks. Move on.

I started to reflect on what Rayster and Saleem Rizvi said above and the following long post happened. Today for the first time, I followed the entire thinking behind home some of their parasitic mechanism and have in turn attempted to share this with the readers of this blog. The system is now so well honed… happens to you very very smoothly…its difficult to catch it while it is happening. Its a long post, so do read through the below fully, and you see a continuing similarity in their way of working in your AOL region…do share.

As far I can remember he has doing this every year since 2001 and typically in every Teachers Refresher Meet (2001 is when my timeline kinda started). He would Proclaim and make grand statements….. “From next year onwards……you will be inundated / flooded with courses. People will flock to you. No need to do such hard work. You will not be able to stop them coming. You will see. (All this with a distant far away look in his eyes….he is looking into the future you see !!!)

AND, this is how we the sheeple used to interpret and READ other meanings into it…over the immediate and medium term.

  1. Aha !!!! Major blessings from my Master. God !, how much he loves us (me). Finally, I don’t have to struggle, struggle, struggle to do courses anymore. I just have to enjoy teaching.
  2. With chest swelling up….I imagine, my class is full….I am a great teacher. I like it when participants come to class and get so benefitted by everything I have benefitted.
  3. Then I think, nothing is this very straight forward. And nothing comes without effort. In an indirect way, perhaps he is hinting at us that he (WE) need to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year. AHA ….Ok !!! I need to generate support and nomination for this among my community. Then I remember, that some of the most socially visible powerhouses in my community are not yet AOL Volunteers. I gotta make them do the course. All these years they have not come for our part-1 course.
  4. I think further, who is the most attractive salesperson who we have got to make this happen (ie fiill up the classes). Aha ! SriSri himself. So, what can we do to bring him here to my city/country and make him do these talks. When he comes, its God coming to my land. All living beings here will rejoice. My community will see me with him and they will all flock to us. So, immediately, what can I do to make his track record visible to the local population. Especially to the local administrators and the government ? I have to do more seva projects for the visibility and increase the intensity of recruiting more people for my courses. I think to myself—- Why don’t I do a few free courses for the government. In any case the BEST SEVA is to do courses. I have to bring more and more people into knowledge. Yes that is the best Seva one can do. The other seva is too hard. Here, at least I get to teach and make some of my own followers. However, the APEX body will get in the way of all this. It won’t happen. I need to make it a special event to attract these powerful people. What can I do ?
  5. Fast forward 6 months to 1 year and all of his has not happened. SriSri is not coming to our land. This means indirectly, the work we have done is not enough. The Master is testing us.
  6. God, I still need these influential locals to join in and join in fast. SriSri is not coming to us….maybe we can all go to him (good idea). So lets try a mass enrollment for “Women’s Conference” (an euphemism work for an expensive AOL ladies Kitty party camouflaged by meditation / yoga and discussions …..yes discussions ONLY on potential WW service programs. So we hype the event, appeal to the participants showcasing that the WHO IS WHO is going to be there. We don’t ever share what specific issues will be discussed or resolved (for we don’t know ourselves…but it is going to be good). Its for world peace we say. Also, you are going to have a good time….Ayurvedic massages (We never tell you its not free), fun and games, networking, wisdom, singing, dancing…..great food, back to nature………the lure of travel and a fun event…..will get some of these potential participants to finally come in.
  7. What is interesting here is that visitors to such an event pay for their own airfare, accommodation,SK and Sahaj courses while in the Ashram, food….and so on. Also, now that they have done the SK, they have officially become an AOL volunteer (finally initiated into the fold).
  8. Typically, such visitors will ASSUME that AOL is an organisation with a huge amount of good Hearted Volunteers who care for Society (it will feel like that in all that euphoria you feel driven by all the extra oxygen into your previously less hyperventilated body).
  9. Couple this with the fact that, many of these visitors will usually have a very special community service initiative which they have visualised and implemented (small or big) with their own resources, energy and creativity. Poor fellows, they will share this with the audience…amongst whom are AOL’s publicity hungry parasites. Many such programs presented or discussed in such a forum will soon have AOL branding written all over them. Afterall this was presented to AOL by their new AOL volunteer. Project Hijacked….pure and simple

    Many would have noticed this with the Anna Hazare movement as long as it suited AOL. These projects will soon be known as an AOL SEVA program….after all it was discussed in their forum. It will now appear on the AOL website and CV). Soon, it will be touted in the esatsang newsletter as an AOL Germany / Argentina initiative…and so on.

  10. The parasitic attack is so amazingly constructed that It just kinda grows (CREEPS) onto you…and you do not even realise it even after it has happened.
  11. The beauty is, thus far, AOL has not donated anything (idea, money, effort) and will not donate a single rupee for any of these new found projects. They simply designed a cheap event…and spent some money on the event which was more than easily recovered from the participants.
  12. The good work (Read Goodwill, Brand Equity) of all the participants was now theirs….FOR FREE. For AOL and SriSri only the visibility is important. You will see continuity is not of any consequence to them. In general, most service projects they take up will never finish or conclude. They will not be reported on post completion. There have been exceptions to these…but very few…and at a low level. At sometime, they will all be stalled/dropped. And nobody is wiser.
  13. However, to the casual observer, you would say, SO WHAT….at least they DID THIS MUCH…which nobody else does. But dear casual observer, that “this much” was mostly borrowed …it was not OWNED ever…because with ownership comes responsibility and AOL has very little of that.
  14. In all SriSri’s travels his devotees will talk to him on everything. Many times he will not GET IT. However, the man has a phenomenal memory for things he can exploit. He will use the same volunteers to develop a program around these current issues. The volunteers will falsely assume that if done under the umbrella of AOL, they automatically have the Blessings of the master and they simply cannot fail. Most of these volunteers are driven essentially by the “issue” and by their own hearts. Hence they do not care for the credits at all…as long as the work gets done. This in many ways is the undoing of their project. Their original intent was pure. With AOL in it becomes totally diluted (since for them only the publicity is important…refer Anna Hazare again….once it starts becoming tough like any community service project is….it will get dropped like a HOT BRICK).
  15. It is only the people inside AOL who keep contributing again and again for such projects. A customer in had is worth 10 in the market. Soon, the market in general is able to see through the shallowness of AOL’s involvement and new members/potential partners will hesitate to come in with resources into the same project because AOL has already hijacked it. What a colossal waste. I have witnessed this happen time and again.
  16. While I do believe that its highly probable that the original intent behind founding VVMVP i 1982 (now AOL:) to be a true service organisation……BUT today, that has changed dramatically and diametrically. These days, I can see is “SOMEHOW PROTECT THE CASH GENERATING AOL ENGINE…AT ANY COST”.
  17. Recruiting and KEEPING (this is the key) new cult members is getting very difficult. It is a losing trend. Especially with the internet and this blog. Many old warriors are waking up. So, now more than ever before, is the BIG FEAR…”I can’t lose my existing devotees…then I am really screwed…my cash generating engine will dry up”. Hence the need for dramatic untruths such as “A lady asked for 2000 US$ and I did not pay”. So she started the blog. It is bad karma. If you read it you will be doomed. Be careful.

I often wonder whatever really happened to …”Love moves the world”…Yet another initiative that fell by the wayside ?

The Truth Hurts – Part 2

May 20, 2012

drpetersutphen 2012/05/19 at 2:34 pm

Dr., I realize we actually can have a conversation about the assertion regarding the SK tape and grace being present only with a AOL teacher. I still assert that such a claim was never made on my basic course,but… It seems like such a claim has been reported by some. So, let’s say such an assertion has been made. If I remember your original question it was if the SK tape only works with a teacher present, then why did it work for you or others when an AOL teacher was not present? Is that right? By “working” I assume you mean you had the same experience from SK regardless of the absence or presence of a teacher. I’ll stop here and wait for your response….if you want to respond!!


I honestly don’t think there’s anything more we can discuss on this matter on this blog as I have said everything I can possibly say to you and if we were to continue in this manner, we would just be going round in circles.

However, I am also willing to give you the benefit of the doubt so I would like to propose something which I believe will be of tremendous benefit to everyone here, including you. I am not so much interested in showing that you are lying about your knowledge of these issues as I am in the issues themselves. After all it is these very issues we are discussing that underlie many of the criticisms raised on this blog against Art of Living. And as such, I want to make every effort to get to the bottom of these issues.

So what I’d like to propose it the following. You tell us you were completely unaware of the myth propagated by many in Art of Living, especially teachers, that the kriya tape doesn’t work unless a teacher is present. A teacher being someone who has undertaken the Art of Living TTC course. Ok, let’s assume that you are telling the truth. Through this blog, you have now been made aware of this. You have further been made aware of the fact that those who undergo TTC are conditioned to believe this myth about the kriya tape because this is what happens as a result of a number of processes carried out during TTC. Just to be clear, I am stating this as a fact: Art of Living teachers believe this myth about the kriya tape. They believe that they become channels through which “Guru’s Grace” will flow, and it is this “grace” which is responsibile for what kriya participants experience.

Now, since you claim you were unaware of this, hearing this must be quite surprising to you. Especially as you have already told us “I’ve always viewed SK as a pure technique just like a mantra meditation.” (drpetersutphen 2012/05/18 at 11:00 pm). If you really are surprised about this, wouldn’t it be a good idea to start a discussion with people in Art of Living on this very subject and see what they have to say about it?

I am guessing someone who has been in AoL for 20 years must know quite a lot of teachers by now, and at least a few senior teachers as well. In fact, from what you’ve said you probably know RS himeslf right? So, why don’t you send out an email to all these teachers, senior teachers and even RS. Tell them about this very issue you’ve discovered about the kriya tape, that you were very surprised to hear this as you had no idea. Tell them further that this myth is actually a lie – again, I am stating this as a fact because I and many others have proven it and it can be repeated by anyone – and as such, you are deeply concerned that this lie is being propagated at all. You are especially concerned that those who take the AoL TTC course are conditioned to believe this lie, and that you question why this is taught at all.

Additionally, you can also broach the other subject which you are currently discussing at the moment, which concerns the safety of SK itself. Tell these same teachers that you have heard that SK has produced harmful effects in a number of practitioners. Again tell them this is something you are quite surprised to hear as you were under the impression (the impression which Art of Living gives the world) that SK is completely harmless and has no negative side effets. It would also be good if you asked them if during TTC they are taught what to do in the event that something does go wrong with a particular participant who practices SK. Are they medically trained in any way to deal with such eventualities?

It would be great if you can put all these things down in an email and start a discussion in as many AoL circles as you know. In fact it would be far more beneficial to everyone including yourself if you did this than if you spent your time on this blog discussing these matters with anyone here. You already have a very good picture of what the views of those posting here are as we’ve more than adequately shared all our experiences and opinions here and I don’t think your discussing them further on this blog is going to achieve anything. But discussing these issues in AoL is a huge step indeed. And I think you would benefit greatly from anything you discover.

You are of course in no way obliged to do any of this. However I really don’t think this is asking a great deal of you, and if you are really sincere and genuinely want to find answers as we do, then maybe this is something you would consider doing. And if you decide to go ahead with it, please let us know and please come back and share with us everything you’ve learnt. We can all really benefit from this exercise.

The Truth Hurts – Part 1

May 17, 2012

Many times on this blog I have raised the question as to why the Sudarhan Kriya tape works just as well whether a teacher is present or not. This is one of the first things we were taught in Art of Living, that a teacher needs to be present in order for the “Guru’s Grace” to flow through them and into the participants. Most recently, I posed the question again to drpetersutphen (Peter), however for the most part he evaded the question completely and when he finally responded “in passing”, his reply was wholly unsatisfactory. The following is a summary of much of this interchange and my own response to Peter.

drpetersutphen, May 17, 2012 2:42 am

Look, I’m not trying to insult you, but I find this question to be really strange. Why wouldn’t it work? Who said it wouldn’t work? Did SSRS say this? Did you hear him say it? Did a reliable source hear him say it? What exactly did he say? Until I know for sure SSRS said this, I won’t even think about it.

@Peter, I raised this with you around a week ago now in this comment and you still haven’t responded to it directly.

A few days later when you posted under a different pseudonym, I then left you this comment, to which you replied “I will get back to you regarding the tape issue. Much of my responding or not has to do with time issues.”

Ok, but since I posted it, you have left 9 separate comments, but have yet to reply to me directly. You have vaguely replied in your above reponse to VSS, but frankly this is the most unconvincing and feeble response I have seen yet on this blog, and in actual fact it shows that you are clearly LYING. Let me tell you exactly why.

There is nothing in what I’ve quoted above which you couldn’t have written in response to my original comment there and then. You could have told me the exact same thing, it needen’t have taken you a whole week to come up with this. Are you trying to tell me you had to go away and think about this as if it was something you didn’t know at the time? And when you have been so forthcoming with comments in the past and have left so many comments since? No Peter, you were simply evading the question and please don’t try to deny it.

You know fine well just as everyone else here and everyone who is associated with Art of Living knows because it is the first thing we were all told at the end of the Part 1 course, THE KRIYA TAPE DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT A TEACHER PRESENT. This is a FACT, and don’t try to bury your head in the sand and pretend you have never heard this before. If you’ve really been in Art of Living as long as you claim you have, you know this to be true so please don’t insult my intelligence or anyone else’s here.

You have tried to evade this question just as you evaded the question posed to you on Debunking Guruji’s Grace – Part 2. You know full well that all these things PROVE BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT much of what we have been saying throughout these blogs about AoL and RS, but your mind has been so conditioned by the brainwashing that goes on in AoL that you would choose to live in denial of the facts than to face them.

But rest assured Peter, you are not alone. It is painful to face the truth in this way, and most who have come before you have reacted in a very similar manner. They just can’t accept the facts on this blog, and would rather live in complete denial by lying to themselves and lying to everyone else around them in order to preserve their existing beliefs. Which is exactly what you are doing here.

You would rather believe that RS is an “enlightened master”, as you recently told us – otherwise you wouldn’t follow him, right? – than the person we have shown him to be on this blog, someone who is a far cry from being enlightened. You would rather believe he cured you of a terminal illness than that it was just your own faith in him that cured you. There is so much evidence on these blogs against these things, and I have this to you directly yet you have deliberately ignored it all. Why? Becuase you know that this evidence will completely destroy your reality for ever, and this isn’t something you are prepared to give up.

So you accept the lies instead, because they are far more comforting and they protect your reality bubble from bursting. But worse than that, you outright deny the evidence which shows that you are wrong, evidence which you yourself asked for and which we happily gave to you. Why even ask for it if you were just going to deny it? I think I’ve already answered that adequately above.

But there is one more thing I have to say, and I will be brutally honest and blunt here. There is a massive incongruency between what you’ve told us about yourself and your behaviour on this blog. You’ve told us that you’ve been meditating for around 40 years (correct me if I’m wrong) and that you’re on some sort of spritiual journey towards “enlightenment”. That’s all very well, but from everything you’ve written, you don’t seem to be any more “spiritually evolved” than the majority of people I know, most of whom aren’t on any spiritual path. In fact in so many ways I would say you’ve behaved in a very immature manner indeed. For instance posting under different pseudonyms and outright taunting people who don’t agree with you (e.g. VSS), whilst at the same time trying to make out that you’re a really nice guy – which just seems quite fake indeed.

So this really begs the question, is any of this really working for you at all? Is it achieving any of the desired results? From what I’ve seen, I would say almost definitely not. This leads us to the further question, is this what happens to everyone who spends as long as you have with Art of Living? I think I already know the answer to that.